Derrick Favors and the high stakes of recruiting

If Derrick Favors had picked Georgia rather than Georgia Tech, then UGA would have not fired its basketball coach on Thursday.

I’m not saying that Favors would’ve “saved” Dennis Felton’s job in the long run. But he would’ve bought Felton at least one more year. College ADs don’t tend to pull the trigger on the “fire button” as quickly when you have the nation’s No. 1 recruit arriving the following season. There are countless examples of basketball coaches on the “hotseat” who were able to buy a little more time by landing a big-timer.

Anyways, this is a moot point because Favors picked Tech, not UGA. But it does remind you the high stakes of recruiting, and its rippling effects.

One last thing: South Atlanta coach Michael Reddick said on Thursday that Favors will sign with Georgia Tech on April 15, the first day of the “late” signing period. However, Favors hasn’t signed any paperwork yet, only given a verbal commitment. I expect him to sign with Georgia Tech. But what if UGA hires Tubby Smith? Or an ex-NBA coach? Or someone Favors just loves?

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CJ Dawgster

February 14th, 2009
7:31 pm

favors may turn out to be an NBA product, but not a force. The kid is a player and I’ve seen him play 6 times. He can be lazy, soft and very much a non-factor. I think when he plays against better competition, it will expose him a great deal. He may hit the weight room and toughen up. Either way, I hope he makes it. Good luck Derrick.

Ocilla General

January 31st, 2009
9:56 am

I watched him once, so I’m not sure I’ve got a complete picture. But my impression is that the guy “plays with good length” as the basketball coaches like to say. He doesn’t have the body development to play down low consistently, but he’s a very complete player when facing the basket. Guys with that height and quickness who can shoot the ball and pass are always deadly in college because they’re so tough to guard (will he drive? Pull up for the jumper? Give it up?) He’ll be a contributor as a freshman and be one and done.

Michael Carvell

January 30th, 2009
4:28 pm

Thanks “Ocilla General.” Now any thoughts on Favors? Did you see him perform in any of those TV games? What’s your predictions for his freshman year?