Lassiter High School picks new football coach with expertise in same offensive scheme

Will Lassiter's new coach keep the good times rollin' like this past year? (AJC file)

Will Lassiter's new coach keep the good times rollin' like this past year? (AJC file)

Lassiter’s football program cannot get enough of a good thing.

The Cobb County school named Jep Irwin as its new head coach. Irwin served the offensive coordinator at Pelham High School near Birmingham, Ala., this past season.

Most importantly, Irwin is considered an expert in the type of spread offense that was successful under former Lassiter coach Chip Lindsey, who was hired away as a college assistant at Troy.

““The offensive system that Coach Lindsey ran at Lassiter is very unique,” Lassiter principal Chris Shaw said. “There are only four or five high school coaches that know this particular offense and Coach Irwin is one of those guys.”

Lindsey, 35, led Lassiter to its best season in the program’s history. He oversaw a stunning turnaround at Lassiter in his two years as head coach. He was 9-3 in 2008, setting a school record for wins in a season. This year, Lassiter was the Cinderella of the state playoffs, reaching the Class AAAAA quarterfinals with a 12-1 record.

Lindsey’s prized pupil was quarterback Hutson Mason, who shattered the state’s record books this year with his high-flying passing numbers. He set five records, including most yards in a single season (4,560) and most touchdown passes (56).

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March 2nd, 2010
8:19 pm

Welcome to Lassiter Coach. You have a ton of talent on offense, but you’ll need some help on D. Please, Please, Please get and keep those boys in the weight room. We’ll need to work hard to keep up with those Walton boys who are HGH…just a rumor, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


March 2nd, 2010
8:39 pm

Not to mention that we’ll never get a State Championship if we don’t get bigger/stronger as well as being able to stop opponents from scoring…Colquitt proved that! They slaughtered Lassiter by being stronger particularly on the line of scrimmage.

Wolverine Fan

March 3rd, 2010
6:20 am

LHS….Just wait until 10/29/10.


March 3rd, 2010
7:20 am

Way to go Shaw!

LHS Tuba

March 3rd, 2010
8:07 am

I’m outraged that people are starting to pay more attention to Lassiter FB than the band! Don’t you people know that the fans should come to see the band first? Now I must go and clean out my spit valve while watching Dr. Who re-runs.

BTW, has anyone seen my retainer?


March 3rd, 2010
8:09 am

Lassiter High School will you help CEDAR GROVE find a BASKETBALL coach!!

Uncle BS

March 3rd, 2010
9:16 am

I would guess that you boys will find out just where your football team is when you make that trip down to Colquitt County in August for that pre-season game.

Here here

March 3rd, 2010
10:06 am

No joke A FAN.
That guy has to go ! ! !


March 3rd, 2010
11:28 am

Only a few know this offense, Ok. So, the new coach needs to teach the QB how to throw the ball while he is backpeddling. HA HA


March 3rd, 2010
12:01 pm

Wolverine Fan- Are you really suggesting Lassiter should be concerned with Woodstock? Anyways…PackDaddy- Clearly we need to get physically stronger in order to protect the best high school QB in the nation “Eddie Printz” (rising sophomore). Make no mistake, if he is even remotely protected…this kid will shred any defense in front of him. That’s why my comments were focused on weight training. We have the skill players. I’m concerned with the line (on both sides of the ball). Good luck to all in the Fall! It should be a fun season.


March 3rd, 2010
12:33 pm

Shaw’s ego really got the best of him on this one


March 3rd, 2010
12:37 pm

Can anyone shed some light on what this new Coach is really all about? I know he knows the offense like no other; but can he lead an entire team on both sides of the ball?


March 3rd, 2010
12:46 pm

He’s no Chip Lindsey thats for sure..

Uncle BS

March 3rd, 2010
1:01 pm

LHS “the best high school QB in the nation “Eddie Printz” (rising sophomore). Make no mistake, if he is even remotely protected…this kid will shred any defense in front of him.”
That’s what yall said last year and look what happened!!!


March 3rd, 2010
1:12 pm

Mr. BS. Clearly you have selective reading issues. I’m pretty sure I wrote that our team needs to be focused on the weight room as Colquitt destroyed us because we were not as strong on the line. We did NOT protect Hutson last year. That was clear. BTW. This kid is better than Hutson in my estimation. He is the total package. Has been attending Elite 11 QB camps since 8th grade. He is highly regarded as a top high school qb nationally and will have his chance to prove it this season if and only if we can protect him. We’ll see…

Wolverine Fan

March 3rd, 2010
1:13 pm

LHS….You will learn what it is like to be taken to the Woodshed.


March 3rd, 2010
1:23 pm

Hey Wolverine Fan…guess what? Us growed ups dont play high school football no more…freakin red-neck. No one was calling the Mighty Woodstock football team out in this article or earlier in the string. What is wrong with you? I don’t think either one of us (literally you or I) are going to be taken to the woodshed. You think?

Uncle BS

March 3rd, 2010
1:40 pm

LHS…My response was to what was inside the quotation marks!!! I read and understand everything that you have written. It’s the same ole same ole that was written last year before we played yall.

Is this the same kid that we saw come into the game after Hutson was removed?

I’m just looking forward to August!!! :)

Wolverine Fan

March 3rd, 2010
1:44 pm

Hey LHS………Chill out man. Woodstock has a Woodshed at the entrance to the football field. All Woodstock fans refer to “take em to the Woodshed” as a friendly chant.


