GHSA ponders make-up basketball games before state tournament tips off

Chat with the AJC's Michael Carvell

AJC's Michael Carvell

We don’t know the full damage from the winter weather over the weekend. But we do now this — some of the state’s high school basketball teams will be turning in some overtime hours down the most important stretch of the season.

If you recall, icy conditions at another time last month triggered a series of cancellations of games. Many of those games were the all-important region games, which determine the ultra-important playoffs.

The GHSA addressed that situation the best it could, waiving its rule which restricted basketball teams from playing only one game on a weeknight. Why? To stay on pace for basketball’s first round of the state playoff tournament on Feb. 26. Any delay to the start of the playoffs would cause mind-boggling complications (host sites, scheduling) for the postseason tournament planned out months in advance.

So what happens now? What about this weekend’s weather?

It appears that the first option will be to get the games in. You might see a few teams have to play as many as four or fives game for one week. It would be rare, but it could happen.

What about Plan B? “We’ll see where we stands. but years ago when we had a situation like this, we encouraged the teams to make sure to play the  region games that have bearing on the seeding spots (for the playoffs),” said GHSA executive director Ralph Swearngin.

Do you have a better idea on how to handle situations like these? If so, please post below.

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February 1st, 2010
8:44 am

yes, I do…have the GHSA…get in the real world and quit micro managing…drop any non region games and any school that mathmatically cannot qualify…they would be the last to play….guess you can tell I am not a fan of GHSA…just the way it is…

Patrick Medley

February 1st, 2010
9:25 am

Whatever you decide, please be careful not to assign the officiating crews that “worked” the last 2 Norcross Invitational tournaments. As an unbiased fan and official, I noticed how the visiting teams seemed to be “worked” by the officials near the end of the game supporting Norcross in narrow wins. Let the kids and the coaches determine the outcome of the games.


February 2nd, 2010
9:09 am

Quit whining Patrick, please IF you were truly at the game you will note there were calls on both sides that were bad.


February 2nd, 2010
10:53 am

The GHSA may want to consider allowing games on Sunday. I recall a few years ago for a basketball tournament held here, we had out of town teams that played on Sunday whereas the local teams could not because of antiquated rules. Allow games between 2 – 6 pm on Sundays as an option.

Devil Lover

February 2nd, 2010
9:37 pm

Hey Patrick…I saw it differently. Both teams (Thomas Jefferson from NYC and Quality Education Academy from NC) were both overly aggressive. Also, I don’t know how they play in their own home environment but using elbows and hitting guys in the face to try and intimidate them is not exceptable in north atlanta. Also walking with the ball is walking with ball. So what did you see differently than I did?

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