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Restaurant inspections, Chef Liu

A Chinese restaurant in Doraville passed its routine inspection despite having a dead rat in the oven.

Chef Liu, 5283 Buford Highway, also had rodent droppings under the kitchen hand sink and in the dry storage area, said a DeKalb County health inspector. The dead rat was removed from the oven and disposed of by management.

A pest control company was also called in to provide immediate service.

The restaurant passed the inspection with a 70/C, and will be re-inspected in October.

This isn’t the first time Chef Liu has had problems with rodents.

Rodent droppings were found throughout the kitchen and storage areas during the restaurant’s previous two health inspections. On both visits, management was told to sweep and mop daily, and have a professional pest control service the facility on a regular basis.

Scores from those inspections were 73/C and 43/U.

Among other code violations on this latest inspection, raw beef was left out on a counter to thaw. Leek cakes were held in the …

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Restaurant inspections, One Two Chen Restaurant

Fulton County health officials recently closed a Chinese restaurant in south Atlanta for failing two inspections within a month.

One Two Chen Restaurant, 5110 Old National Highway, was told to close immediately and not reopen until passing a health inspection.

Among the violations, two packages of bread and a cucumber had mold-like growth. The ice machine had slime buildup inside. Dishes and equipment were not sanitized after cleaning.

Also, safe food temperatures were not being maintained. Raw pork chops and raw meat balls in a cooler were above the maximum temperature for potentially hazardous foods. White rice in a rice cooker was not at the proper hot holding temperature.

Food was also uncovered in the freezer and subject to contamination.

One Two Chen scored a 65/U on the follow-up inspection, after receiving a 62/U on a routine inspection earlier this month.

In other news, the Ru San’s at 1529 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, scored a 94/A on its follow-up inspection, but cannot …

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Restaurant inspections, Anis Café and Bistro

A French bistro in Buckhead was given notice of a court summons after refusing to close for failing a second routine health inspection.

Anis Café and Bistro, 2974 Grandview Ave., scored a 61/U on the routine inspection because of repeat violations of not storing foods properly to protect against contamination.

Management was asked to voluntarily close the facility until it passes a follow-up inspection, but instead chose to keep the restaurant open and pay a fine. The inspector said the facility will be cited for court.

A day later, a manager at Anis Cafe said they were anticipating another inspection and still “had a few little things” to get ready. Repairs were needed for the dishwasher, which wasn’t sanitizing correctly during the routine inspection.

Points were taken off because food was stored uncovered, again. The inspector said the only food items that can be left uncovered are prepped items on the serving line.

In other repeat violations, raw meats and eggs were …

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Restaurant inspections, Enoz’s Pizza and El Taco Naco Mexican

Two restaurants in Tucker recently failed routine inspections because food temperatures were not held at safe levels.

DeKalb County health officials briefly closed one of the restaurants, Enoz’s Pizza, 4487 Hugh Howell Road, because this was its second failing routine inspection within a year.

Enoz’s scored a 61/U, and the other restaurant, El Taco Naco Mexican, 2255 Idlewood Road, scored a 58/U.

At Enoz’s, pizza toppings of shredded mozzarella cheese, diced ham, sausage and sliced tomatoes were discarded because two coolers were not keeping them cold enough.

Also, some prepared lasagna being warmed on a steam table was thrown away because the temperature had fallen to an unsafe level.

The pizzeria reopened two days later after receiving an 85/B on a follow-up inspection. However, one cooler was still not working correctly and the inspector told them to remove the food and have it repaired.

El Taco Naco Mexican had similar problems maintaining proper food temperatures.

Two …

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Restaurant inspections, East Point Corner Tavern

Employee hand sinks at the East Point Corner Tavern weren’t being used during a recent health inspection, according to a Fulton County health official.

Both appeared to be “bone dry” during an afternoon inspection, she said. One had an ice scoop and a soap container in the basin, and the other had no available hot water.

The Fulton County inspector noticed the sinks after observing an employee switching tasks without washing hands. Also, a sink in the bar area had no soap or paper towels, she said.

Points were taken off, and the restaurant’s routine health score dropped from a 90/A to a 56/U.

East Point Corner Tavern, 2783 Main St., East Point, was also operating with an expired food permit. The restaurant was given 24 hours to renew the permit, which expired in June, or face closure. The restaurant was also given 30 days to obtain a certified food safety manager.

