Orson Charles is ordered to stay away from 2008 BCS National Championship trophy during Florida visit

Tim Tebow hoists 2008 BCS trophy

Orson Charles is one of the “legends of recruiting.” He’s the football prospect who accidentally bumped into and shattered Florida’s 2006 BCS National Championship trophy while touring campus last April.

The tight end from Tampa returned to Florida for an official visit last weekend, and he just knew that topic was going to come up. And it did, when he was in the plush office of Urban Meyer, coach of the Gators.

Meyer just couldn’t resist bringing it up when talking to Charles with the 2008 BCS trophy nearby. “We got a new one … so stay far away from that one.”

Meyer laughed, and so did Charles. He has accepted that the “incident” will follow him around for the rest of his life. Said Charles, “But hopefully I can do something in college that people will remember more.”

Maybe so, but probably not. That was a recruiting classic.

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January 21st, 2009
10:04 pm

The balls up in the air heading your way with nothing but the goal line ahead in the swamp and the ball game is in the balance. The ball goes off your finger tips and you can’t quite hold on to it. Unfortunately UF loses the game in a squeaker. You will never live down the accident of the trophy in the Gator Nation. Nor with your teammates. It will be there in the back of your mind playing at UF. Number 8 Terrence Edwards dropped some key passes in key games that UGA lost. He was a tremedous athlete while at UGA. The Dawg Nation stood behing him and supported him as he needed encouragement not ridicule. Will you get that at UF in light of the trophy? Come play for the Dawgs along side of Green with Aaron tossing to you. Make a clean break with a man at the helm that is interested in you more than just winning games but in the game of life. We would love to see you wearing the G. Where ever you decide to go I wish you good luck and the very best!

hill street

January 21st, 2009
9:54 pm

me thinks that if Tennesse Tech offered a Tech recruit, he would switch his commitment. UT can grab this guy if they want him. Tech can’t recruit with the big boys.

Dawg fan

January 20th, 2009
5:23 pm

Is Michael Bowman in the mix at all for UGA? I know he is a Bama commit but what about UGA. Also, is Je’Ron Stokes a possibility? The ESPN site states that he said UGA was one of his top 5.