Alabama’s Nick Saban rolls into Georgia for 2010 prospects

Nick and Blake (Photo submitted by Sims family)

Nick and Blake shake on it (Photo submitted by Sims family)

Alabama’s Nick Saban dampened UGA’s national championship hopes last year. Now Saban is returning to the state to inflict more damage.

Gainesville QB Blake Sims is the latest 2010 prospect to pledge to Alabama. Sims picked the Crimson Tide over UGA, Michigan, Tennessee and West Virginia, among others.

Alabama has as many commitments from the state as Georgia Tech (3), and more than UGA (1). The other Tuscaloosa-bound prospects are North Gwinnett OL Austin Shephard and Westside-Macon WR Ronald Carswell.

The big questions are these: Now that Saban is scoring big early in Georgia, will he be able to finish as strong as he started with recruiting? And will he be able to hold on to the commitments he has? So far, so good. 

UGA touched base with Sims this week, asking if he wanted to take another look at the Bulldogs. “[Assistant John Jancek] wanted me to come down there, so they could roll out the red carpet like Alabama did for me last weekend,” Sims said. “I told him thanks for the invitation, and I appreciated it. It was hard to turn down Georgia. I grew up a Georgia fan. I’ve been good friends with [Mark Richt] since my freshman year.”

“But I’ve already picked my school, and I’m going to keep my word because [Saban] gave me his word.”

Saban closed the deal with Sims at a dizzying pace. It was the stuff of recruiting legends. Last Wednesday, Sims said West Virginia, Michigan and UGA were his top three choices. Thursday, Alabama offered out of the blue. Friday, Sims talked to Saban for the first time in his life. Saturday, Sims visited Alabama for the first time. Within a few hours, Saban had Sims so fired up he was ready to learn words to the school fight song.

“Coach Saban showed me love, lots of love,” Sims said. “He let me know I was very important to the future of Alabama football. I was head over heels about the place. I surprised myself by committing. I just looked up and asked God to help me with my college decision.”

The quick commitment by Sims abruptly ended a long travel itinerary for his family over spring break. They were headed to West Virginia the next day, and then Michigan by the end of the week. 

However, the recruiting journey has just begun for Sims, along with rest of Alabama’s seven overall commitments. As with all the top prospects, Sims will be pursued by other schools until he signs the scholarship papers in February. He got 11 letters from colleges on Thursday, including hand-written cards from coaches at West Virginia and Michigan.

Nice start by Nick Saban with next year’s recruiting class, especially in Georgia. We’ll see where everything stands in 10 months.

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    April 14th, 2009
    12:22 am

    its awesome going to school at alabama and being from atlanta. all my friends go to georgia, and i get to rub 31-0 in their faces every time i see them.

    the real "Truth"

    April 13th, 2009
    1:16 pm

    Cracker, you know nothing about what you speak. I have been a member of several recruiting sites since Saban became coach. One thing that always impressed me is that in recruit interviews players alweays commented on how Saban was strait up with them and never promised them anything but an OPPORTUNITY to compete. So do you idiots who are repeating what your friend Bubba told you about Saban saying that Bubba knows more than the recruit? Are you really that dense? I would love to have an example of just 1 of the “many” recruits he lied to. What say you cracker? Prove to me that you are not a liar and idiot both.

    Bama Rolls ON

    April 12th, 2009
    3:29 am

    Hey Cracker .. you seem like a “knowledgeable” Dawg fan (or the best we can hope for anyway) What is the over and under that Georgia will manage bring home a National Championship in “this century” to go with the ONE they managed to eke out over the entire course of the last century ? Any idea if you will still be alive ?

    I also wondered if you have any idea how many “next Champ Bailey’s” or “next Herschel Walker’s” Richt will sign in the 2010 recruiting class ?

    And most importantly can you tell us if there any plans for Coach Richt and his assistants to attend any high school coaching clinics so they can perhaps learn how to teach these kids anything once they get there ?

    I’ll hang up and listen to your “insight” ….

    halftime 31-0

    April 11th, 2009
    3:29 pm

    Looked like maybe 25,000 in attendance. zzzzzzzzzz

    halftime 31-0

    April 11th, 2009
    3:28 pm

    Gday zzzzzzzzzzz has anyone scored yet? zzzzzzzzz what a suckfest


    April 11th, 2009
    11:35 am

    Were those from Football? Please list the infractions with date, sport, and penalty…

    I will give you a clue… you are barking up the wrong tree…

    …but in any case, BAMA had one nice season last year… their fans are kinda excited… they finally beat UGA this century… that let them know that they were back…well, kinda…. they have a coach who has won everywhere he has been…he even won a few games in the pros… Saban has three ten win seasons in his entire career and is 4-6 in Bowl games… remember also that his last season at LSU he was 9-3 and did not win the SEC West… I mean, the way he recruits, how could he have not won the West with all “his” players in place?
    but, seriously, disregard what I have said… do not look at the record, Saban “won” one NC at LSU… that means he is the best coach ever and Bama is on the road to eternal greatness as is their destiny…

    One more thing, one of the Bama fans was speaking the truth… they only care about winning it all… and they will not let anything get in the way… especially things like rules… they were close to the death penalty just a few years ago… one more slip and…who am I kidding, they will never get the death penalty…too much $$$$ involved…

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