Ex-UGA LB recruit planning to attend Tennessee’s spring game

UGA's loss could be Tennessee's gain ... if the Volunteers offer and Moody accepts (Tennessee athletics)

UGA's loss could be Tennessee's gain ... if the Volunteers offer, and Moody accepts it (Tennessee athletics)

Georgia coach Mark Richt granted ex-UGA LB recruit Dexter Moody an “unconditional” release, meaning he could play for any school. Moody told the AJC he could end up playing for Lane Kiffin at Tennessee.

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound Moody said he was invited to Tennessee’s Orange and White game on Saturday by the Volunteers. ”Me and my dad are planning on going up there,” Moody said. “They talked liked they were going to offer me a scholarship. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. They just want to meet me in person and everything.”

Moody, who earned All-America honors last year at Emanuel County Institute, said he has had contact with several schools, including Florida, Memphis, Central Michigan and Troy, since breaking ties with Georgia last month. Moody said he has been offered by Marshall, and that he is very encouraged by Tennessee’s Lance Thompson, who coaches linebackers for the Volunteers.

“Coach Thompson said they need some linebackers really bad,” Moody said. “I’m definitely very interested in Tennessee. It wouldn’t be bad to go there and be able to play against Georgia every year. That would be something, taking out some of my feelings against the team that released me. I think it would be fun.”

Moody claims he has no hard feelings against Georgia. He said he hasn’t had any contact with the Bulldogs since being informed of his release by UGA assistant Jon Fabris. “We thought Coach Richt might call to talk about everything, but I haven’t heard from anybody else from Georgia. It’s no big deal. I wasn’t worried too much about it. I’m pretty cool with everything. I can sign with any other school that offers me. I guess it will just work out somewhere else for me.”

NCAA rules prohibit college coaches from commenting on prospective student-athletes. Moody spurned offers from Florida and South Carolina, among others, to sign with his homegrown favorite, UGA. He was released by Richt after an incident at school, according to Georgia officials.

Moody is ranked as the nation’s No. 8 outside linebacker by Scout, and No. 17 by Rivals. “I’m excited for [Moody],” said his ECI teammate, Washaun Ealey. “He’s a great player, and hopefully Tennessee or another school will give him a chance.”

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    November 22nd, 2009
    7:49 pm

    Alot of you people are posting bad comments and Im quite sure your child has been in trouble or yourself. So grow upand give Dex a chance. And if think u tough enough talk to his father and see what happens. His mom did not post that comment. BULLDOG COUNTRY!!! Twin City


    November 22nd, 2009
    7:42 pm


    April 26th, 2009
    9:58 pm

    Ctownvol, I’m glad you figured out how a keyboard works on a computer you Inbred Ridge Runner!!


    April 26th, 2009
    9:56 pm

    It’s “You Thug” going to Thug U!!!!


    April 20th, 2009
    3:14 pm

    I see no valid reason for UGA, UT, UF fans to be claiming victory based on spring games. I also believe that you are only as good as your last game. So though it pains me to say it UF has the bragging rights at this point in time till one of the other two (UGA/UT) can knock them off the mountain. I hope that every kid with talent gets a chance to play and live out their dream. I also believe that Tennessee has had their share of off field incidents as of late, Donte Stallworth, Dewayne Goodrich, Lenora Little to name a few. But as it has been pointed out, so have UF, Bama, Georgetown (Alan Iverson) and almost every other school in the country. I can say that this year Lane Kiffen has removed more players from the roster then in years past. I am a diehard UT fan, and if you cut me I bleed orange, but I would rather loose every game with kids who keep their nose clean and play hard and go to school then to take a NC home with a bunch of thugs and punks. Everyone has some down years and we are going through ours right now but last time I checked the 5th or 6th placed team could hang with any other team in the country. I hope this Moody kid gets a chance to play and does the right thing. I can think of no better mentor then Monte Kiffen for him and I am sure that the old pro will not take any crap off an 18 yr old kid.

    Dawgs Rule

    April 18th, 2009
    11:37 pm

    When you said “this” decade, you were referring to 2000-2009 and that is why your dumb ass then went to question my knowledge of the word decade because you were too stupid to think that it had now been 10 years since UT had a championship if you count back to 1998. I know what you were getting at so stop your lame attempts to play it off. Like I said, just give it up man. Also, you must truly not know anything about the national rankings of colleges if you are a Vol trying to talk trash about the value of a UGA degree (this is really making me LMAO). Even any half educated Vol (if any do exist) wouldn’t want to make that agrument because they know that UT is nowhere near the academic rankings of the University of Georgia. Therefore if that degree is supposedly useless (laughable), then they must be selling UT degrees as the latest brand of toilet paper. That is a stupid argument you don’t want to have moron. But then again, I doubt you’ve even attended anything more than a local community college. Like I said, give it up man, no one wants to hear about your expert knowledge on hillbilly living. You can save that for when you hillbillies get together for your moonshine night in the trailer park. And here’s one for you:
    UT-We have to sign the top ranked recruiting class multiple years just to hope to get to 6-6 and pray to make it to Shrevport for a bowl game lol.

    John-that is a somewhat sensible question. However Georgia WON the SEC three years ago. I would agree that UGA fans should expect to be able to get an SEC title about every three years to be reasonable (we won’t accept the 10 years or more drought the Vols live with and brag about being the runner up and “ALMOST” beating people, that is sad). With that said, if Richt has not tasted an SEC championship in the next two years I would think he may feel some heat. I love Richt and hope he retires at UGA, but yes, some UGA people would probably get a little restless. While I think it may be a bit much to expect anyone to unseat Florida with practically their whole title team returning, I fully expect Georgia to claim another SEC title and maybe more in 2010 with all the young talent we have stockpiled on our roster. The 2009 Bulldogs are more talented than people are giving them credit for and I expect them to be Florida’s only competition this year, but anytime a national title team returns their entire 2 deep on defense and a Heisman trophy winner at QB, I think it would be unreasonable to criticize Richt for not unseating them after we are losing all the first round talent that we are this year. The good news is that we have alot of future first round talent on our squad right now and will be in great position to take back the SEC post Tebow in 2010.

    Hey, you Vols should tune in and watch Georgia during bowl season the next few years and see how it all plays out since UT will likely be sitting at home during bowl season which has become their annual tradition. Man, I bet Eric Berry kicks himself everyday for going to UT instead of Georgia. Talk about a waste of a potentially great college career, lol.


    April 18th, 2009
    10:31 am

    My question to Georgia fans is if Tennessee finishes higher than Georgia this year is Richt on the hot seat. UT went to the SEC Champ two years ago(Almost beat the NC). Georgia hasnt been in a while. Fulmer stuck around because of his NC but Richt doesnt have one. Just saying that with a new QB you guys could be looking at 3rd or 4th in the east. Will the natives become restless?