UGA coach Mark Richt prays for the right recruits


Georgia coach Mark Richt revealed his secret on handling the rigors and stresses of recruiting: He prays.

“I put a lot of things to prayer, and this is one thing I put to prayer. I ask the Lord to ‘Give us the guys that belong at Georgia. The ones that don’t belong, work it out.’ I don’t get too bent out of shape with [recruiting], one way or the other. We’re going to get what we need. We’re going to get the right guys here.”

More than a month after signing day, UGA is still trying to put the finishing touches on its 2009 recruiting class. On Friday, tight end Orson Charles of Tampa will decide between the Bulldogs, Tennessee and Southern Cal. On signing day, Richt displayed a calm and cool demeanor in front of Georgia supporters eager for some last-minute drama. The Bulldogs missed on several high-profile prospects, including Carver-Columbus linebacker Jarvis Jones (signed with Southern Cal) and safety Jawanza Starling (Southern Cal) of Tallahassee, Fla., before watching wide receiver Marlon Brown of Memphis select Georgia in the late afternoon. 

When Brown made his on national TV, there were screams heard outside of Georgia’s football offices. Richt was doing a radio interview at the time, and said some of his assistants were very excited about Brown near the end of the pressure-packed day.

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March 5th, 2009
7:57 am

I have been a critical of CMR but I don’t knock his faith and its role in the program. HEY DUMBASSES. This country was built on the very Christian foundation Richt proclaims. It built this country, not you half witted Socialistic Obama lovers that have absolutely no faith rooted conscience. Wake up pinheads. We went from God,Democracy and great economic prowess to Socialism and depression overnight because
you never picked up a bible. Prove these idiots wrong CMR.


March 5th, 2009
6:25 am

Notice how the first comment is from a Tech graduate at 9:30 am in the morning. Must have just got out of bed or is busy working.

[...] weather.  There isn’t much Richt can do about the former, but he could add the latter to his prayer list.  Or better yet, call in Sonny Purdue.  He’s got experience in such [...]

UGA student

March 5th, 2009
12:16 am

A Pakistani Cricket Coach would be a better offensive coordinator than ‘I have never accomplished anything Mike Bobo former UGA quarterback’

Buddy El

March 4th, 2009
11:24 pm


It is much better to lead young men in the way they should go because that is quite often a huge challenge while beating GT really isn’t that big of a deal after 7 wins in a row. That 45-42 probably prevented many Bunglebee suicides. Anyone who prays that God will help them win a game has no concept of what prayer is about. One should respect the rights of others to believe in whatever god they like or have been brought up to believe in, Muslim or other.


March 4th, 2009
10:41 pm

Richt uses religion as a recruiting tool for mamas and grandmamas. If he believed what he professes in public, he would do something about the disgraceful behavior of his players both on and off the field. Richt is Barry Switzer in lambs’ clothing. This behavior will get him some talented recruits and eight wins a year, but no championship rings.

Tide fan

March 4th, 2009
10:24 pm


What’s with the digs on Saban? Its only been 2 years you blithering idiot! So he hasn’t won an sec title in only 2 years of rebuilding Bama. So what? Richt hasn’t won the sec in 4 years. At least Saban has won a division and at least Saban had a far lesser talented Bama team beating Florida in the 4th qtr of the seccg before losing by 11 rather than getting blown out 49-10 by the gators. Saban has 2 sec titles and one nc in fewer years in the sec than Richt does in 8 years at UGA. Also, I don’t know that Saban ever lost to Hawaii either at Bama or Lsu but I do know that everyone has their share of embarrassing losses. Just ask Richt. He lost to both Vandy and Kentucky in the same freaking year. How do you do that? Man are you just freaking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


March 4th, 2009
9:43 pm

Saban has proven he can lose to Hawaii…I’ll say that. Two years in @ Bama and NO SEC Titles, or BCS Bowl Titles….bring it on…

Dave In Tampa

March 4th, 2009
8:50 pm

With the exception of one or two, Tech People are morons. Why do you take cracks at CMR’s faith. I thank the true college fans that are and those that are not UGA fans, but still find the class to make respectable comments about CMR.

I just don’t get the lack of class from 95% of the tech nerds. Florida fans can come on here and say possitive things about this article shows me that that do have the class to put football aside and acknowledge a good person. The Nerds are so envious of anything that has to do with Georgia it’s pathetic. Losers, most of you.

God Bless Coach Mark Richt and any coach or person that is not afraid to show their faith in God.

[...] coach Mark Richt's answer to making it through the ups and downs of recruiting is simple — prayer. He asks the "Lord to give us the guys that belong at [...]