Ex-UGA LB recruit planning to attend Tennessee’s spring game

UGA's loss could be Tennessee's gain ... if the Volunteers offer and Moody accepts (Tennessee athletics)

UGA's loss could be Tennessee's gain ... if the Volunteers offer, and Moody accepts it (Tennessee athletics)

Georgia coach Mark Richt granted ex-UGA LB recruit Dexter Moody an “unconditional” release, meaning he could play for any school. Moody told the AJC he could end up playing for Lane Kiffin at Tennessee.

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound Moody said he was invited to Tennessee’s Orange and White game on Saturday by the Volunteers. ”Me and my dad are planning on going up there,” Moody said. “They talked liked they were going to offer me a scholarship. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. They just want to meet me in person and everything.”

Moody, who earned All-America honors last year at Emanuel County Institute, said he has had contact with several schools, including Florida, Memphis, Central Michigan and Troy, since breaking ties with Georgia last month. Moody said he has been offered by Marshall, and that he is very encouraged by Tennessee’s Lance Thompson, who coaches linebackers for the Volunteers.

“Coach Thompson said they need some linebackers really bad,” Moody said. “I’m definitely very interested in Tennessee. It wouldn’t be bad to go there and be able to play against Georgia every year. That would be something, taking out some of my feelings against the team that released me. I think it would be fun.”

Moody claims he has no hard feelings against Georgia. He said he hasn’t had any contact with the Bulldogs since being informed of his release by UGA assistant Jon Fabris. “We thought Coach Richt might call to talk about everything, but I haven’t heard from anybody else from Georgia. It’s no big deal. I wasn’t worried too much about it. I’m pretty cool with everything. I can sign with any other school that offers me. I guess it will just work out somewhere else for me.”

NCAA rules prohibit college coaches from commenting on prospective student-athletes. Moody spurned offers from Florida and South Carolina, among others, to sign with his homegrown favorite, UGA. He was released by Richt after an incident at school, according to Georgia officials.

Moody is ranked as the nation’s No. 8 outside linebacker by Scout, and No. 17 by Rivals. “I’m excited for [Moody],” said his ECI teammate, Washaun Ealey. “He’s a great player, and hopefully Tennessee or another school will give him a chance.”

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  • 147 comments Add your comment


    April 15th, 2009
    12:02 pm

    My guess is the offered him one because they really wanted Washaun Ealey. Looks like UGA made the right decision in the end.

    Classy Kiffin

    April 15th, 2009
    11:58 am

    Charlotte Dawg

    April 15th, 2009
    11:57 am

    How dumb do you have to be to struggle at ECI academically. It can’t be as difficult as the metro-Atlanta public schools. Not even close!

    So my question is why did Georgia even offer this guy in the first place? Makes you wonder who else we let in that has only managed to stay under the radar since signing day. Me thinks this Moody kid is not the last. Our recruiting techniques are very questionable sometimes. Why would we even waste a scholarship offer on such a acedemically challenged immature person? UGA did the right thing in the end, but what the hell were they thinking in the beginning? Makes you wonder.


    April 15th, 2009
    11:57 am

    You really want to go down the path of embarrassing? The only thing worse is the show your trying to put on with your media guide.


    April 15th, 2009
    11:55 am

    WHOA!!!!! knelson must have found a UT media guide! You can be jealous all you want, UT sucked last year and the will in 2009 as well. They might be better in 2010 if the put Ga State on their schedule. Seriously, I do believe UT is headed in the right direction and do believe that they will contend for the SEC again, just dont think it will happen as soon as UT fans think. I think you guys will be the Yankees of the SEC, spend all that money and not win. Oh yeah, are you really attacking someones educational qualifications on a blog? Sad.


    April 15th, 2009
    11:49 am

    KNelson you sound like you may need a valium but, you sound like you really know your UT facts. So, why are you arent you on a UT blog rambling about BS UT stats? Sorry, not trying to get in the middle of your discussion with Dawgfan. All BS aside, Moody is a trouble maker nd always will be. His grades are terrible and will end up in JC anyway. Doesnt matter where he goes, he will be trouble.


    April 15th, 2009
    11:48 am

    The past? Bama put it on UGA without any issue. Talk about embarrassing !


    April 15th, 2009
    11:47 am

    As a GT fan, I have to give UGA the credit where they deserve. They obviously let go of a future troublemaker. Kiffin is in for a hurting come fall.

    And no, GT is not accepting band wagon fans, never have and never will.


    April 15th, 2009
    11:36 am

    Bama12titles why are you complaing about UGA fans living in the past? Have you read your screen name lately? What has Bama done lately? Other than make the SEC the laughing stock of college football after that pathetic bowl game. Oh, lets not forget another Bama player to stupid to wait before hiring an agent. So, what has Bama done lately? Other than the above and hire a 4million dollar a year coach who will jump ship to the highest bidder? I personally like Alabama and think they have a good program and are headed in the right think Bama fans are a little disallusioned as to how good they really are.


    April 15th, 2009
    11:34 am

    dawgfan, obviously you’re not a graduate. Your childish comments only display your inability to contrive any respectable statement. Sure UT had a lousy 2008. They also have made the proper moves to bring UT back to where they were, long before CMR ever thought of GA.
    If UT does sign Moody that would put Kiffin in his 1st year ahead of UGA in recruiting. Do you remember CMR clock management in his 1st season? Do you remember the 90ies? Do you remember the last time you beat UT and UF in the same season? Neither do I . This once again will NOT be your pups year. Keep on being a fan and continue to show your football ignorance as a fan and obviously not of a college graduate.