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Restaurant inspections, Cinco Mexican

A Mexican restaurant in Suwanee lost its permit after repeat problems maintaining safe food temperatures and clean equipment led to a failing health score.

The 65/U was the second consecutive failing routine inspection for Cinco Mexican, 1500 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. The inspector said two coolers were not keeping temperatures within the proper range. Numerous food items, all prepared the day before, were discarded.

Points were also taken off for repeatedly using improper cooling methods to lower the temperature of potentially hazardous foods. For example, a container of hot cheese dip was allowed to cool at room temperature, then placed into a deep covered plastic container in the walk-in cooler.

Equipment was not being kept clean, the inspector said. Knives and fry baskets, that had been cleaned and stored, were still dirty with food debris. The knives were stored in an unclean container.

In other violations, an employee was cutting onions prior to washing them. …

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Restaurant inspections, King’s Southern Delight

Three different coolers were on the blink at a Stone Mountain restaurant, resulting in elevated food temperatures and a failing health score.

Though service technicians repaired the appliances during the inspection, King’s Southern Delight, 4958 Redan Road, still received a 62/U.

DeKalb County also shut down the restaurant because it was the second consecutive failure on a routine inspection.

In one cooler, temperatures of butter, raw fish and cooked ribs were too high. The ribs were discarded, and the fish and butter were placed in the freezer to cool down.

A dairy cooler recorded temperatures near 60 degrees, resulting in the disposal of potato salad and half ‘n half. In a third cooler, sliced cheese and eggs were removed because they were too warm.

Other foods were not kept hot enough. Yams, fried pork chops, spaghetti and pinto beans were not on hot-holding surfaces and had to be re-heated to prevent contamination.

In other violations, rice and gravy were uncovered in a …

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Restaurant inspections, Northern China Eatery

Failure to employ a certified food safety manager led to a failing health score for a Doraville restaurant.

At a previous inspection, Northern China Eatery, 5141 Buford Highway, was told to designate an employee for food safety certification, but the process hasn’t been completed and the restaurant scored a 44/U.

Managers said an employee is scheduled for certification testing in August, before the inspector returns.

Points were also taken off because dining tables were not cleaned and sanitized after being cleared. One employee rinsed hands at the meat sink, then dried them with a soiled cloth. Trash bags were being used to store food, though writing on the bags stated “not recommended for food storage.”

In other code violations, raw beef and ground pork were stored next to cooked vegetables in a cooler. Prepared foods were not properly date marked for discard. One container had a May disposal date.

Several flies were observed throughout the kitchen, and the rear screen …

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Restaurant inspections, Asian Buffet

Gwinnett County health officials shut down a restaurant on Rockbridge Road after discovering excessive amounts of rodent droppings in the food prep area. The inspector also found other pests, including dead roaches and worms.

The situation at Asian Buffet, 1825 Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain, presented an “imminent health hazard,” said the inspector who conducted the routine health inspection.

Rodent droppings were found on various foods in the dry storage area, on the dishwasher, behind the vegetable sink, in the entrance to the side prep area, and along the entrance of the walk-in freezer, according to the report.

In addition, dead roaches were seen above the vegetable sink. And two worms – one dead and one alive – were found on a dirty food slicer. Live gnats and flies were also observed in the facility.

Asian Buffet scored a 47/U. Its food permit has been suspended until the rodent problem is under control and other critical violations have been corrected, the …

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Restaurant inspections, Bass BBQ Soul Food

A malfunctioning walk-in cooler led to a recent failing health score at the Ellenwood location of Bass BBQ Soul Food.

A Clayton County inspector recorded the cooler’s ambient air temperature at 54 degrees. Ribs, Salmon and raw chicken were all too warm and were discarded.

Bass BBQ, 2863 Anvil Block Road, received a 61/U, far below previous scores in the 90s. A head cook at Bass said, while he wasn’t sure what happened during the routine inspection, the cooler would be repaired before the follow-up inspection later this month.

Among other code violations, food was not properly separated during preparation or storage. Cooked oxtails were placed near prepared rice and dressings. Cooked yams and two containers of prepared macaroni and cheese in warming trays were discarded because temperatures were out of range.

The inspector also observed several flies in the kitchen, food prep and dining areas, and noted a lot of trash around the outside dumpster.

