Georgia High School Football Daily Spotlight: State’s former prep players populating the college rosters

You like numbers? Stats? Facts? The GHSF Daily staff has them today.

Our friend Steve Slay has researched this fall’s college football rosters and compiled a list of the former Georgia high school players who populate them. We’ve focused on those who play for Division I-A programs and added up which Georgia high schools have the most (and fewest) players in I-A. The reason we didn’t include Division I-AA and small colleges is because that data is harder to find online and not quite complete.

Here are the discoveries that we found most interesting:

* Buford, with 13, has the most alumni on Division I-A rosters. Next are Stephenson and Walton (12 each), Tucker (11) and Peachtree Ridge (10).
* Most surprising with their high numbers of alumni playing I-A are Greater Atlanta Christian (nine, all playing for ACC or SEC schools), Blessed Trinity (eight) and Northview (eight).
* Most surprising with their low numbers are Lowndes (three) and Northside of Warner Robins (two). We found no alumni of Brunswick, Thomson and Westminster on Division I-A rosters.
* Region 1-AAAAA, traditionally the toughest region in the state, ranks seventh among eight Class AAAAA regions in players on Division I-A rosters with 23.
* Except for 6-AA, the regions with the most D-I players in each class haven’t won many state championships.

Class AAAAA (273)
1-AAAAA (23)
Houston County (4), Tift County (4), Coffee (3), Lowndes (3), Valdosta (3), Colquitt County (2), Northside (2), Warner Robins (2)
2-AAAAA (40)
Stephenson (12), M.L. King (8), Douglass (7), Luella (4), Union Grove (4), Newton (3), Redan (2)
3-AAAAA (12)
Camden County (7), Bradwell Institute (4), Jenkins (1)
4-AAAAA (28)
Lovejoy (7), Westlake (7), Newnan (4), Creekside (3), Riverdale (3), Mundy’s Mill (2), Chapel Hill (1), Pebblebrook (1)
5-AAAAA (40)
Marietta (8), East Paulding (5), North Cobb (5), Woodstock (5), Harrison (4), South Cobb (4), Etowah (3), Kennesaw Mountain (3), Cherokee (2), McEachern (1)
6-AAAAA (42)
Walton (12), Kell (6), Roswell (6), Milton (5), Lassiter (4), Pope (3), Alpharetta (2), Wheeler (2), Campbell (1), Centennial (1)
7-AAAAA (47)
Peachtree Ridge (10), Norcross (9), Northview (8), North Gwinnett (6), Chattahoochee (4), Collins Hill (4), South Forsyth (3), Duluth (2), Mill Creek (1)
8-AAAAA (41)
Grayson (9), Brookwood (8), Parkview (6), Berkmar (5), Dacula (5), Central Gwinnett (4), Meadowcreek (2), Shiloh (1), South Gwinnett (1)

Class AAAA (160)
1-AAAA (16)
Bainbridge (4), Harris County (3), Hardaway (2), Lee County (2), Westside (2), Americus-Sumter (1), Thomas County Central (1), Upson-Lee (1)
2-AAAA (9)
Statesboro (3), Ware County (3), Glynn Academy (2), Wayne County (1)
3-AAAA (11)
Hephzibah (3), Lakeside (2), Richmond Academy (2), Evans (1), Glenn Hills (1), Josey (1), Westside (1)
4-AAAA (12)
North Clayton (6), Griffin (2), Mount Zion (2), Stockbridge (2)
5-AAAA (42)
Sandy Creek (6), Banneker (5), Starr’s Mill (5), Fayette County (4), Villa Rica (4), Whitewater (4), Douglas County (3), Lithia Springs (3), Northgate (3), Mays (2), Tri-Cities (2), Alexander (1)
6-AAAA (38)
Tucker (11), Marist (7), Chamblee (6), Southwest DeKalb (5), Lithonia (2), Miller Grove (2), North Springs (2), Stone Mountain (2), Forsyth Central (1)
7-AAAA (15)
Dalton (3), Sprayberry (3), Hiram (2), Rome (2), Cass (1), Murray County (1), Northwest Whitfield (1), Paulding County (1), Sequoyah (1)
8-AAAA (17)
Habersham Central (4), Clarke Central (3), Heritage (3), Cedar Shoals (2), Salem (2), Apalachee (1), Rockdale County (1), Winder-Barrow (1)

