Florida State’s probation causes concern among football prospects

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Storm Johnson is one of Georgia's top 2010 tailbacks (Rich Addicks/AJC)

Storm Johnson is one of Georgia's top 2010 tailbacks (Rich Addicks/AJC)

The P-word is scaring some of Florida State’s top recruiting targets. “FSU is not as high as they were with me because of probation,” said Newnan safety Alec Ogletree, who is considered Georgia’s No. 1 prospect with 33 early offers. “Florida State was my childhood favorite. I’m still open to them. I’m just not sure about getting involved with any program on probation. We’ll just see how it all plays out.”

Gainesville’s Blake Sims has been offered by FSU as a dual-threat quarterback. “That hurt me a lot when they got on probation because I was so high on them. My feelings have jumped back a little bit. I want to go to a school where I can trust everybody on the coaching staff. If I go to a school that has been put on probation, I don’t feel like I’d be able to trust them.”

According to the AP, Florida State’s athletic program received four years probation from the NCAA and will lose scholarships in football and may have to forfeit games because of a widespread academic cheating scandal involving 10 sports.

“Florida State dropped down a lot with me because they got in all that trouble,” said Loganville tailback Storm Johnson, who has 10 offers. “They have a great program, but I don’t think I want to be any part of that.”

Alec Ogletree says FSU was childhood favorite

Alec Ogletree says FSU was childhood favorite

Lowndes offensive tackle Ed Christian is one of two juniors that have committed to Florida State. He said he intends to remain loyal to the Seminoles, at least for now. “I guess if you do bad things, then you deserve the punishment. I’m not worried about probation, though. It doesn’t affect me. Other schools have been talking to me, but FSU is the school where I want to be at, no matter what.”

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March 11th, 2009
7:52 am

I think it’s funny that those think this is Bowden’s fault. None of the coaches of the programs involved knew it was even going on. Some of you need to get your facts straight. To recruits, you are being fed a line of BS from people that used to be loyal to FSU. Clemson is doing the same thing with the Byrnes trio and that is coming from Kevin Steele who worked for FSU as well. Richt….is just sad to me. He could never win the big one at FSU and I guess that’s the mantra for his coaching career.

There is NO BOWL BAN OR TV BAN! No recruits will even notice the scholarship crunch. Those that want to come still will…those that now don’t, we don’t need you and I don’t want you affiliated with my alma mater anyway.


March 11th, 2009
7:41 am

This won’t hurt recruiting one bit. The probation means nothing because FSU can still be seen on TV and go to bowl games. As soon as Jimbo and the other coaches hit the road to recruit, everything will be worked out. UGA and GT will watch their top guys leave the state again…


March 11th, 2009
7:39 am


yeah, right…..(wink, wink). Jealousy will get you know where in life. You might soon be “FSU in ALB”


March 11th, 2009
7:37 am

“Free Shoes University”, in ATL,don’t go trying to come down on UGA due to your schools indiscretions.You sound like the third grade kid that gets caught stealing candy,take your punishment like men, and watch your school be ranked 20th to 25th best in the country year after year.GREG REID, I bet you are second guessing yourself right now aren’t you!


March 11th, 2009
7:31 am

Note to the above recruits:

Pound Sand

[...] worrying about Diddy vs. JoePa, the media ought to be following Michael Carvell’s lead with stories like this.  I guarantee you that’s a much bigger concern to Jimbo Fisher right now than Bowden’s [...]


March 11th, 2009
4:45 am

After years of getting pass after pass by the NCAA, looks like Bobbys chickens have finally come to roost. Brings back some of his memorable quotes such as “Its not like he shot the president” or his famous “boys will be boys” line.

[...] Career posted a noteworthy aricle today onHere’s a small snippetI want to go to a school where I can trust everybody on the coaching staff. If I go to a school that has been put on probation, I don’t feel like I’d be able to trust them.” Alec Ogletree says FSU was childhood favorite … [...]


March 11th, 2009
12:32 am

If this means they’ll have to forfeit some games, Bobby just might call it a career. He’ll have a hard enough time catching Jo-Pa as it is, but if he falls a half-dozen behind it’s all over.

Cliff Levingston

March 11th, 2009
12:24 am

I guess FSU can now kiss goodbye any future Credit Union Bowl and the Poinsettia Bowl appearances. Those soon will be considered the good ol’ days.