Georgia OL prospect winding up world tour at Alabama’s spring game

North Gwinnett’s Jawuan James, one of the nation’s top offensive lineman, is finished with his world tour. Well, almost. James, who has nearly 30 scholarship offers, plans to attend Alabama’s spring game on Saturday.

Over the few weeks, James has traveled from coast to coast. On the west side, he went as far as Nike Country, i.e. the University of Oregon. Somewhere along the way, James also stopped by UGA, Tennessee and Florida.

The 6-foot-7, 305-pound James has a stack of scholarship letters and says his top five are Alabama, UGA, Florida, Tennessee and Oklahoma. And he’s really liking the Gators after spending five days in Florida last week over spring break.

“I got to see [Urban Meyer] every day,” James said. “He said they really like me, and need athletic offensive tackles. He said that don’t have a true tackle-sized person … they didn’t have another lineman on their team that was both as big as me and as athletic as me. They said I was on the top on Florida’s list for [offensive linemen].”

James got to see the trophies and rings for Florida, the reigning BCS champions. “I liked how all the coaches were hyped up and into it. It was a championship place. All they talk about at Florida is perfection. They want perfection in every play in practice, just in everything they do.”

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  • 28 comments Add your comment


    April 14th, 2009
    7:58 pm

    Actually alot of people “outside of Georgia” expected something from our UGA program this time last year….maybe the reason why they were pin pointed as pre season #1 last year. I would think that validates people out side of the state of Georgia expecting the UGA football to do something…..maybe…..maybe…anyone….Bueller….

    So I’ll jsut take your comment above as a really lame post on trying to rib some of us UGA fans….much like our UGA season last year as I can admit….NICE TRY

    Lord of the Lizards

    April 14th, 2009
    7:53 pm

    NGB…Thank you berry much, now shut up and give me back that ring, I told you you could only look at it. And aren’t your initials “NGB” relevant on a this recruiting blog!!!…..(N)ot (G)eorgia (B)ound…


    April 14th, 2009
    7:52 pm

    all i got to say to a ga fan is 49-10, an no nat.title since 1980 GO GATORS.An next time you score a td dont charge the endzone act like u been there before!!!

    Crimson Crush

    April 14th, 2009
    7:31 pm

    ‘Lord of the Lizards’:”I love the way these UGA fans come on to these blogs and bad mouth other programs just to beg for recruits. Pathetic. ”

    It really is pathetic isn’t it . You should read the comment sections when Bama pulls a committment from one of these kids . Dawg fans going berserk , talking trash , screaming “Wait till next year (The Bulldog Battlecry lol ) … all the while forgetting that basically NO ONE outside Georgia ever really expects much from their program to begin with .

    The Dawgs are PERHAPS one step above Auburn and about 5 steps below any number of powerhouse programs … and they still don’t get why “next year” never arrives ;-)

    NEXT #13

    April 14th, 2009
    7:07 pm

    amoo all,6:30 pm,YOU ARE a HOPELESS,MISGUIDED,FOOL IF THAT’S ALL YOU’VE GOT!(I suspect it is)you’ve gotta better chance of seeing allbarn win a MNC than BAMA recieving your wishful thinking loi!LMAOROTF!!!!

    Armour all

    April 14th, 2009
    6:30 pm

    He will be concerned about LOI AS they become public !!


    April 14th, 2009
    6:05 pm

    Bama could use him in a New York minute. He will be blown away at the
    A-DAY game this saturday. Bama should have 70 to 90 thousand people at
    the game!! ROLL TIDE!!


    April 14th, 2009
    4:52 pm

    I wanna GRADULATE Lord of Lizards and Percy Harvey

    [...] Jawuan James to attend A-Day Here is the AJC article…s-spring-game/ Says that his top 5 are Bama, UGA, UF, UT, and OU. Sounds pretty high on UF after a trip there. [...]


    April 14th, 2009
    4:01 pm

    Urban Liar is at it again, telling this kid that they do not have any lineman as big and athletic as him, all you have to do is read Tony Barnhart’s report on the gators from last week spending time with them.