Final rankings: At least we agree on who’s No. 1

Throughout the season, we hear that the only rankings that matter are the final rankings. Then when the final rankings come out, we find that those are the most controversial of all.

These are the ones that live in history. So I hope I haven’t messed them up too badly.

Now, a look back at the finals. If I were a head coach, or a fan of a particular school that’s playing for a championship, I might feel differently, but as a fan of high school football in general who lives within easy driving distance of the Georgia Dome, it’s pretty nice having the finals in one spot.

Congrats to Wilcox County and Sandy Creek for winning their first state titles. Before the playoffs, I claimed that only SWD and Griffin could win AAAA. That wasn’t smart. On the other hand, I’m proud that I stuck w/ Wilcox in the rankings when others didn’t after the Pats lost two games. One of my favorite posts: “Can you guys explain to me how a two-loss Wilcox Co. team gets the nod … ? … Man you guys haven’t got a clue!”

We also stuck w/ Camden County w/ two losses. That was a weekly source of contention, but I will add that many Poll Talk bloggers came to my defense on that one. Rule of thumb for ranking teams: When you’re not sure, trust history. Camden is the most improved state champion in the big class from Week One to Week 15 since perhaps Brookwood in 1996.

We never ruled out Buford. When the playoffs started, I picked Buford. When the draw was changed and Buford was seeded to travel to Fitz, I picked Fitz. When game time came, I picked Buford again. Class AA was a lot of fun this year, for a chance, because Buford was beatable. But the Wolves ruled in the end.

Gainesville-Peach was one of the best finals I’ve seen. (So was Wilcox-Savannah Christian.) The defense in the AAA final was intense and vicious on both sides. Good high school football.

Finally, who would be your statewide player of the year? Da’Rick? Ogletree? Sims? Nick Marshall? Ean Days? Mason?

1. Camden County (13-2)
2. Northside-Warner Robins (13-2)
3. Lowndes (10-2)
4. Newnan (13-1)
5. Grayson (12-1)
6. Colquitt County (11-3)
7. North Gwinnett (12-1)
8. Stephenson (11-1)
9. Peachtree Ridge (10-3)
10. Lassiter (12-1)

Class AAAA
1. Sandy Creek (14-1)
2. Griffin (13-1)
3. Clarke Central (12-3)
4. Apalachee (12-1)
5. Southwest DeKalb (10-2)
6. Thomas County Central (11-2)
7. Rockdale County (10-4)
8. Marist (9-3)
9. Westside-Macon (11-2)
10. Hiram (11-1)

Class AAA
1. Peach County (15-0)
2. Gainesville (14-1)
3. St. Pius (12-1)
4. Flowery Branch (10-4)
5. Carver-Columbus (11-2)
6. Eastside (11-3)
7. Cairo (9-4)
8. North Hall (9-3)
9. Baldwin (9-3)
10. Jackson (12-1)

Class AA
1.Buford (14-1)
2. Calhoun (14-1)
3. Fitzgerald (13-1)
4. Lovett (12-2)
5. Jefferson County (12-1)
6. Charlton County (12-1)
7. Callaway (10-3)
8. Westminster (8-4)
9. Jefferson (11-1)
10. Thomasville (8-4)

Class A
1. Wilcox County (13-2)
2. Savannah Christian (14-1)
3. Wesleyan (12-1)
4. Lincoln County (11-2)
5. Clinch County (10-4)
6. Darlington (9-5)
7. Greenville (11-1)
8. Bowdon (10-2)
9. Twiggs County (11-2)
10. Holy Innocents’ (11-2)

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Old Gold

December 13th, 2009
3:40 pm

My Jackets let me down again… oh well, a great season/decade none the less.

hs football fan

December 13th, 2009
3:40 pm

how in the world does Lowndes finish above Newnan when they went out early??

Bank Walker, Texas Ranger

December 13th, 2009
3:56 pm

whoever that QB at Wilcox is the best player in the state. unbelievable talent. Richt should camp out at his door.


December 13th, 2009
3:59 pm

because lowndes played camden and lost by 3. while newnan played northside and lost by 5. Northside got beat by Camden 31-3. Why wouldnt lowndes be ranked above newnan?


