Ex-UGA LB recruit planning to attend Tennessee’s spring game

UGA's loss could be Tennessee's gain ... if the Volunteers offer and Moody accepts (Tennessee athletics)

UGA's loss could be Tennessee's gain ... if the Volunteers offer, and Moody accepts it (Tennessee athletics)

Georgia coach Mark Richt granted ex-UGA LB recruit Dexter Moody an “unconditional” release, meaning he could play for any school. Moody told the AJC he could end up playing for Lane Kiffin at Tennessee.

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound Moody said he was invited to Tennessee’s Orange and White game on Saturday by the Volunteers. ”Me and my dad are planning on going up there,” Moody said. “They talked liked they were going to offer me a scholarship. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. They just want to meet me in person and everything.”

Moody, who earned All-America honors last year at Emanuel County Institute, said he has had contact with several schools, including Florida, Memphis, Central Michigan and Troy, since breaking ties with Georgia last month. Moody said he has been offered by Marshall, and that he is very encouraged by Tennessee’s Lance Thompson, who coaches linebackers for the Volunteers.

“Coach Thompson said they need some linebackers really bad,” Moody said. “I’m definitely very interested in Tennessee. It wouldn’t be bad to go there and be able to play against Georgia every year. That would be something, taking out some of my feelings against the team that released me. I think it would be fun.”

Moody claims he has no hard feelings against Georgia. He said he hasn’t had any contact with the Bulldogs since being informed of his release by UGA assistant Jon Fabris. “We thought Coach Richt might call to talk about everything, but I haven’t heard from anybody else from Georgia. It’s no big deal. I wasn’t worried too much about it. I’m pretty cool with everything. I can sign with any other school that offers me. I guess it will just work out somewhere else for me.”

NCAA rules prohibit college coaches from commenting on prospective student-athletes. Moody spurned offers from Florida and South Carolina, among others, to sign with his homegrown favorite, UGA. He was released by Richt after an incident at school, according to Georgia officials.

Moody is ranked as the nation’s No. 8 outside linebacker by Scout, and No. 17 by Rivals. “I’m excited for [Moody],” said his ECI teammate, Washaun Ealey. “He’s a great player, and hopefully Tennessee or another school will give him a chance.”

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    3:24 pm

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    No matter how you slice it rule…you’re a moron.


    April 17th, 2009
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    Chihuahuas rule- This quote is from my earlier post. Word for word. You ready? “You are correct. UT hasn’t won a championship this decade” Now Nancy, please tell me where I said UT HAS won a championship this decade. Reading comprehension. Try it out. I was agreeing with you D.A. You Georgia “grads” are a hoot. You live in Knoxville? Well I live down here in puppy land? Ain’t that just Jim Freakin’ Dandy? Wanna switch places? UGA- We do less with more!

    Dawgs Rule

    April 17th, 2009
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    LMAO…CtownVol, don’t be mad that you are the “imbecile” that made a post accusing me of not understanding the meaning of the word decade and then proceeded to incorrectly contend that it had not been a decade since the Vols won a championship, which I kindly helped you understand the meaning since you were obviously in need of a little help there. Its pretty common to see a Vol in need when it comes to basic intelligence as you continue to prove with every post you make (when do u want to stop embarassing yourself by the way?).

    Also, you have to understand that, unlike you hillbillies, us UGA grads are very sure that our wives give birth to our sons, but I can understand your confusion since for a Vol it is common practice to wonder if the child is really yours or not when your little sister gets pregnant (you just have to hope your seed is the one that hit the mark with all that family inbreeding you have going on).

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    Hey, all you puppies fans! Has any football team in the SEC, no wait a minute, in the WHOLE fricking COUNTRY, ever lost to Vandy and Kentucky in the same year?

    Dawgs Rule

    April 16th, 2009
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    KNelson, actually our history includes SEC championships in 2005 and 2002. In reality, you are the one on here whose “history” only includes championships that are from a decade or more ago. But once again, thanks for playing Vols. It is just too easy with you morons.

    Also, we play Georgia Tech EVERY YEAR just like Florida plays FSU every year out of conference as our in state rival. Who is yours??? Memphis??? No wonder you have to schedule other contenders out of state to make a real schedule.

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