We have been waiting for Georgia Tech and UGA to slug it out over prospects


Miller Grove WR Stephen Hill

Miller Grove WR Stephen Hill

We all know who won the football game. Someone posts “45-42″ at the bottom of nearly every recruiting article, even if it has nothing to do with Georgia Tech or Georgia.  

But who will win the head-to-head recruiting battle between the two archrivals? That has been really hard to say so far because Georgia Tech and Georgia haven’t really fought it out with recruits this year. Now both have offered the same player, i.e. Alabama lineman William Ming (committed to Alabama), Norcross defensive back Prince Kent (Miami), Buford lineman Dallas Lee (UGA), etc. But Georgia and Georgia Tech have yet to be the two finalists for any in-state prospect, which is bizarre when you look around and see classic recruiting wars between Auburn and Alabama, South Carolina and Clemson, and all the Florida schools. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

However, we may finally have some “apples to apples” after Georgia offered Miller Grove wide receiver Stephen Hill over the weekend. Hill liked Georgia a lot earlier this year, but was never offered. He ended up committing to Georgia Tech. Now Georgia is back at his doorstep, and this time they have the scholarship papers in hand.

If the speedy Hill accepts an official visit to Georgia, then we may finally have one of the head-to-head recruiting battles that everyone was anticipating all along. And a lot of “1-0″ posts at the bottom of future recruiting articles.

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February 3rd, 2009
11:21 pm

15 4 star recruits. Difficult to count from an iphone.


February 3rd, 2009
11:20 pm

Previous Georgia 5-star Recruits:
AJ Green (2008)
Richard Samuel (2008)
Rashad Jones (2006)
Matthew Stafford (2006)
Brandon Miller (2004)
Kregg Lumpkin (2003)
Paul Oliver (2003)
Marquis Elmore (2002)

Previous Georgia Tech 5-star Recruits:

Well that was a short list. Let’s try 4-star:
Omoregie Uzzi (2008)
Derrick Morgan (2007)
Morgan Burnett (2007)
Jonathan Dwyer (2007)
Nick Claytor (2007)
D.J. Donley (2007)
Josh Nesbitt (2007)
Jason Peters (2007)
Steven Threet (2007)
Jamaal Evans (2006)
Calvin Johnson (2004)
Rashaun Grant (2003)
Kenny Scott (2003)
George Cooper (2002)
Ajenavi Eziemfe (2002)

Since 2002, Georgia has had half as many 5 star recruits as Tech has had 4 star. If you take away the 2007 aberration, Georgia is pulling as many 5 stars as Tech is 4 stars. In 2007, when Tech got lucky under old Coach what’s-his-name, Georgia had 12 4 stars. The recruiting just doesn’t compare. Tech gets 14 4 star recruits in 6 years. Georgia gets 12 per season.

And let’s not forget the overwhelming recruiting success of 2003 named Reggie Ball.

Straight from North Avenue

February 2nd, 2009
9:36 pm

Tech does put more emphasis on academics and we’re proud of it. Look at our pharmacy program. Reuben Houston was a proud grad. It also takes many accounting courses to be able to add up all of that dope. So c’mon, 35,000 screaming fans await you! (Unless there’s a Star Trek marathon, then, c’mon, I mean, you know …)