December 13th, 2009
4:24 pm

Greetings everyone,

I’ve gotten beat up on my predictions. I lost Class A AA and AAAA predictions. I would have never believe that Sandy Creek would have beaten a Clarke Central. I went with History and their legendary Coach. Congrats goes out to a Sandy Creek football team. I lost on the Buford game as well. I said that this could be a toss up but I went with Calhoun. I thought that Calhoun would have edged this one out. but that Buford Offensive showed me while there are who they are, and have made a believer out of me. And Wilcox County also surprised me. Savannah Christian has three State titles under their belt and have been a team of contention for a while. I really didn’t know anything about Wilcox County and was not convince since their two losses. But that Quarterback is the truth. He is definitely a Division 1 prospect in my book.. Great jon to those teams, and their coaches.

What I did get right was Class AAA Peach County. I knew that Gainesville had a pretty good program but I also know that Peach County was better.

Last, let me say to ENR, Reeze, Northside Observer, and to all of the North Georgia non believers. I said all along with Todd Holcomb that this Camden County football team was good regardless of the two losses that they acquired at the beginning of the season. First, a lot of bloggers complained why Camden County was ranked in the top ten in Class AAAAA with two losses when there were North Georgia Football Teams that was more deserving that should be there. I explained then that those two losses were to Nationally ranked teams at the time Grayson, and Hoover. Nevertheless, I said that Camden County will beat a lot of these schools in the post season. I did pick Lowndes to win it all this year, but after Camden County beat Lowndes, in round two of the post season playoffs, there was doubt that I knew that Camden County would win the State Title again. Since camden County had proven to the bloggers that they had a right to be here, it then went from rankings to them being in a weak Region 3-AAAAA Region. Now I argued that point, that in this decade, Camden County had beaten every a contender in every Region in Class AAAAA. In addition, I stated that it didn’t make any difference what Region Camden County played in, the out come would have still been the same. Week after week, Coach Jeff Herron, and the Camden County executed well and have beaten every team they came up against, all the way to showing a very good Northside Warner Robins Football Team that they were the better team, and why they were the defending Class AAAAA State Champions, who by the way happened to be from the “WEAK” Region 3-AAAAA. There no need to use any excuses because I really believe that the critics have actually ran out of them.

Great Job Camden County, and now maybe the North Georgia critics and bloggers will invoke their Miranda Rights. ( Where You Have A Right To Remain Silent) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

All jokes aside, this has been a great 2009 football season and congratulations goes out from me to all of the teams that were in the finals. (Win or Lost) You all deserve to be there and you played your hearts out. I look forward to another 2-10 Football when this blog will again be cluttered up with facts laughter, argumentative stats, the criticizing of Todd Holcomb, and he bashing of SportsFan31313. Its been a great year. I wish everyone here on the AJC Blogs, Todd Holcomb, Michael Carvell, AJC Sports, EagleNationsRising, Reeze, Slaloam1, SouthGaRules, Mistermak, Topper, Wolverine2Blazer, BlackandGold24, NTH Trojans, Sgt Chris, Hollabackk, WildcatFan, other faithful bloggers whom I have’nt mentioned here on this blog, and last but not least, my friend here on this blog, AVikingFan AKA HomeFieldAdvantage a very Merry Christmas, and a Safe & Properous Holiday Season.


December 13th, 2009
4:28 pm

Sorry about the typos…..I’m sure you understand what I am saying….


December 13th, 2009
4:29 pm


South Georgia Republican

December 13th, 2009
4:51 pm

I haven’t watch a GHSA game all year (I have sons in GISA) but saw all 5 of the finals. Wilcox County-Savannah Christian and Peach County-Gainesville were 2 of the best high school games I have ever witnessed.

Nick Marshall at Wilcox is the best HS QB I have ever seen- UGA needs to get after him NOW- what a talent. I agree with Bank Walker.

And the gutsiest man in GA has to be the Gainesville Coach. Even though he gambled and failed, he did the right thing going for the win at the end. Some of those co-champions from 2 years ago should take a lesson from him. Real men don’t play for the tie.


December 13th, 2009
4:52 pm

A one loss Greenville whose only loss came to the champion should be ranked higher than #7. Congrats Wilcox County, I was very impressed with Marshall.


December 13th, 2009
4:53 pm

South Georgia Republican,

I agree with you on that Wilcox county Quarterback. This young man is the truth.

Coffee Fan

December 13th, 2009
4:57 pm

Agree with the Texas Ranger, Wilcox QB is #1. Coach Johnson should camp out.

