More insight to the recruiting saga between South Carolina and Tucker LB Jonathan Davis

A quick recap of the recruiting soap opera between Tucker’s Jonathan Davis, one of the state’s best football players, and South Carolina, which is coached by Steve Spurrier: Davis committed to the Gamecocks last month, then Davis said he was told by South Carolina last Friday that his scholarship offer had been withdrawn. Tucker’s coach, after hearing Spurrier’s version of events on Sunday night, says that the Gamecocks are “no longer welcome” to recruit his players.

Tucker's Jonathan Davis

Tucker's Jonathan Davis



New information: According to the Charleston Post and Courier on Sunday night, Davis was offered by South Carolina assistant Ron Cooper against the wishes of the staff. Travis Haney reports that “I’d been told in the past that Cooper was told, rather pointedly, not to take Davis. The decision had been made not to take him. Then, one day, at a recruiting meeting in which the main board is assessed, Cooper pipes up and says Davis is a commitment. Those in the room were said to be stunned.” 


So Cooper took a job with LSU last week. And then South Carolina let Davis know how they really felt on Friday. Ouch.

What will Spurrier say publicly to state the reasons supporting South Carolina’s actions? Unfortunately, NCAA rules prevent college coaches from commenting on prospective student-athletes. But I expect Spurrier to give his version on signing day, and probably even sooner (you know, talk about the situation, without specifically mentioning “Davis”).

People have taken Jonathan Davis to task on a million things … his ability to play at college football’s highest levels (fair question about any prospect, who knows?), his grades (his coach said he is “on track” to qualify) and everything else. Continuing debating that stuff somewhere else, please.

Based on the additional information, what do you think about how things transpired between South Carolina and Davis? Does it change your perspective of the situation? If so, how?

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July 13th, 2010
5:13 am


January 13th, 2009
8:34 pm

This is just the type of player ut needs to continue down the road of being WORSE than a historically mediocre Gamecock team. Sure, SOS pulled the offer, big effing deal. If the kid has any SEC talent whatsoever, there are plenty of teams in need and he will not be left out. On the flip side, had he decommited from USC, it would again be USC’s fault for losing him. It’s a lose lose so move on. My guess is that the truth will come out after signing day and this rinky dink po dunk HS in ga will be the one with explaining to do.

Glibbity Glabbity

January 13th, 2009
12:31 pm

I don’t think position is the factor at UGA. Jonathan Davis is a DB/OLB type player. I think it is more that they have plenty of DB/LB scholarship players already.

Besides, they are holding out that Reid qualifies and heads to Athens since the Gators backed off.


January 13th, 2009
12:11 pm

there`s more to this story…The kid wants to go to UGA where his uncle went.but they haven`t offered…why haven`t they offered..his grades? probably not..His attitude ? probably not…His height …probably so…the average lineman in the SEC is 6 ` 5″ 320 lb`s..Bigger , faster , what they all need and you can`t waste a prescious scholarship on a hope and a prayer.Renee Curan`s are few and far between.