Two recently featured …

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Restaurant inspections, Southern Buffet & Grill

The staff at Southern Buffet & Grill in Union City recently received extensive training on state health procedures following a failing routine inspection.

Manager Ernest Soloman said many of the employees were unaware of some of the health codes and that led to a score of 45/U.

“This is not anything that reflects on our food because we’re very clean and we serve good food,” Soloman said. The restaurant at 4750 Jonesboro Road had two previous scores of 99/A.

Fulton County health officials came in and retrained all of the employees. Soloman said because the restaurant is new the staff didn’t know all of the food safety rules.

“For example, they take out points if cans are dented. And some didn’t know that when you wash your hands it has to be for at least 24 seconds,” Soloman said.

The inspector took off points for six dented cans, and also because there was no soap at the hand washing sink.

Among other code violations, fish and chicken were being improperly thawed …

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Restaurant inspections, Grand Buffet

Fulton County recently shut down a Grand Buffet restaurant after finding numerous repeat violations of food-borne illness risks.

The restaurant at 4365 Fulton Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta, scored a 41/U, its second failing health score this year.

Points were taken off for repeat violations of uncovered food and improper food temperatures.

Food throughout the facility was uncovered and subject to environmental contaminants, the inspector said. Also, boxes of ready-to-eat garlic toast in the freezer were torn open and the bread exposed.

At the cold bar service, seafood salad and crab salad were kept too warm, with temperatures around 55 degrees.

Employees were also making the same mistakes in hand-washing and other hygiene practices, the inspector noted. An employee handling a spatula contaminated by raw eggs switched to a clean spatula without washing hands. Another employee in the food prep area was not wearing a hair restraint.

The staff was still not following proper …

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Restaurant inspections, Zuma

Zuma, a sushi and sake bar in Atlanta’s Toco Hill Shopping Center, failed a recent health inspection because management lacked knowledge and control of food safety regulations.

The DeKalb County inspector said the person in charge during the inspection wasn’t familiar with proper temperature holding techniques, hand washing procedures, the employee health policy or documentation for parasite destruction.

The restaurant at 2899 N. Druid Hills Road scored a 48/U.

Points were taken off because the manager washed his hands then immediately picked up a paper towel and wiped his face and mouth without re-washing his hands, the inspector said.

The sushi chef wiped up the prep area with a wet cloth then used the same cloth to clean a knife. Another employee was observed preparing an egg roll with bare hands.

In addition, food was not stored correctly, according to the report. Raw fish was stored in a cooler over ready to eat vegetables. Rice, noodles, raw beef and soup broth were …

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Restaurant inspections, Nanoom To Go

A new restaurant in Stockbridge, still working through staffing and training, failed a recent health inspection because of repeat food safety violations.

Blake’s Eatery, 901 Rock Quarry Road, earned a 65/U on the same day a new manager arrived. The Henry County inspector said employees were making some of the same mistakes on this inspection as they did on the previous one. The restaurant opened in April.

Points were taken off for repeat hand washing violations. Employees were not washing their hands between task changes. One worker handled a raw shell then proceeded to handle clean equipment, and another touched money then grabbed food and drinks in a walk-in cooler.

The restaurant was flagged a second time for not marking ready to eat potentially hazardous foods with discard dates. Potato salad, pork and beans and cooked pork were more than a day old but the containers were not date marked.

Among other violations, some food items were not stored properly to prevent cross …

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Restaurant inspections, Crestview Health and Rehabilitation Center

Fulton County officials gave a failing health score to an Atlanta nursing home because of concerns over the food safety of its elderly residents.

Crestview Health and Rehabilitation Center, 2800 Springdale Road, received a 51/U after having several food-borne illness risks during a routine inspection of food services.

Extra concern was given because Crestview, which is part of Grady Health Services, serves adults with compromised immune systems.

Among the code violations, procedures were not followed when using time as a health control when preparing food. There were no documents showing how long food items were away from temperature controls, according to the inspector’s report.

Also, employees were prepping food without washing their hands and the hand sink was not always accessible, the inspector said.

A food thermometer was not properly sanitized before being used. Clean table linens were soiled with food residue. Food debris and dust or dirt were observed on several …

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