Vikings should be #3
Colquitt should be #4…………………..forget the Won- Lost, look at what they did in play-off and compare.
Merry Chrismas to all for great year, God Bless USA.

Todd Holcomb

December 13th, 2009
4:58 pm

SportsFan31313: Savannah Christian has never won a GHSA state title in football but won 7 football state titles in GISA.

re: Wilcox/Marshall: One reason that we kept Wilcox in the rankings at mid-season despite 2 losses was the fact that Marshall missed one of the losses w/ an injury. Also, Marshall is not a player that ”came out of nowhere.” He had a great sophomore season and was GHSF Daily’s first-team all-state QB in preseason for Class A. Glad that he got the chance to show himself on a stage like this one Saturday.

re: Newnan/Lowndes: I’d have no trouble w/ anyone who ranked Newnan at #3. There’s a case for it. But rounds advanced in the playoffs are not as important as how you deal with the draw you are given. Newnan didn’t have to play at Camden County in the second round. Newnan also didn’t play in a region w/ Northside and Colquitt County. Lowndes played like the #3 team in the state in every game, and routed two teams below it in the rankings (Colquitt, PeaRidge).


December 13th, 2009
5:04 pm

I think that Mattox and Pierce for Clarke Central showed that they are the real deal. Both only jr.s I’m looking forward to seeing them take it to the next level next year.


December 13th, 2009
5:05 pm

Marshall was the talk of town today at Church with Football lovers. He made his case Todd.

Todd Holcomb

December 13th, 2009
5:09 pm

re: Greenville – Fair point, Shawn, but Greenville did not beat a team that this season that I’d rank in the top 15. There’s no real evidence that Greenville is better than Treutlen (8-3), a team that I didn’t rank. There are at least a dozen teams that would’ve gone 11-1 if they were in Greenville’s region. But Greenville won convincingly in every game but two, so I do think the Patriots deserve a Top 10 ranking.

re: Colquitt County – I gave serious thought to having Colquitt at No. 4. But Grayson beat Camden County, and while I know that was August, it still counts for something. Then Newnan beat Grayson. But for those who want to put Colquitt #4, that’s cool w/ me. Maybe the AP poll will do that, as they more typically follow the literal finish of the playoff draws.

ATL Dawg

December 13th, 2009
5:11 pm

Lowndes SUCKS!! Bunch of THUGS and wannabe GANGSTA’S!!

Todd Holcomb

December 13th, 2009
5:13 pm

re: Nick Marshall – Remember that it’s not the MVP of the finals or even the playoffs. It’s the player of the YEAR. I know he had a great season, but, for example, Blake Sims had a better (Class AAA) defense chasing him all over the Dome on Saturday. Da’Rick Rogers was limited in the final, but his post-season overall was bordering on ridiculous. I’m not arguing against Marshall, just lending some perspective.

Coffee Fan

December 13th, 2009
5:18 pm

What about Ean Day from Camden Co? One he!! of a player also.


December 13th, 2009
5:30 pm

As a native of Savannah,it was great to fianlly see a team from there get all the way to the title game.
I graduated in 71 and still cant see why no teams from there make it anywhere in the playoffs. I know all about The Camden argument, even when I was in school the winner of region 3 would have to face Valdosta, every year…same result..lose.
Why is it that regions that have decent
basketball progs dont have anything in football?
All the teams in Sav should be playing in AAA, even with all the travel probs.


December 13th, 2009
5:31 pm

Gainesville’s coach is dumb.


December 13th, 2009
5:42 pm

CONGRATS TO THEM MIGHTY WILDCATS OF CAMDEN……………………..AFTER A SLOW START YALL GOT THE JOB DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


December 13th, 2009
5:44 pm

Alec Ogletree from Newnan is the most talented player in the state by far. He just didn’t have the team around him to secure a spot in the Stat Finals.


December 13th, 2009
5:47 pm

AAAA – are you for real, you don’t rank the last 8 teams in the top 10?????
Thanks for letting us know how political your rankings really are, no respect for the blue and white, you ranked every team in the elite 8 except North Clayton???? Hiram and Marist, why, demographics?????? I think so, yea we lost 52-13 to Clarke Central so what,with no facilities, we dont have a booster club, no sleds or shoots, no field house, no community support, no rich alumni, no fancy computer programs to break down opponents and all of the other stuff to be successful, a shared stadium….the only reason you probably let SWD in the rankings is because of Buck, at least there’s some respect for him, Dekalb only pays for 5 coaches with the rest done by athletes and a few parents.
It’s obvious from the previous statements and now this that the real issue goes beyond football. We beat two good teams in Bainbridge and Brunswick, were they championship material? We’ll never know, but they were good teams, if they weren’t they would have been at home and not in the playoffs.

