Georgia Tech carries in-state recruiting momentum after Georgia win


Stephen Hill flirted with Georgia, but signed with Georgia Tech

Stephen Hill

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said Tech’s 45-42 win over Georgia, snapping a seven-game losing streak, has had an impact on the recruiting trail.  ”Certainly, it doesn’t hurt when you can beat your in-state rival. It’s got to help. It gives you more credibility within the state. But it can’t be an one-time deal. We’ve got to be able to repeat it.”

“Georgia has a lot of advantages in the state, from perception or whatever. And a lot of it they created themselves. They’ve done a nice job. You try to find guys that fit your system, and there are good enough players in the state of Georgia that both schools can get good players.”

Johnson and Georgia coach Mark Richt have both said they expect to compete against each other more often for the state’s top 2010 prospects. “Have we got to come head-to-head sometimes? Sure we will,” Johnson said. “We did last year. Not a lot, but some.”

Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill was the state's only player deciding between offers from Georgia and Georgia Tech the eve of signing day (RENEE BROCK/Special to AJC)

“A lot of times you don’t realize how many times you come head-to-head because a lot of guys commit early, and you’re not going to end up recruiting them. Georgia is the same way we are. If you put out your feelers, and they have no response, then you’re not going to beat your head against the wall. If you think you’ve got a fighting chance, and someone is open [to listening], then you’ll go recruit them. Certainly Georgia had some guys in-state they signed that we looked at. And whether they admitted it or not, so did they. We had some other guys than Stephen Hill that they approached. They weren’t going to come out and say they’re recruiting them, and them not go there. It’s just the nature of the business.”  

Hill, the wide receiver from Miller Grove, had a last-minute offer from Georgia, but ended up signing with Georgia Tech.

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