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Tech’s Johnson ranks with the greatest

If I had to go to a football game — and I’ll say this with all honesty — I’d pick one in which Paul Johnson is coaching. This is not some overnight observation. This comes from a guy who has seen Neyland, Dodd, Blaik, Wade and Lombardi coach, not to mention having sat for hours with Bob Zuppke. You know, the guy who coached Red Grange at Illinois.

Of course, they’re all gone now, so I’m left with the new fella at Georgia Tech, like it or not. I bring this up after an evening of watching him on “white-out night” Thursday — and let me add, that I despise mid-week night football games. This may or may not appeal in the least to the present-day students in the stands.

(Though, did you notice that during the Georgia Tech-Clemson game, a synchronized cheer of “Fight, fight, fight” broke out in the quite intelligent home-team section? That’s old-time Ivy League stuff that you don’t hear any more, drowned out by that dreadful pregame ear-splitting stuff.)

On …

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Where does Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game go from here?

You kiddin’ me? Georgia and Georgia Tech in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game? Surely, they jest.

I swear I heard it being bandied about on one of those sports radio shows the other morning. Just the thought of Georgia and Georgia Tech doing their annual conflict any place but on campus is a serious case of mental illness. In the first place, the whole city of Athens would rise up in rebellion, especially the merchants and the chamber of commerce.
They already miss out on the stimulus they might have if Jacksonville hadn’t monopolized the Florida game. And that one is locked in, as is the Texas-Oklahoma game in Dallas. Not only that, but the Georgia-Georgia Tech game is on campus. It ain’t budging.

They played once at old Ponce de Leon, the baseball park. Right now, though, let Atlanta Sports Council have its day, and let the city feast on these Alabama and Virginia Tech guests who feed our municipal coffers, and blessings be to Gary Stokan and his industrious confreres. What …

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The Case of ACC basketball

Basketball in the South began to develop some muscle shortly after World War II when a traveling shoe salesman named Chuck Taylor told suffering officials at N.C. State about a high school coach in Indiana. N.C. State teams had been playing to half-empty Thompson Gym, and more punishing, both Duke and Carolina had been wiping their feet on the Wolfpack. So, Everett Case arrived in West Raleigh in 1946, and basketball below the Mason-Dixon Line would never be the same again.

With such imports as Dick Dickey, Sammy Ranzino, Norm Sloan and Vic Bubas, N.C. State dominated the Southern Conference to the point of embarrassment. Everybody else was playing for runner-up. The conference tournament had been played in a cozy little auditorium in Raleigh, seating about 3,500. Teams played on a stage to an audience seated theater-style. But once Case arrived, the tournament had to be switched to Duke, same old stone barn that’s now home of the Blue Devils; and work that had been started …

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