Really, any team in the African – American community has to sturggle to get accepted in the “club”, SWD I guess is the exception.

I’m so glad that Sandy Creek won the championship, because you made the statement that only SWD or Griffin could win the title, so, then as now you’re wrong and quite honestly, it’s a slap in the face to our kids and our community.

Thanks Todd, we’ll get back to work Jan. 5 2010, and I’m going to post the final AAAA rankings in the locker room and weight room for people like Jr. LB Amarlo Hurrera – 6/2 215, 149 tackles, 4.5 to see, who has offers from Maryland, Ole Miss and other D-1 programs, Jack Ndem who also runs a 4.5, So. Nose Guard Dion Traylor, So. QB Dennis Johnson, Fr. RB Ladarius Maddox – and other outsanding athletes to see and realize that the Blue and White gets no respect, that just like in the “hood” we’ve gotta be three times as good and we can’t make any mistakes and most of all don’t listen to anyone about what you can and can’t do, in the end it really doesn’t matter….and it does matter.

I can’t guarantee we’ll win state, that would of course be stupid, but I can guarantee this, we’ll be back , faster, stronger, quicker, meaner and more fierce than the last time we stepped on the field.

Todd Holcomb

December 13th, 2009
6:14 pm

BIGBlue1: Sorry you feel that way, but there is no bias. What Coach Hackney and his staff have achieved at North Clayton doesn’t get enough credit, I agree. I don’t think that the AP or coaches’ polls have ever ranked North Clayton higher than the AJC has, including the final Top 10 poll of 2008, when the AJC ranked NC #9 while the others left NC out. This season, Class AAAA is almost impossible to rank from about No. 7 down. But in the end, I don’t think North Clayton had a good a win as Marist beating Tucker 32-7, and Marist lost in overtime to a team (Apalachee) that beat Clarke Central. Further, it’s hard to ignore 52-13. Then there’s the loss to Dutchtown. I know, it was a meaningless game, but I just think a Top 10 team wins that game. I hope these rankings do inspire the 2010 team.

wildcat fan

December 13th, 2009
6:18 pm

Ean Days without a doubt, who has as much of an impact of every aspect of the game than DAYS. Offense he’s the leading rusher on the team (1300) with so many players that CAMDEN plays and he plays only about 2 and a half quarters of football. And he is a pass catching back. Defense, he makes plays from side line to side line, And did you see the impact he had on defense with all the tackles and the quarterback sack in the Championship game. And special teams 3 returns for TD’s when they are constantly kicking the ball away from him. OGLETREE(does not touch the ball enough) would be a good candiate, but being a reciever he does not have the impact on the game as does DAYS. And he does not have the impact on SPECIAL TEAMS as DAYS. GT do yourselves some justice and offer DAYS. He is just a pure football player. You have good backs, good recievers and good QB’s, but DAYS is a AWESOME football player. Its a big difference. If he doesn’t get it, then its a joke. The young man impacts a game more than any player this year, remeber all 3 aspects of the game. If GT doesn’t offer I think he would play in the Big TEN. This will not be the last you heard of DAYS.

Treutlen Fan

December 13th, 2009
6:33 pm

Hey Todd…speaking of Treutlen, why not rank them, ECI or as bad as I hate to say it Johnson Co. instead of Holy Innocents? I mean the Vikings didn’t lose to the State Champs but by 3 points and had to score a TD late in the 4th qtr to do it. I mean Holy Innocents? Both teams they played that were worth their weight in salt beat them! Heck put Treutlen, ECI or Johnson Co. in that region and they would run uo the scores on those weak sisters too!


December 13th, 2009
6:35 pm

Great game wildcats!!!!!!! Northside has a great team and great tradition. It is a shame all the smack their
fans talked all year about how superier they are because of their region? I feel really bad for the Northside players who turned around and saw their “loyal” fans leaving in the third quarter! I have never seen fans leave that quickly in a state championship game…you would have stayed if the score had been different. I have no doubt that the Eagles will be on top next year as well in AAAA, I just hope you fans will be there till the end. Go Wildcats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never saw a group of players grow so much in one season, it is a tribrute to you, our great coaches, and our community. Thanks for a terrific season, and for shutting up some of the Northside folks.


