Georgia Tech QB’s brother commits to Steve Spurrier over Jackets

QB Connor Shaw plays QB for his father, Flowery Branch coach Lee Shaw. Connor's older brother is Georgia Tech QB Jaybo Shaw

QB Connor Shaw plays QB for his father, Flowery Branch coach Lee Shaw (right). Connor, one of the nation's top high school quarterbacks, is the younger brother of Georgia Tech's Jaybo Shaw. (AJC)

Big brother played a big factor in one of the nation’s top high school quarterbacks committing to Steve Spurrier and South Carolina over Georgia Tech.

Flowery Branch’s Connor Shaw is the younger brother of Georgia Tech quarterback Jaybo Shaw. Big brother’s presence had its advantages and disadvantages for the Jackets in recruiting.

“Jaybo and I are real close,” Connor told the AJC. “We always talked about how cool it would be to play with each other again after high school. He’s the main reason I wanted to go to Georgia Tech. However, ultimately it came down to us competing for the same job … My parents are excited for me. They are just trying to figure out which games to go to in a couple of years, the games at South Carolina or Georgia Tech.”

Connor picked South Carolina over offers from Georgia Tech, Stanford, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Central Florida and East Carolina. He also had serious interest from more than 40 schools, including UGA, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, Florida State, UCLA, North Carolina, and Oregon. Shaw was invited to Georgia’s spring game on Saturday by offensive coordinator Mike Bobo.

“[Bobo] was contacting me all week, trying to get me over there for spring practice,” Shaw said. “I didn’t go because I didn’t want to lead on anybody this late in the recruiting process. I was down to South Carolina and Georgia Tech, and didn’t want to make it more complicated for anybody.”

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound Shaw ended up choosing to play with his childhood hero, Steve Spurrier. “He has one of the greatest offensive minds in the history of college football. I grew up loving [Spurrier]. I know he’s strict on his QBs, but any coach does that. Spurrier is a really a laid-back and enjoyable guy. When I committed, he said that we were going to have some good times together and that ‘South Carolina was the place I needed to be.’”

Connor, 17, said that Jaybo, 19, took the news well. “He was excited for me. He wasn’t pressuring me to go to Georgia Tech. He knew it was my decision to make.” Connor’s decision was nearly Georgia Tech. “It was very close. It would’ve probably gotten ‘old’, competing against each other every day for time at quarterback. We have such a good relationship, I didn’t want that as a brother.”

Connor is a little bit taller, while Jaybo is a little faster. “We’re pretty much eye to eye … the same style of QB’” Shaw said. “We do a lot of things the same. We’re very similar as quarterbacks. Of course, it will change up in college because we’ll both be playing in different types of offenses.”

But it the was one thing that the brothers share most in common that factored into Jaybo’s decision – competitiveness. “We compete in everything, everything you name it and it has been that way since we were little,” Connor said with a laugh. “We’re brothers. We both want to beat out each other in everything. We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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  • 62 comments Add your comment


    April 12th, 2009
    1:52 pm

    sorry, open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.


    April 12th, 2009
    1:51 pm

    It’s really a crying shame that most of these opinions on here have poor grammar, poor spelling and poor reasoning….talking smack is a sure sign of idiocy and if you were in person or in a business meeting you would keep your mouth shut….like the old cliche’ ….it is wiser to remain silent and be thought a fool than to one one’s mouth and remove all doubt!

    Go Jackets!

    When you say BUD-weiser ....

    April 12th, 2009
    1:42 pm

    I think he’s a Miller Lite drinker so Tech’s out for CS.

    All kidding aside, I wish no ill will on him [CS], and I respect his honesty about not wanting to compete with his brother. However, I personally believe it goes a little farther than just his brother.

    I don’t know the exact details of the QB situation at SC, but I don’t believe there are near the # of potential competitors at the position as there will be at GT for CS. After his redshirt year, CS would have had his brother (Sr), Tevin Washington (Jr), Jordan Luallen (Soph, if redshirted in ‘09), and David Sims (Soph, if redshirted in ‘09) to compete with for playing time. And CS is surely not going to college b/c he wants to watch from the sideline.

    So SC is probably a great choice for CS; I wish him the best. And I do agree with the poster that says another 6-6 or 7-6 season under Spurrier, and the boosters at SC will be looking to replace the ole ball coach.


    April 12th, 2009
    1:42 pm

    Good luck to the kid..

    And to the poster that claims GT has 13 SEC Football Titles….well, you are wrong…


    April 12th, 2009
    1:27 pm


    He obviously had enough sense to know that at UGA you’re just one of
    500 pineriders. He also had enough sense to appreciate playing for a great coach vs playing for pretend-to-be-great coaches.


    April 12th, 2009
    1:23 pm

    @The Man: I don’t really see any Tech fans bashing SC or Connor. Maybe one idiot (who may very well be a dog fan) but mostly Tech fans appear to be wishing Shaw the best of luck though they would have liked for him to have come to GT. What the hell else do you want?


    April 12th, 2009
    1:08 pm

    On another note I would like to compliment most of the Tech posters for showing a lot of class. Seriously, it reflect well on the school and fans. There are not many colleges with grads./fans who would wish a recruit luck after he chose a different path.
    My father was an engineer ,no class however…..he went to clemson!(TRUTH)

    the real OLD GOLD

    April 12th, 2009
    12:58 pm

    Good luck kid. You gotta make your own way in this world. You’ll be better off for it.

    “BrainDawg” (who I suspect is an idiot): Last time I checked Georgia Tech’s football program has 4 National Titles and 15 Conference Titles (including 13 SEC). I guess if your reasoning is correct UGA is a Gymnastics school?


    April 12th, 2009
    12:58 pm

    Enter your comments here


    April 12th, 2009
    12:58 pm

    Welcome to the Carolina family. It’s a great place to be and you will NEVER regret your decision.

    Goooooooooooooo C O C K S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!