Who will be Georgia’s first commitment for 2010?


Douglass DE Garrison Smith likes Georgia and had brother who played for Georgia Tech (AJC)

Douglass DE Garrison Smith likes Georgia, and his brother played at archrival Georgia Tech (AJC)

Who will be UGA’s first commitment for 2010?

Somebody has got to be first. Who will it be? How much longer will it take before one of the highly-regarded juniors coveted by Georgia finally pledges to sign with the Bulldogs?

Juniors are committing to colleges all over the country. Texas has 20 early commitments, while Florida has seven, according to Rivals. South Carolina has three, as does Alabama, including North Gwinnett’s Austin Shepherd. Georgia Tech has one 2010 commitment, Collins Hill tailback Charles Perkins.

What about Georgia? Last year by signing day, the Bulldogs had five early commitments, all in-state players. UGA recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner was asked why he didn’t think the Bulldogs had any juniors committed this year by signing day.

“That’s not true,” the poker-faced Garner said. 

Garner could’ve been teasing. But more than likely, one of Georgia’s junior targets has let it be known privately that he is indeed headed to Athens. However, he just wants a little more time to look around before publicly signing off on the deal.

Who will be No. 1 for UGA? Based on last year’s early success within the state, UGA’s first 2010 commitment will likely be from the local breeding grounds. Therefore we asked a few of the homegrown players atop UGA’s wishlist this question: Have you committed to Georgia?

“No, sir, but I like Georgia a lot,” Douglass defensive end Garrison Smith. “I’m just looking at my options. I’m taking my time looking over all the schools because when I do commit, it’s my word.”

M.L. Brown’s Mack Brown is considered one of the nation’s top tailbacks. ”I haven’t committed to Georgia, or anyone,” Brown said. “I like Georgia. They were one of the two main teams I followed growing up, along with Florida. I know some people think I’m going to Florida. But I don’t have any favorites and I’m still visiting schools. I’m thinking about committing later this summer, maybe just before the start of football season.”

Florida loves Mack Brown, who returns the favor. But Brown says Georgia was also childhood favorite (AJC)

Florida loves Mack Brown, who returns the favor. But Brown says Georgia was also childhood favorite (AJC)

Warner Robins defensive tackle Jeffrey Whitaker was one of the first 2010 prospects offered by Georgia, which makes him a popular choice to be No. 1. “No, I haven’t committed to anyone yet. People ask me if I’ve committed to Georgia. They ask me the same thing about North Carolina. It’s not true. I’m wide open and I don’t think I’m going to commit anytime soon.”

How about North Gwinnett’s JaWuan James? He’s the state’s top offensive lineman prospect with 26 offers. “No, nothing yet. Georgia is one of the schools I’m looking at the hardest. I’m keep evaluating all the schools a lot, and I’d like a chance to take some official visits next season before committing anywhere.”

Dalton defensive end Jalen Fields, Booker T. Washington wide receiver Antonio Goodwin, Newnan safety Alec Ogletree, Tattnall Square Academy athlete DeAndre Smelter, Westlake linebacker Michael Taylor are a few of the state’s other top prospects that speak favorably of Georgia.

Mark Richt will meet and greet a lot of potential No. 1s at Georgia’s Junior Day on March 21 and the G-Day Game of April 11. It’s hard to imagine that at least one of UGA’s targets, if not more, won’t commit by then.

The big question is: Who will it be? Who will be Georgia’s first commitment for 2010? Take your best guess.

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I have several degrees, but I don’t have to have any to say that winning 1 game in 8 years a football program does not make. You don’t need to be a Shakespeare to understand that point. But then GT made it clear when it went a few miles from campus for its bowl game and got blitzed. What an embarrassment for a purported major football program. Oh, and GA ended up higher ranked, again, than GT in both polls despite the close loss to Tech. Tech deserved to win the ‘08 game, but their fans’ imbecilic actions, such as yours on a blog about a GA topic, prove you have no class, if not intelligence. In a war of wits, you are unarmed Buzz!


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