Class AAA (137)
1-AAA (15)
Perry (7), Peach County (4), Westover (2), Cairo (1), Dougherty (1)
2-AAA (28)
Shaw (9), Carver (7), LaGrange (5), Troup (4), Northside (2), Kendrick (1)
3-AAA (9)
Baldwin (4), Burke County (2), Washington County (2), West Laurens (1)
4-AAA (12)
Woodward Academy (4), Mary Persons (3), Maynard Jackson (2), Spalding (2), Jackson (1)
5-AAA (35)
Cedar Grove (5), St. Pius (5), Washington (5), Grady (4), Dunwoody (3), McNair (3), Carver (2), North Atlanta (2), Riverwood (2), Towers (2), Columbia (1), Therrell (1)
6-AAA (12)
Cartersville (4), Carrollton (3), Haralson County (2), Ridgeland (2), Cedartown (1)
7-AAA (16)
North Hall (5), Gainesville (4), Flowery Branch (3), East Hall (2), Chestatee (1), West Hall (1)
8-AAA (10)
Oconee County (4), Hart County (2), Stephens County (2), Eastside (1), Franklin County (1)

Class AA (86)
1-AA (5)
Berrien (1), Brooks County (1), Early County (1), Fitzgerald (1), Thomasville (1)
2-AA (10)
Charlton County (8), McIntosh County Academy (2)
3-AA (12)
Dublin (3), Jefferson County (3), Swainsboro (3), Dodge County (2), Toombs County (1)
4-AA (6)
Henry County (2), Central (1), Greene County (1), Northeast (1), Putnam County (1)
5-AA (3)
Heard County (2), Callaway (1)
6-AA (33)
Buford (13), GAC (9), Blessed Trinity (8), Lovett (3)
7-AA (11)
Calhoun (9), Gordon Central (1), Model (1)
8-AA (6)
Dawson County (3), Jefferson (1), North Oconee (1), Riverside Military (1)

Class A (46)
Region 1-A (4)
Clinch County (2), Randolph-Clay (1), Seminole County (1)
Region 2-A (10)
Hawkinsville (5), Wilcox County (2), Irwin County (1), Telfair County (1), Turner County (1)
Region 3-A (9)
Calvary Day (3), ECI (2), Claxton (1), Johnson County (1), Portal (1), Savannah Christian (1)
Region 4-A (1)
Pacelli (1)
Region 5-A (5)
Whitefield Academy (3), Holy Innocents’ (2)
Region 6-A (6)
Darlington (4), Bremen (1), Mount Zion (1)
Region 7-A (8)
Aquinas (3), Washington-Wilkes (3), Lincoln County (2)
Region 8-A (3)
Wesleyan (3)

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September 23rd, 2009
11:30 am



September 23rd, 2009
11:49 am

I agree wirh you SpeortsFan31313…..very interesting.

Amazing how some of the “anti-north ga football” pundits are very quiet about this one. I’m sure they will come back with “but y’all don’t win state championships” – the same ole, same ole routine comments. Way to go Stephenson, MLK, Tucker, SW Dekalb, Peachtree Ridge, Grayson, Marietta. Your acheivement of getting our kids college scholarships is worth much more than fleeting state championships with no life after high school. Just imagined if the AJC numbers included all the football players currently playing at other levels besides D-1…the gap would be even greater!


September 23rd, 2009
1:07 pm

DeeDawg….of course the gap is greater….. there are only 9 true AAAAA schools south of Macon. Common sense tell you that where you have more students you will have more D-1 players…just because lots of kids south of Macon don’t play for D-1 schools does not mean that they are not playing at D-2 or D-3 school and concentating more on their schoolwork than football…. grow up.


September 23rd, 2009
1:31 pm

I suppose that means South Ga is just more resourceful with its talent.
N Georgia apparently has a lot of tal”I”nt on its football Te’I”ams.

decatur where it is greater

September 23rd, 2009
1:59 pm

nukieie actually you are wrong stephenson, MLK, douglass, redan and there are alot more are not true AAAAA schools they only have about 1900-2000 students which really makes them AAAA schools they just choose to play up in classification. Therefore your theory of more kids doesn’t pan out. A true AAAAA school has 2200-3000 students. so give these schools their credit.


September 23rd, 2009
2:00 pm

er your comments here

lowndes has at least 7 div 1 prospects on its team this year

Tell The Truth

September 23rd, 2009
2:47 pm

I larger disparity will come if you could see the schools that send players to the non-Div. I-A bowl schools (like I-AA and Div. II). That is where the high school coach makes the calls and send the films to the schools. Since most I-AA and II schools don’t have big recruiting budgets, they rely on the high school coaches to point out some hidden talent to them.

Dekalb Fan

September 23rd, 2009
3:37 pm

Enter your comments here

Actually, here are the est. school enrollment’s as of July 2009 taken from the Dekalb County School system website taken from the Department of Planning & Forecasting section

SWD – 1840
MLK – 1718
Stephenson – 1554
Tucker – 1388

All are really 4A schools but two choose to play up to 5A


September 23rd, 2009
5:00 pm

I agree that it is very interesting; however, not unexpected.