In other code violations, two coolers were not keeping food temperatures at safe levels. And some food items were …

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Restaurant inspections, China Spring

You know the health inspection isn’t going well when the manager certified to ensure food safety gets flagged for not properly washing his hands or wearing a hair restraint.

China Spring, 7836 Tara Blvd., Jonesboro, paid the price for these violations, plus numerous others, during a recent routine inspection. The restaurant scored a 39/U.

The Clayton County health inspector said the food safety manager washed his hands, but then didn’t use a paper towel as a barrier when turning off the faucet. In fact, there were no paper towels at the employee hand sink, which was another code violation, according to the inspection report.

The manager and another employee were not wearing hair restraints while preparing food. The inspector was told there were no hair restraints in the facility.

Also, children were in the food prep area, which is against health regulations.

In other code violations, numerous food items had been taken out of their original packaging and placed in other …

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Restaurant inspections, Ru San’s

Roaches and other pests hurt recent health scores at two area restaurants, one of which was forced to shut down because of an infestation.

Fulton County health officials closed a Ru San’s in Midtown because of an infestation of roaches in the service area.

The inspector said the “gross unsanitary” occurrence of roaches presented an imminent health hazard for the restaurant at 1529 Piedmont Road, Atlanta.

Less than a month ago, health officials recommended that Ru San’s close because of roaches, but management refused. This time they had no choice. Both inspections were prompted by a consumer complaint.

Live roaches were found under and around prep coolers and around the cash registers. Dead roaches were also under prep coolers, according to the report.

Ru San’s was given a health score of 69/U, its third failing score this year. The restaurant had a 60/U in July.

Bugs and other live, crawling pests also lowered the health score of a Gwinnett County restaurant.

At China Panda, …

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Restaurant inspections, Chopsticks

Restaurants are supposed to hire their own certified food safety manager, not share one with another facility.

That was the message given to Chopsticks, 2088 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, on a recent routine inspection. The restaurant was given a score of 48/U and told to get their own safety manager in the next three months.

The DeKalb County inspector said Chopsticks was using a safety manager who did the same job for Wingnuts, a separate DeKalb restaurant in the same location. The facility must employ one that is not associated with any other establishment, the inspector said.

Points were also taken off because employees were not washing their hands as needed. An employee was observed touching their hair, wiping their nose, then returning to handle raw chicken without first washing. Another employee put on a hat, but did not wash hands afterwards.

The inspector found moldy foods in the prep cooler. Some cooked ramen noodles and an open can of sauce both had mold and were …

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Restaurant inspections, El Rocio Mexican Restaurant

A Mexican restaurant in south Fulton failed a recent health inspection because some of the food was not being protected from contamination.

Also, there was no soap or hot water available at the hand sink for employees at El Rocio Mexican Restaurant, 2873 Main St., East Point.

The restaurant was given a 58/U on the routine inspection.

Points were taken off because a walk-in cooler had contaminated food. Chili and lettuce both had “mold-like growth,” the inspector said. Also, sauces, bread and cooked beef were uncovered and subject to contamination.

Other food items were not placed properly. Shrimp was stored above taco shells, and raw eggs were above wraps. Raw meats were also improperly stored in another cooler.

Points were also taken off because the soda dispensing nozzles and the inside of the ice machine had a build-up of black slime. The can opener blade was also dirty.

Among other code violations, leftover rice, pinto beans, sauces and other food items were not …

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Restaurant inspections, Ru San’s

A Ru San’s in Midtown refused to close after failing a health inspection, though that was the recommendation of a Fulton County health official.

The restaurant at 1529 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, scored a 60/U on an inspection prompted by a customer complaint. It was their second failing health score this year.

The inspector found heavy roach infestation in the kitchen, particularly under and around prep coolers.

Points were also taken off because multiple potentially hazardous food items were not being held at safe temperatures.

Fish and raw eggs were measured at 66 degrees, well above the 41-degree maximum for cold foods.

Several hot food items on the buffet were not at temperatures of at least 135 degrees. Fried sushi was at 101 degrees, and chicken livers were at 113 degrees. Sushi rice, being held without a heat source, had fallen to 88 degrees. All of the hot foods were reheated.

In other code violations, the ice machine was dirty inside, food was stored on the floor under …

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