Lane Kiffin finished with apologies to Florida’s Urban Meyer

Lane Kiffin (AP)

Lane Kiffin has already publicly apologized to Florida, Urban Meyer and SEC. He told the AJC he "figured that was enough" (AP)

Lane Kiffin said he is through apologizing to Florida.

Kiffin issued a public apology for wrongly accusing the reigning BCS football champions and coach Urban Meyer of cheating while recruiting. Kiffin said that he felt like that was enough, and he didn’t plan to contact Meyer personally to say he was sorry.

“I already apologized to [Meyer] and anybody at the University of Florida that I may have offended, and I figured that was enough,” Kiffin told the AJC in an interview on Tuesday.

It has become one of college football biggest controversies. It started at a recruiting breakfast with Tennessee supporters on Feb. 5, the day after National Signing Day. Wide receiver prospect Nu’Keese Richardson switched at the last minute from Florida to Tennessee.

“I love the fact Urban had to cheat and still didn’t get [Richardson],” Kiffin told the crowd, when referring to the fact that Meyer called Richardson while he was on a recruiting trip to Tennessee — not a violation.

Kiffin was reprimanded by the SEC for accusing Florida of illegal recruiting tactics with Richardson, and Kiffin issued a statement of apology to Meyer.

“If you were in the setting, the way it came across that day was a lot different that the way it runs across the ticker,” Kiffin said. “It is what it is, and it’s over now. But I was … energizing the crowd. It was not as bad [as it was made out to be]. I didn’t mean any disrespect toward the University of Florida or Coach Meyer.”

Urban Meyer (right) AP

Urban Meyer (right) AP

Tennessee defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, Lane’s dad, told the Orlando Sentinel earlier this month that his son felt bad about the comment. ”He respects coaches. He wasn’t trying to come across as arrogant. He’s not arrogant. He respects Urban Meyer. He respects all coaches.”

On Tuesday, Kiffin confirmed his dad’s words. “I felt bad about the way it was getting out,” he said.

“Unless you’re there [at the breakfast], you can’t really understand the [atmosphere], the timing of my comments and the mood of what was going on. Like I said, it’s over with. If it offended anyone at Florida, I’m sorry.”

Update: Also on Tuesday, Kiffin tells the AJC that his response to Florida players posting his pictures in the Gators lockerrooom is “free advertising” [Click here to read it]

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    [...] by the SEC after unjustly accusing Florida coach Urban Meyer of breaking NCAA recruiting rules. Kiffin ended up apologizing to Meyer and the [...]


    April 2nd, 2009
    7:49 pm

    Spurrier compared to Kiffin? Heisman winner, ACC champ, 6 SEC champs, National champs,coached a Heisman winner. Which man would that be? Spurrier talked the talk, because he walked the walk. No on who follows SEC football would even dare to compare the two men. Plus Spurrier was funny and right on target, which made those barbs sting even more. Kiffen’s even got his daddy on staff, what is that all about? And it is funny now, how all the coaches in the SEC and elsewhere are always talking about “coaching their players up” when Spurrier was the first one I ever heard say such a thing. Apt as it is. !!


    March 28th, 2009
    12:16 pm

    When everything is said and done Lane Kiffin will be the greatest coach, not only in the history of UT football but also in the SEC!! I truly believe this! Kiffin is a brilliant coach. He is going to coach the pants off the likes of Mark Richt, Urban Meyer, Houston Nutt, Steve Spurrier, and the rest of the bums in the SEC. GO VOLS!!!!!!!


    March 27th, 2009
    9:21 pm

    HOT WIFE, but besides that he is childish and corny. I really can’t believe UT hired this guy…good luck with UF, you saw what they did to my dawgs after we pi9sed the crybaby UM off…HOT WIFE

    Lane Kiffin

    March 27th, 2009
    5:05 pm

    You are a bunch of sorry a$$ pansies and I hurt your feelings. Boo-hoo. Is that good enough. Now grow up and act like men instead of a bunch of teenage girls with hurt feelings. Geez

    Arrow J

    March 26th, 2009
    6:59 pm

    Lame Kiffin is all talk and that is directed at the fans who think this idiot will be the next great coach at Tennessee. NOT. General Neyland will always be the man. Fat boy wasn’t bad but he could not hold Neyland’s jock strap. This snot nose kid Monte help bring into this world is a complete idiot without validation of effort to secure a job with UT. Butch Davis or Houston Nutt should have been hired. Lane is Lame with the same meaning. 48 Florida 10 ut. Take it to the bank you hilljacks.

    Arrow J

    March 26th, 2009
    6:51 pm

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Finished 19th against the rush in 2008, 22nd in 2007, and 16th in 2006. Not really anything to write home about. One the Cover Two has been exposed and fast LB’s are the key. Florida, LSU, and Alabama have the fastest LB’s in the SEC. For those who think ole half Monte (Kiffin) will bring a defense that will stop an Alabama, LSU, or a Florida are just stupid. Lame K. could not coach with the Raiders and Pete Carroll said he was average offensive coordinator compaired to Norm Chow. Yep the Viles have a lot to look forward to.

    Les W. Moore

    March 26th, 2009
    1:53 pm

    Are we still talking about The University of Tennessee football team?


    March 26th, 2009
    1:48 pm

    How does Kiffin lie? At least he doesn’t tell a recruit he’s a No. 1 target and then rescind a scholarship offer?(CUM anybody with Antonio Foster) So he told a South Carolina recruit to pump gas(JW: Are there any Pro Bowl South Carolina Players? Tennessee has Albert Haynesworth and Peyton Manning along with Jerod mayo- Defensive Rookie of the year) at least he wasn’t CUM and screamed hellfire and Brimstone(Greg Reid). Snybody remember him telling Jevean Snead a few years ago that he was the only Quarterback Florida had targeted, so Snead commits and then he goes and recruits Tebow. Of next year’s recruits, Mack Brown needs to ignore CUM completely because he is a proven liar to recruits. At least Kiffin doesn’t offer scholarships he doesn’t have.