What does it say about schools’ football programs, when you have teams with 1-2 D1 prospects winning state championships as often, or more often, than those with 6-7 D1 prospects.

It brings to my mind a few possibilities:
1. The teams with fewer D1 prospects have a lot better coaching if they are competing against, and beating those with a greater number.
2. The teams with fewer D1 prospects have a greater focus on the team than particular players.
3. It is easier for recruiters to find player in the major metorpolitan areas because they can check out players at many schools very close together. If you go to check out a Camden County player, what other schools are you going to visit? The isolation alone of some schools has got to affect the number of D1 recruits.

If someone else has a better explanation, I would love to hear it. This article is a compliment to those teams that are winning consistantly without all of the highly recruited players.


September 23rd, 2009
5:47 pm

Recruiters will go to the moon to see or sign a prospect if that what it takes. So location isn’t a factor. They see Lowndes, NorthSide, Peachtree Ridge are in the top 25 nationwide on and etc.. Location will not stop them from visiting or requesting film. Lets not forget Div 1-A schools rival some top companies as far as revenue is concerned. Nothing is out of reach for them.

Just a thought. Maybe it is their SAT scores. I’m not saying the 1-AAAAA schools are not as smart as say the 5,6,7,8-AAAAA schools since it seems they have more kids playing DIV 1-A ball. This possibility goes across the board (state) and clasifications. This reinforces that not only the weight room but the class room earns the right to play with the big boys. Thats why they are called student-athletes!


September 23rd, 2009
7:27 pm

RT I’m thinking there are a few regions in the Fulton/Decalb county area that have a lot of Div1 players playing at the next level that probably blow that SAT score thinking out of the water. It is a factor, but I don’t think as much of a factor as one might think.


September 23rd, 2009
8:57 pm

Where did you get this information I am sure SWD have more boys in school than any of them. Did you check the school current rooster. Because a lot of those boys are at home or in a smaller school. Why did you do D1 only because ? Why? Free school is Free school.

Football is Life

September 23rd, 2009
9:09 pm

It is sad to say, but the truth for the high numbers in metro-atlanta is that the schools provide a better future for the kids academically. South Georgians may win state champions, but these kids are being cheated of receiving a high end education. They will never be eligible to play for a D-1 school.


September 23rd, 2009
9:13 pm


Todd Holcomb

September 23rd, 2009
9:51 pm

The reason we listed only Division I-A is because it’s difficult to find every roster outside of I-A. The totals would lose its meaning if it were just the rosters we happened to find online. Later, we might be able to include I-AA, but below that, it’s tough to find every roster unless we want to make this a two-month project. Thanks to Steve Slay for his work on this.

Also, those enrollment figures posted above for the DeKalb schools are not those that are used by the GHSA to place schools in regions.

Here are the approximate numbers the GHSA will use …

Stephenson is 1850
MLK is 2000
SWD is 1820
Tucker is 1450

Those are spring numbers. They tend to be higher in the fall. So MLK and Stephenson are very small Class AAAAA schools, but they are not AAAA schools playing up. SWD is a very large AAAA school. Tucker is a middling AAAA school.


September 23rd, 2009
10:30 pm

Well Todd We don’t care how long it take We count on you good valid info .The title said” Who is sending college student”, so that what we were looking for everyone already know about the D1 players.


September 23rd, 2009
10:41 pm

Douglass has the most players on a division 1 roster right now.


September 23rd, 2009
10:41 pm

Enter your comments here


September 23rd, 2009
11:03 pm

Now do a survey on how many D-1 player from North and South regions are graduating from those programs after high school? It doesn’ t make much sense how great a player is if he can’t get a good job after being used to make that program money…..

Dash Riprock

September 24th, 2009
12:06 am

Here are Tucker’s 11, Mr. “Right”
A.J. Bouye – Central Florida #19
Drayton Calhoun – LSU #25
Myke Compton – Louisiana Tech #26
Jonathan Davis – Central Florida #27
Dwayne Harris – East Carolina #17
Robert Jones – East Carolina #55
Brandon Lang – Troy #91
Anthony Mosley – Kentucky #14
Jamoris Slaughter – Notre Dame #26
Dan Sutton – Vanderbilt #41
Neiko Thorpe – Auburn #15


September 24th, 2009
8:28 am

The kids down south are USED FOR THEIR ATHLETIC ABILITY. Take the kid from ECI who was the best running back in the state since Herchel. UGA had to work with him because of his low grades and test scores. They couldn’t even take GREG REID because of his grades hence the reason he went to lowly Florida State instead of Florida or Georgia.

