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The Georgia High School Association moved swiftly to postpone this weekend’s swimming state championship and wrestling sectionals, while leaving it up to school administrators to decide on basketball.

It was the third time since early January that cold weather conditions have wrecked havoc on the GHSA’s schedule.

“We saw the handwriting on the wall,” GHSA executive director Ralph Swearngin said. “There were school superintendents poised to make that decision for their teams anyways. We didn’t want to have a few schools to drive a long ways to get to swimming or wrestling events early, only to find out that other schools weren’t allowed to travel.

“Somebody, somewhere in Georgia is going to get some snow, therefore we felt like we had to take quick action.”

Swimming’s preliminary races and championship meets scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Westminster have been pushed back until Monday and Tuesday. However, Thursday’s swimming events will still be held.

Also, wrestling’s sectionals and area tournaments for this weekend have also been delayed until Monday and and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the GHSA has left basketball up to each school’s respective administrators, while making a few stipulations:  Non-region games and region games that have no bearing on the seedings for region tournament will not be made up, and while the completion of region tournaments has been moved back three days to Tuesday, Feb. 23.

Here’s reaction from the area’s athletics directors about the postponements:

  • Westminster’s Rusty Hudson: “It was the safe and correct call for the Middle and South Georgia schools. (The GHSA’s decision) earlier rather than later allowed for better planning and communication about the changes.”
  • Roswell’s John Coen: “I believe under normal circumstances the GHSA may have acted prematurely. However, because we are talking state championships and the obvious significance of those events, it is most likely the prudent thing to do.”
  • Mill Creek’s Gary Long: “The GHSA is being proactive and that is good. I believe it was the best decision at this time. Only time will tell if it was the right decision.”

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February 11th, 2010
3:47 pm

First!!! I wonder why?


February 11th, 2010
4:15 pm

Geez. These are the States, kids have been tapering for a week plus. this is absurd.


February 11th, 2010
6:14 pm

Moving the wrestling sectionals to early next week is really irresponsible. There are going to be hundreds of student athletes missing a full week of school for wrestling.


February 11th, 2010
6:16 pm

(Please read with sarcasm) KCM??? Yeah, i mean it would be a horrible idea to cancel the competition, considering there is a 100% chance of snow and some kids who train year round for this would probably miss it. Yep, sounds absurd to me!!!

Understandable but ...

February 11th, 2010
6:27 pm

Wrestlers will get the worst of this. They’ll have to wrestle Monday and Tuesday and then comeback at the end of the week and go again at Gwinnett. Not faulting the GHSA here, but they could at least give wrestling a break and go Saturday and Monday. But they won’t.


February 11th, 2010
9:03 pm

Understandable but…:
Exactly, most wrestling teams from down south are going to be staying in a hotel from this Sunday night all the way to next Saturday night. Ideally they would have just extended the state tournament to 32 wrestlers per class and started it Wednesday night. I doubt they even looked into doing that though.


February 11th, 2010
9:07 pm

and also, am I really understanding this right? They intend to have some state swimming events this Thursday and others next week. Did they ever think that some swimmers, not to mention some schools, might participate in more than one event? So again, a team from south Georgia needs to reschedule hotels and make 2 round trips up there instead of one.


February 12th, 2010
3:40 am

The “swimming” events held Thursday (last night) were 1A-4A dive finals. Not likely many (if any) divers made state cuts in swimming who will be swimming Mon./Tues.


February 12th, 2010
9:42 am

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Clarification: 5A swimming preliminaries were held thursday evening, with finals now set for monday morning.

1-A – 4A prelims will be monday a.m., with finals tuesday.

Swim Fan

February 12th, 2010
9:44 am

The swimming events held last night were 5A prelims. I know that Houston county has a strong boys team so they will need to drive back but more then 90% of the kids who make finals are from the metro area boys and girls so there is no problem and it was a good decision to be proactive so the 4A schools which are the smaller schools and come from outside the Metro area could make alternate plans.

Swim Fan

February 12th, 2010
10:05 am

Atlanta has some of the top swimmers in the country going to major Division I powers next year such as Auburn and Georgia so the competition is first class
Since AJC only reports on Football and a little basketball here is a recap of the swimming.
Lassiter girls look ready to win their third championship in a row. Walton girls had a strong showing in the relays but will have to step it up in the individual events to hold off Brookwood and Mill Creek for second place.
On the boys side Brookwood looks to have enough swimmers in finals to win again but Peachtree Ridge is also showing strong in the finals as is Alpharetta, Northview and North Gwinnett.
To see the prelim results you can go to the web site below.

Lakeside Viking

February 13th, 2010
11:13 am

I agree with Swim Fan about the lack of coverage of swimming (and many other HS sports) in AJC — but I have to take exception at the Fan’s focus on the 5A “powers” in swimming. The reality is many if not most of the times are better in the 1A to 4A swim meet. Look at the 2009 state meet results. Westminster, Marist, McInstosh would defeat most of the 5A schools in a dual meet. Both groups have “powers” and college caliber swimmers.


February 15th, 2010
1:22 pm

Re: second paragraph of story: you don’t “wreck” havoc, you “wreak” it. Past tense of “wreak” is “wrought”, so the cold weather actually “wrought” havoc on the GSHA’s schedule, not “wrecked” havoc. Not a huge deal, but one would think that people who write and edit for a living could get it right.