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Restaurant inspections, Nanoom To Go

Nanoom To Go was shuttered for the third time this year by Gwinnett County health officials after the restaurant failed another routine inspection.

The Korean restaurant at 3312 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Duluth, continues to have problems storing and covering food to prevent cross contamination of bacteria. It received a health score of 54/U on the recent inspection.

Multiple raw meats, seafood and eggs were stored above sauces, rice and kimchi in the cooler. Multiple containers of rice and kimchi were also uncovered and subject to overhead contamination, the inspector said.

Points were also taken off because some cooked radish leaves and rice were cooling improperly at room temperature. The rice, which was tightly covered with plastic wrap, was unwrapped and moved to the cooler. The radish leaves were discarded.

Raw chicken was improperly thawing at room temperature. It was also moved to the cooler.

In other violations, several utensils and other equipment stored clean had …

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Restaurant inspections, Gangnam Sauna

Gwinnett County closed down the on-site restaurant at Gangnam Sauna in Norcross after it violated all food-borne illness risk factors and earned a health score of 18/U during a recent routine inspection.

It was the second failing score in just over a month for the facility, which is part of the full-service Korean spa at 6005 Buford Highway.

Points were taken off because food was not protected from contamination.

An open bag of rice was thrown away because it had moths and a flying ant inside. Some miso soup was discarded because it had not cooled correctly and risked contamination.

Mussels were also thrown away because they were purchased from a grocery store instead of an approved food supplier and did not have harvesting and packing information to guarantee food safety.

In other violations, employees were not following proper hygiene practices. The inspector said an employee returned from the restroom and did not wash their hands before putting on gloves. Food service …

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Restaurant inspections, Los Tortas Ahogadas Jalisco #2

Los Tortas Ahogadas Jalisco #2 has had its east Atlanta location open for about three months, but there are still kinks to work out with food safety issues.

A Fulton County health inspector said the person in charge needed more training in controlling risk factors in the restaurant. Employees weren’t washing their hands when switching from handling raw foods to ready-to-eat foods. The cook was observed preparing sandwich wraps without wearing gloves. There were no paper towels at the hand sink.

Los Tortas, 1645 Moreland Avenue, was given a failing score of 43/U on its first routine inspection.

Among other code violations, foods were not separated properly in storage or preparation. Raw chicken was above tomatoes and cooked rice, and raw ground beef was stored above cooked breaded chicken.

Food was uncovered inside the coolers and on the cook line. Equipment, counters and utensils were not sanitized. Prepared food was not marked with a dates of preparation or disposal. There …

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Restaurant inspections, Lucky Key Chinese & Fuji Ya Japanese

Lucky Key Chinese & Fuji Ya Japanese Restaurant in Tucker caters to diners who can’t make up their mind between stir fry or hibachi. Split dining and separate kitchens allow customers to have either cuisine.

But in such a large facility it can be difficult to ensure all food safety procedures are in order. Lucky Key & Fuji Ya was recently given a failing score of 60/U on a routine health inspection.

“The restaurant is so big — we have three kitchens — it’s very hard sometimes,” said manager Lili Wang. “We always have a good score, I don’t know what happened this time.”

The restaurant’s last two health scores were in the low 90s. However, problems with food temperatures and storage brought the score down on this inspection.

In the hibachi kitchen, raw eggs were stored above uncovered prepped produce. The DeKalb County inspector noted that the produce must be covered to protect against contamination.

Various coolers in the hibachi kitchen were not keeping foods cold …

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Restaurant inspections, The Flying Biscuit Cafe

Problems with two coolers caused the health score to drop below passing at The Flying Biscuit Cafe in Candler Park.

One of the prep coolers wasn’t working properly during the routine inspection and some food had to be thrown away because the temperatures were too high.

Some butter that had been left out on a counter was also tossed out because the temperatures hovered around 70 degrees.

At the grill cooler, several items weren’t stored correctly which created a risk of food contamination.

A prepared onion relish mixture was stored in containers with raw fish, according to the DeKalb County inspection report. The relish is supposed to be placed on the fish after it’s cooked. In addition, cooked meatloaf was placed between raw steak and a raw beef patty.

The Flying Biscuit Cafe, 1655 McLendon Ave., Atlanta, scored a 52/U. Previous scores were 73/C and 84/B.

