Florida sees red; UT coach Lane Kiffin sees ‘free advertising’

Lane Kiffin appears to be getting into the heads of the reigning BCS champions.

Several Florida football players say that photos of Kiffin are hanging in the team’s locker room because they are angry about the lack of respect for Gators coach Urban Meyer, according to a published report.

What does Kiffin think of it all? He was asked about the situation during an interview with the AJC on Tuesday. “I think it’s pretty neat that the Tennessee ‘T’ is in the Florida locker room,” Kiffin said. “As recruits go through there visiting, they get to see our Tennessee ‘T.’ So I guess you call it free advertising.”

On Feb. 5, the day after National Signing Day, Kiffin told Tennessee fans at a breakfast that Meyer and the Gators had cheated in recruiting while trying to sign Nu’Keese Richardson. Meyer called Richardson while he was visiting Tennessee, which is not a violation. Richardson switched from Florida to Tennessee near the end of the recruiting process. Kiffin was reprimanded by the SEC.

Meyer has said little publicly in response to Kiffin’s accusations. But behind the scenes, Florida’s players and Meyer have been sending text messages to each other, according to ESPN.

“[Kiffin] could have done that behind closed doors,” Florida cornerback Joe Haden told ESPN. “To put our coach out there like that for something he didn’t do was crazy …”

“When we heard about it, the players were sending Coach Meyer text messages telling him, ‘We’ve got your back.’ We’ve got a family bond here, and when somebody attacks somebody in your family like that, it’s on then.”

According to ESPN, Black said Meyer made it clear that he didn’t take anything Kiffin said lightly. “Coach was texting us, and we were texting him back. We’re there with him all day long. He’s our coach.”

Also on Tuesday, Kiffin told the AJC that he was finished with apologizing to Florida coach Urban Meyer [Click here to read the story]

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    April 4th, 2009
    12:53 pm

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    March 29th, 2009
    11:05 am

    I love UGA or UT fans call Meyer “Urban Cryer”. Is that the best you guys can do? You can call him whatever you want off the field because you sure as hell aint getting it done ON the field! Personally I hope Richt stays at UGA for a long time, same for Willie Martinez. No fire from either one of them, just tanning and lots of hair product. Keep clinging to that hope of Meyer leaving because that’s all you got. Not even worried about Kiffin.


    March 26th, 2009
    1:51 pm

    Why do the gators need motivation to beat Tennessee, is that to say they were taking Tennessee lightly before CLK’s comments?


    March 25th, 2009
    6:22 pm

    Hey Brick – Very thought provoking


    March 25th, 2009
    6:20 pm

    Meyer has been at Fl 4 years. 2 SEC’s. 2 NC’s. Never lost to Tenn or fsu. Lost to UGA in 07 with a one armed QB. Auburn beat him back to back and Tubberville gets axed! To my knowledge, he has shown nothing but class while winning or losing. Baby Kiffy should review his resume’ and read Meyer’s book! Then go beat maybe Vandy or Miss St and get the vols all fired up. The majicjack bowl would be a good start! Until then he shouldn’t have access to a mike


    March 25th, 2009
    6:06 pm

    Enter your comments here


    March 25th, 2009
    6:05 pm

    I really hate saying anything good about the Gators, but Meyer has proven he is an extremely good college coach. Id Kiffin has proven anything about his coaching ability it is that he isn’t a good head coach. Sorry Vols, not only is Meyer a great head coach, he also has a long memory, holds grudges and gets even. Monte Kiffin won’t help much when the Vol offense can’t get out of the shadow of its own goal.


    March 25th, 2009
    5:24 pm

    All you big talking vol fans, make sure to be at “the Swamp” on Sept. 19 so you can see your team and your lame kitten get humiliated. Yeah,kitten and the vols are in the Gators’ head like Richt and the Dawgs were last year.