March 3rd, 2010
2:05 pm

Hey Wolverine fan – my last post never posted? I don’t know why, but either way. I apologize. Last season – seemed people were taking this stuff as if they were playing on the field themselves. Because of that – I quickly get defensive. I apologize Sir.


March 3rd, 2010
2:09 pm

Wolverine Fan. I hope to play you guys at your place. I’d love to see the Woodshed.


March 3rd, 2010
2:21 pm

Uncle BS. It is the same kid. He’s awesome and I do believe he is better than Hutson. He is bigger/stronger/faster than him. Yes, it is a similar statement as was made last year when you guys kicked the holy crap out of us. Clearly there was a size/strength difference. I just hope our coaching staff understands that was the main reason we got killed. It was embarrassing for all on our side of the field.


March 3rd, 2010
5:10 pm

there goes lil eddie printz dad again! every chatroom If he was as good as you think he is you wouldnt have to talk him up all the time! oh yea – hes not even close to mason! get a job dad

Trojan Dad

March 4th, 2010
8:49 am

The weightroom is the key to success. All of the players will benefit from proper strength training.

lhs- a little jealous are you? If you knew Mr Printz (Hutson Mason’s biggest fan) you would know he doesn’t have to talk up his boy. The mear fact you speak of him confirms his merit.


March 4th, 2010
9:49 am

Thanks Trojan Dad. I was accused of being Hutson in the fall. It’s only a matter of time before someone is accused of being Eddie Jr. You are correct…the weight room will be the key to any Trojan succusses this upcoming season.


March 4th, 2010
1:56 pm

Hey LHS. Come down to Moultrie for our scrimmage in August. I’d be glad to sit down with you and talk football.


March 4th, 2010
5:38 pm

GOPACKGO- That’d be great…I certainly hope to make it down for the scrimmage. The football season will be here before we know it.


March 7th, 2010
11:06 am

best qb in the nation! ha! ha! ha!ha! got to be daddy! anyway go hornets!!!!!


March 8th, 2010
8:13 am

I know Eddie Jr and his Dad pretty well. Eddie Jr will probably become a great high school quarterback; however, only time will tell. Maybe we should wait until he finishes his senior year before we put this kind of pressure on the kid. My goodness, the kid hasn’t even been named the starter for the upcoming season yet. As for his Dad, I’m sure he would feel the same way. There is not a chance in this world that he would promote his kid in this way creating undue pressure.

Cody Rhodes

March 9th, 2010
7:36 pm

Good choice.


March 10th, 2010
4:13 pm

Eddie Printz is in my grad and guess what i saw him do so practice throws. he throws deep, and he has potential to be 10X better than hutson. it seems impossible but its not.Eddie can run as well . my prediction, lhs goes to the dome.

Colquitt County Underdog

March 11th, 2010
5:53 am

LHS, just curious but aren’t you the same clown that came on here the week leading up to the Lassiter-Colquitt Co. game claiming how the scrimmage didnt mean anything and Lassiter is clicking on all cylinders, and how great Hutson Mason is? now you are claming a guy who just now playing varsity as the best high school QB? Lassiter fans are delusional. i dont mean to burst your bubble but to be blunt, Lassiter has no where near the athletes to compete with the likes of Camden, Lowndes, Colquitt, or even a North Gwinnett. quit hyping up a bunch of teenage boys like they are the next John Elway before you put so much pressure on them that they get embarassed again when they face real competition.

You can talk about the weight room all you want but i have seen the kinda players on that Lassiter roster and weight room or no weight room is gonna help them turn into State Championship caliber athletes. Some have more God-given talent than others and quite frankly Lassiter is lacking from what i saw. Im still trying to figure how a team so weak AND slow can win that many games and get that much HYPE.

Football Fan

March 12th, 2010
7:39 pm

Hey now. Tear down other posters…that’s fine. But come on Colquitt County Underdog; don’t pick on a bunch of teenage boys. These kids worked hard to end the season with only 1 loss. They were obviously talented. Otherwise, your Coach at CC wouldn’t have interviewed for the job at Lassiter. U think he’d leave a bunch of Top-level talent for a bunch of scrubs? Too bad he wasn’t the best one for the job…we could have found out if he was really interested in leaving your beloved Colquitt County.


March 13th, 2010
7:29 am

I heard a rumor that Probst applied for the Lassiter Job. Did he get an interview? I saw the Printz kid in Orlando. He is the real deal but will he have enough around him to compete with the big dogs in GA? I looked at there schdule from last year and CC was the only team who was worth a flip.


March 13th, 2010
8:56 am

re:weight room comments/ Eddie Jr. can throw like crazy. No team is really great without effect line players.


June 20th, 2010
9:42 pm

I have to tell you…”I LOVE Football. I love everything about football. I love Friday night when you are looking for a win, and Saturday when you found one”. Quote from the move Radar. That sums up what I think…if we win, we win. If we don’t, then we go back at it on Monday to improve. Most of these young men will only get the chance to play ball in high school. And I can tell you, the memories will last a life time. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Go Trojans!

Stephenson Football

August 23rd, 2010
5:00 pm

I dnt Think he’s Better than The QB from Cedar Grove who’s a Sophmore Also… He’s Taller and a FREAK ATHLETE at QB…. He may Go in Basketball 2 I heard…. He started PG for them as a Freshman.

raider fan

August 24th, 2010
2:17 pm

Well the first game of the season is behind us and both Colquitt Co and Lassiter lost and they sit at the bottom of the standings at 0-1. I am certain that both will bounce back and we’ll see them in the playoffs, but don’t you fans feel like fools. Let them play and then talk them up