December 13th, 2009
6:48 pm

You put Eastside(11-3) at #6 and Jackson(12-1), who kicked the crap out of Eastside at #10. What an idiot. I guess you would have still put FLA ahead of BAMA if you’d had a vote. No wonder I stopped getting the AJC 10 years ago. Y’all are pathetic.


December 13th, 2009
6:54 pm

Congrats Camden, from this Grayson fan!


December 13th, 2009
6:55 pm

Class act on the Northside website!!! Very nice congratulating Camden article, also I might add your team showed sportsmanship after them game! I have no doubt you will be back in the championship game next year .

randy prosen

December 13th, 2009
6:59 pm

Ean Days MVP. Look at his stats. Polls don’t matter, thats why they have football fields. Great year for Camden High.


December 13th, 2009
7:04 pm

Northside fanbase feels confident because our program has played and beaten the best. The only rankings that matter are who wins the state playoffs. That is what is great about a playoff system. However is the last team standing is what matters most.

Hey, we get ranked second. It really does not matter. We are very, very proud of our team and program. If you asked any Northside or Camden County fan if either expected the Eagles or the Wildcats to be in the State Championship, only the most dilusional would have called either program being in the Dome this year. We lost so many skill position players.

I am very happy that we are viewed as one of the best in this state. Now, we have to look forward to next season. We have to hope that we have enough pieces returning and enough newcomers arriving to make another run. My guess is we will. Time will tell.

A big congratulations to Camden County, Sandy Creek, Peach County, Buford, and Wilcox County. All great champions. Enjoy the off-season. We will see you all next season. For the “soft” posters on this site, I will be back to talk trash. If you think we have had some run-ins with Lowndes County posters, wait until a certain Thomasville poster names Jaybo attmepts to make Thomas County Central a program the caliber of Northside or Warner Robins. He hates numbers and I am going to throw some serious numbers at the above average program that thinks they are big time.

The last time Houston County schools played in AAAA (4 seasons) a Warner Robins school played in the state championship in every season and wo 3 out of 4. In Warner Robins we FULLY expect a Northside versus Warner Robins state championship game. Watch! :-)

Region 6AAAA Fan

December 13th, 2009
7:06 pm

Congrats to all the 2009 State Champions…The Gainesville coach showed a lot of heart going for two instead of kicking the tying extra point, but i think he should allowed his boys to play for the win in OT, they fought too hard to lose in that manner…I agree with a lot of the other bloggers here, the Wilcox County QB is pretty talented and Coach Richt should look at trying to recruit him…And how does the Tigers of Tucker not get ranked in the top 10 in AAAA? The 3 losses they suffered this year came at the hands of SWD, Marist and the State Champion Sandy Creek Fighting Patriots, I think they deserve at least a #10 rank…But it is what it is


December 13th, 2009
7:23 pm

Done a little thinking about the Camden/Lowndes matches this decade since Herron and McPherson have been coaching and I suddenly realized that Camden hasn’t been to our house.
5 times we have played each other and Camden won the 3 at their house in Camden, but lost the 2 on neutral terf (the Dome). No time have they been to the Concrete Palace. The three won at Camden’s house was by a total of a 17 points margin while the two won by Lowndes at the Dome was by a total of 40 points (margin).

By the way, did Northside get Peachtree Ridged in the Dome? All it took was two first round upper cuts in the span of 2 minutes and the refs might as well have called that fight.


December 13th, 2009
7:26 pm

YO, you are correct, and we don’t want to play Lowndes at home. We are content playing the game in Camden.


December 13th, 2009
7:32 pm


HS Football Fan

December 13th, 2009
7:32 pm

I agree Region 6AAAA Fan. The sports writers at the AJC has never liked Tucker. Last year, on our way to the dome, we read every article they published about the tigers, and it was all negative and disheartening to say the least. Unbelievable!!!!! We even discussed it as a team. I truly believe that is “one” of the reasons they fought so hard for the win. Well thats water under the bridge right now.

EHS Eagle

December 13th, 2009
7:39 pm

Parttimer – Eastside kicked the crap out of Jackson. I wonder why Eastside is 6th. We played Peach a better game in the Final Four than St Pius or Gainesville. Just ask Peach.