Among other code violations, employees did not remove their gloves and wash their hands after picking up items that fell …

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Restaurant inspections, Waraku Japanese

A Japanese restaurant in Suwanee failed a recent health inspection because the manager in charge was unfamiliar with food safety procedures.

The owner of Waraku Japanese, 3131 Lawrenceville Suwanee Road, was not at the facility during the routine inspection and the person left in charge had no knowledge of the employee health policy, said the Gwinnett County health inspector.

That and numerous health code violations led the inspector to question whether food safety duties were being properly performed at the restaurant. Waraku Japanese received a 54/U.

Food temperatures were not being maintained, according to the inspection report. One cooler wasn’t working properly so eggs, pork broth, butter, bean paste and heavy cream were all discarded.

And containers of hot soups were allowed to cool too much and had to be reheated to safe temperatures.

Food items were not separated to protect against cross contamination. Raw beef was stored above beer and sauces, and raw chicken was …

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Restaurant inspections, Mandarin Palace

Two malfunctioning machines caused the health score to drop at Mandarin Palace in Tucker.

The restaurant at 4073 Lavista Road received a 53/U because the dishwasher and a cooler were not working properly during a recent routine inspection. The dish machine wasn’t dispensing sanitizer, and the cooler wasn’t holding foods at 41 degrees or below.

Manager Bronson Sung said the dishwasher is a rental machine which had been serviced two weeks prior to the inspection. When called back in, the service workers discovered a busted line, Sung said. It has since been repaired.

As for the cooler, ice bags were placed inside to lower the air temperature until it could be repaired.

There were a few other code violations. Cooked noodles were not properly separated from raw chicken and raw shrimp. Some hot foods were not maintained at the proper temperatures and needed to be placed on a heat lamp.

Also, the ice bin needed cleaning to prevent mold, and the facilities were not being cleaned …

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Restaurant inspections, Yuka Roll and Pho

A sushi restaurant in Suwanee recently had its food permit suspended after receiving a second health score in the 40s.

A Gwinnett County inspector said Yuka Roll and Pho, 1197 Old Peachtree Road, posted its third violation of not keeping food protected from cross contamination.

During the routine inspection, multiple foods were uncovered in the cooler and freezer. Raw fish was stored in the same container as cooked shrimp and prepared fish cakes. The food prep sink was being used to thaw raw tuna and cool cooked scallops. And soap was on the sink’s drain board next to the food.

The restaurant was given a failing score of 45/U. It posted a 49/U on a routine inspection in March.

Among other code violations, points were taken off because there were no parasite destruction documents for fish served raw or undercooked in the sushi.

The restaurant menus are misleading and need changing, the inspector said. Multiple listings include the words “crab” or “crab meat,” but the …

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Restaurant inspections, Enzo’s Pizza

A Snellville pizza joint was closed by Gwinnett County health authorities after an inspection unveiled a roach infestation problem.

Roaches were crawling over exposed food and clean surfaces throughout Enzo’s Pizza, 3070 Highway 78, and that posed an imminent health hazard, the inspector said.

The inspector was there to check out a customer complaint and gave Enoz’s a failing score of 53/U.

The pests were crawling underneath a counter that was directly above the pizza make-line. They were also crawling along the walls, floors, underneath the sinks, behind equipment, near the pizza ovens and around bulk flour bags, among other areas.

Enzo’s has been warned on multiple inspections about its problem with roaches, but the infestation has now gotten worse, the inspector said. The facility has not been treated this year by a professional exterminator, and has no pest control service contract, according to the report.

Instead, the staff has been trying to tackle the problem …

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Restaurant inspections, Hana Japanese Restaurant

Food safety measures need improving at a Japanese restaurant in Canton, according to a Cherokee County health inspector.

Hana Japanese Restaurant, 147 Reinhardt College Parkway, scored a 60/U on its recent routine inspection, marking a second failing score in less than a year.

The health inspector said management did not have adequate control over food safety practices of the staff and needed re-training in those duties.

For example, employees were not following proper food safety practices. An employee working with food, and one in charge of cleaning dishes, were not washing their hands at the required times, the inspector said.

Several employee beverages and open beverage containers were in the food prep area and other restricted areas. The employee hand sinks had no soap or paper towels.

Points were also taken off for other code violations that involved food. Raw eggs were stored over raw, ready-to-eat fish for sushi. A container of sushi rice was away from temperature …

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