The fact of the matter is these kids down south are exploited for their ability. They could care less about their education. Someone mentioned focus on team. WHY? Shouldn’t they focus more on an education since they are student athletes? When they graduate is the TEAM going to help them support themselves?


September 24th, 2009
6:04 pm

I is really a sad day when some people talk badly about kids because of where they live…. Some of you guys that say such nasty thing about the kids from south Georgia must not realize what people from up north in other parts of the country say and think about any and all of the kid from Ga. Wheather they are from North Ga South Ga or Middle Ga…. Most of the other states think that if a kid is from Ga he or she cant even spell or add and subtract.

I have yet to understand why the guys in the Northern part of the state think that te kids from south of Macon are a bunch of “rednecks”. When in fact not too many years ago Gwinnett county was cousidered the sticks… My parents bought a home back in the 70’s in the Gwinnett county so as to get out of the city and move away to the country… But now the city has moved and followed them there…. I have family both in North Ga and south Ga and I can tell you there is no difference in the kind of people that live in either location.

When people start talking about how dumd or stupid or uneducated someone is just because of where they are from, well it is just a refelexion on the person who makes such comments.

I started High school in Gwinnett county but Graduated in Lowndes county and I will tell, I would never change a thing.


September 24th, 2009
8:34 pm

roland roland roland….brothar dont u no eat,,,thu futbal tems down hear n soth gorga dont cair bought mi educatin,,onle mi athletiche abiliti. greg reed wint two flawda stayte becuz win hi wuz askd two spall dogz he sayed “D-O-G-S” ind hi wuz tould “KNOW!!!!!! EATZ D-A-W-G-S!!!!!”

you sound like a bitter 85 years old virgin with your “lowly florida state” instead of florida or georgia comment. let me guess,,,you were one of those players greg scored on wasnt you?

“”"”They couldn’t even take GREG REID because of his grades hence the reason he went to lowly Florida State instead of Florida or Georgia”"”" ======= waaahhhhh waaaahhhhh waaahhhhh


September 25th, 2009
7:23 pm

Enter your comments here

I wish Greg was a Dawg right now! He has enough education right now to be successful in his chosen profession. That would be football for those a little slow, no matter which area of the great state you were lucky enought to have been born!

Ron Kight

September 26th, 2009
3:30 am

One of the Lowndes 3 making some impressive plays in the ACC, not much media news about all those other AAAAA div I players


September 26th, 2009
10:38 pm

I can say for a fact that Camden County pushes a lot of their top athletes to take AP classes. However there are also kids there that underachieve academically in high school as well as in college. I’m guessing this is the case at most AAAAA schools. Anyways, Camden definately is not academically less than Stephenson or MLK, So while I can’t speak for Lowndes or Northside, I don’t think academics has to do with the number of Camden County players playing in D1.


September 26th, 2009
10:39 pm

Besides, there are plenty of SEC schools with horrible academics anyways.


September 26th, 2009
10:49 pm

Rob knight, what about cameron heyward for Ohio State. he graduated from ptr not too long ago. kenny miles from brookwood played a large portion of the game for south carolina in their win over ole miss. and besides greg reid isnt getting any more attention than these other players in college

Curious Mom of Daughters, no Sons

September 28th, 2009
2:40 pm

Since my kids have been in HS, I’ve really enjoyed watching HS football. Those kids go out there and play their hearts out! I’m kind of curious about this whole recruiting thing and the Div 1 or Div 2 dilemma. If the young man has no intention of trying to play in the NFL why would a coach turn on a student because he didn’t pick the school the coach wanted him to? My girls were telling me about a kid they know who picked a full-ride at a Div 2 school that’s known for having a good academic program that fit his major, rather than coach’s choice, a Div 1 school. Since then, the coach has literally snubbed the kid. The coach doesn’t make the kid do extra PT or anything like that; he just literally acts as though the kid is dead to him.

What’s the big deal? Does a coach get rated by the number of kids who sign with Div 1 teams? If so, that’s wrong. When you consider the miniscule percentage of college football players who actually make it into the NFL, shouldn’t a coach want a kid to select the academic program that best fits his plans for the future? If playing football for the non-Div 1 school gets the kid a scholarship, that coach should be proud that he assisted the kid in securing his long-term future! It’s an awesome accomplishment!

I’ve been hearing some other things about this coach which makes his shunning of this boy not so surprising. In fact just other day my husband met one of the part-time HS football refs at an aquaintance’s house. When he heard where our daughters attend the man asked “Hey, is ******** still an ***hole?” Lovely. Hope it doesn’t effect any of our “calls” on the field.

Curious Mom...

September 30th, 2009
11:13 pm

Um, hello!? Anybody out there? What’d I say?