Making the Grade for UGA, Georgia Tech recruits


Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson (AJC)

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson (AJC)

It’s one thing to sign a heralded recruiting class. It’s another to see if they all make it through college admissions to football practice in the summer.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson feels really good about his 21 recruits, led by Flowery Branch’s Izaan Cross. ”As long as everybody finishes with the grades they have now, I think everybody is good,” Johnson said last week. “As long as they maintain in school what they have and get there. It’s a sliding scale with test scores and GPAs, as far as NCAA qualifiers go. If everybody we have stays with what they have, then we should be OK.” 

UGA wrapped up its 2009 class with recruit No. 20, tight end Orson Charles of Tampa. At least six Georgia recruits have told reporters over the last few months that they were “close to meeting college entrance requirements,” with the biggest names being ECI teammates Washaun Ealey and Dexter Moody, along with defensive end Montez Robinson of Avon, Ind. 

Georgia coach Mark Richt talked about his team’s academic standing on signing day. “Technically, no one is qualified until they graduate from high school. When we sign these young men, we have every intention of them making it.”

Record-breaking RB Washuan Ealey says he's close

Record-breaking RB Washaun Ealey says he's close (AJC)

“Every once in a while, a guy has to go the prep-school route … but I don’t foresee that [with any of our recruits] right now. We feel like everyone has an outstanding shot of qualifying and being with us next year.”

With national team rankings for the 2009 recruiting classes, Rivals has Georgia at No. 6 and Georgia Tech at No. 49. With Scout, Georgia is ranked No. 4 and Georgia Tech is at No. 32.

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Tech Student

March 25th, 2009
2:55 pm

Look, I wish that Tech would become more like Georgia in terms of offering a greater amount of majors by expanding their liberal arts majors and such. I agree that while Tech is very good at what they do, UGA is very good at what they do as well.

It all depends on what you want to study, both are great schools, and obviously Tech has the edge in national rankings academically, but they still don’t offer all that UGA does.

And on the subject of football (which this was intended to be) UGA always has and most likely always will have better recruiting classes than Tech, but I see Tech gaining ground in the next few years if 2008 was any indication. I would say that UGA recruiting will typically be in the top 10 and GT will, hopefully in the future, be somewhere in the top 25.

Either way, I like both schools (parents went to UGA, I go to Tech), except of course on Thanksgiving or any other time we play them.



March 17th, 2009
10:13 pm

Its amazing a Tech fan wants to talk about UGA kids taking easy classes to stay eligible. At Tech it doesn’t matter if you are eligible to play or not, you still play. So it isn’t just a saying, Tech does lie and cheat.

Thomas Brown

March 14th, 2009
2:03 am

8 years in a Row, UGA has been HIGHER RANKED than Georgia Tech in the Final AP Poll Top 25.



Recruiting ?

UGA Number 6 and Georgia Tech Number 49.

Georgia Tech is Number 49 every year.

UGA is Number 6 every year.

It never changes.

Attendance, UGA Number 6 and Georgia Tech Number 48.

Noticing any trend here ?

NFL Players, UGA 44 Tech 23.

951 Georgia Tech Football Multiyear APR 2008 for Georgia Tech Academic Progress Rate.

965 UGA Football APR 2008 Multiyear Academic Progress Rate.

The facts are that the University of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Recruits are BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER, BETTER, MORE SUCCESSFUL, BETTER LOVED, and A HELL OF LOT SMARTER than Georgia Institute of Technology.