December 13th, 2009
7:40 pm

I agree with the Gainesville coach’s decision. As I recall there is no overtime in the final game. If the game ends in a tie the teams share the championship. Stupid rule so the Coach had to make that decision.


December 13th, 2009
7:45 pm

EagleNationRising – It will be very interesting to see how Houston County/Warner Robins Football will be next fall given the opening of Veterans High and the shakeup in Perry, HoCo, Northside & Warner Robins student populations (if they can even settle it before next August).

Todd Holcomb

December 13th, 2009
7:48 pm

“You put Eastside(11-3) at #6 and Jackson(12-1), who kicked the crap out of Eastside at #10. What an idiot. I guess you would have still put FLA ahead of BAMA if you’d had a vote. No wonder I stopped getting the AJC 10 years ago. Y’all are pathetic.”

I should start a contest for how I should reply to this, but I’ll keep it simple: Eastside beat Jackson 14-0.


December 13th, 2009
7:52 pm

Da’Rick The FREAK Rogers!!!! Player of the Year Georgia!!! Hands down if anyone else holds a candle to him I have not seen them!!! Hope you boys at the AJC don’t mess this one up?

Northside Observer

December 13th, 2009
7:53 pm

Sportsfan 31313: All the chatting about football will soon come to end. Needless to say, I am going to miss all regular bloggers I have come to respect.. All the attacks and counter attacks are just in fun. NSWR had a great season and I feel honored that they played in 1AAAAA the last two years. As I told you once before I am from the low-country coastal area of Georgia so I have love for that area. I can yell for Camden County, Bradwell, Brunswich, and Chatham County Schools with pride. I settled in the great city of Warner Robins after my USMC days. My kids went to both Northside and Houston County High.

I wish much success for your beloved Bradwell football program. The region #1 seed would have been yours for years to come if Camden had gone to 1AAAAA. lol.

Here is a secret few people know. The QB (Marshall) from Wilcox County came within a whisker of being at NSWR. His parent told me that during a meeting when my youngest son was playing on a travel basketball team. WOW!

Great chatting with you throughout the season!


December 13th, 2009
8:09 pm

Rhino, after Roswell and Perachtree Ridge tied for the state AAAAA title in 2006, the rules were changed and there are no more co-champions. Ttile games have overtimes just like any other game now. And for that reason I think the Gainesville coach was wrong.

Pete on the Coast

December 13th, 2009
8:10 pm

We are “stuck with Camden County” (a 2 loss team)? Well, one of those early losses was to an Alabama power, so the Cats have only 1 loss in state (and that one in week one). As you point out, CCHS improved from week to week, and demolished their opponents in the semi finals and state championship games. Embrace them, they deserve it!

Pete on the Coast

December 13th, 2009
8:15 pm

Sorry about reading the column too quickly, and thought it said “we are stuck with ” instead of “we stuck with” Camden County. Point remains about the 2 losses.


December 13th, 2009
8:26 pm

Northside Observer: If that kid from Wilcox County was an Eagle, everyone on this site would hate me and Northside might have had an opportunity to be National Champions. I tell you what, we laid an egg that no Eagle fan will ever forget last night. However, I will take a developing Briar Van Brunt, Shaquille O’Neil and I hear this running back that is sitting out is a beast! Our receivers should continue to develop. I love our underclass linebackers. It sounds like an interesting year ahead in Region 1-AAAA.

Has anyone heard who is going to get the Valdosta High School job? Have they already hired someone or set up any interviews? I was just interested to hear.


December 13th, 2009
8:27 pm

What about the Buford Wolves? Second time this decade with a 3 peat. Not much talk about them this year maybe because this was a rebuilding year. But look at what they did. They beat 3 undefeated teams in the playoffs two on the road and the last one in the dome. Way to go boys. And congrats to all the teams that made it to the dome. And a special congrats to all the state champs.


December 13th, 2009
8:29 pm

Rhino: I agree with AVikingFan. Gainesville had all of the momentum and really had the advantages in their favor in an overtime format. I did not see any reason to put it all on the line at that moment. Of course, it is easy to play Monday Morning Quarerback.


December 13th, 2009
8:31 pm

With all due respect to Buford, I am very interested in who is going to be the next head football coach at Valdosta, the winningest program in the history of high school football. I also heard that Martin Luther King has a job opening. Is there any word on the new coach there? Is that rumor true (MLK looking for a new head coach)?