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Restaurant Inspections: Landmark Diner

Employees at an East Point 24-hour diner were required to have additional food safety training after the facility scored a 46/U on a recent routine health inspection.

The Fulton County health official said Landmark Diner, 3231 Camp Creek Parkway, did not have a certified food safety manager on staff, as required, and employees weren’t following regulations for sanitizing food contact surfaces.

Equipment and utensils were not sanitized when washed in the sink, and wet wiping cloths were not stored in sanitizing solution between uses, according to the inspection report. There was no chemical test kit to measure sanitizer levels of water used in the sink or dishwasher.

Serving utensils were left in standing water between uses, but the water was not hot enough to kill bacteria. Cleaned and sanitized linens were compromised by being stored under the hand sink and next to a garbage can.

Also, the inspector noted the cook did not wash hands when switching from preparing raw foods to …

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Restaurant inspections, Dongnea Bangnea

A Korean restaurant in Doraville failed a recent health inspection because employees did not protect raw bean sprouts from potential contamination.

The sprouts at Dongnea Bangnea, 3042 Oakcliff Road, were wrapped in newspaper, handled with bare hands, and not kept at a safe temperature, said a Gwinnett County inspector.

The restaurant scored a 56/U on the follow-up inspection. Its previous score was a 75/C on a routine inspection in August. Because of this latest low score, Dongnea Bangnea will be inspected again within 10 days.

Points were taken off because one employee handled raw bean sprouts with bare hands, and another was prepping sprouts without wearing a hair restraint.

While working with the vegetables, employees used newspaper, instead of food grade materials, to the hold the sprouts.

Some of the bean sprouts were not maintained within a safe temperature range. Raw eggs and raw sprouts in the top prep cooler were about 10 degrees too high and were put on ice to lower …

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Restaurant inspections, Che Van Lai at the Hong Kong Supermarket

Bugs were found in bulk containers of starch and rice at one of the food stalls inside the Hong Kong Supermarket on Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross.

Che Van Lai, 5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd., was given a failing score of 68/U on the recent routine inspection and told to discard the food items.

Gwinnett County health officials also suspended the food service permit for repeatedly not documenting time controls used for potentially hazardous foods.

Corn, mung beans and sweet rice were all thrown away because they had been left out on the prep table and were not within the safe temperature range. The staff did not document start and discard times to ensure food safety.

The inspector said it was the third time Che Van Lai has been cited for this code violation.

Che Van Lai also had repeat violations of unclean utensils and other cooking items. Knives, a slicer and a strainer were dirty with food debris, despite being stored as clean. The items were rewashed, rinsed and …

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Restaurant inspections, Tech Diner

A 24-hour diner near the Georgia Tech campus failed another health inspection, but refused to shut down and take care of reoccurring food safety violations.

Tech Diner, 531 10th St., Atlanta, scored a 40/U on the routine inspection and was asked to voluntarily close or face a court citation. Management chose the citation, instead.

This was the second citation for the restaurant, which has had past scores of 44/U, 66/U and 74/C, the inspector said. Fulton County health officials have even conducted on-site training to help the staff improve.

Health officials expressed frustration over management’s failure to implement procedures to prevent repeat violations.

Among these violations, food was stored improperly, dishes and food containers were not clean and the dishwasher was not sanitizing.

Old retail containers were being re-used to store food, and they weren’t labeled or date marked.

Employees were washing raw meat in one compartment of the dish sink, while dishes were being …

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Restaurant inspections, Mambo Italiano

An Italian restaurant in Norcross voluntarily closed after receiving a second failing routine health score.

A Gwinnett County health inspector said Mambo Italiano, 5165 Peachtree Parkway, was using improper cooling methods for its pastas and sauces.

The restaurant was also serving undercooked tuna without documentation to prove the fish had no parasites.

Mambo Italiano was given a 56/U and asked to close until health officials approve a corrective action plan and the facility passes inspection.

During the routine inspection, multiple food items were discarded because temperatures were too high.

Penne, spaghetti and fettuccine pastas were still too warm even after six hours in a walk-in cooler. And tubs of marinara sauce, also in the cooler, had elevated temperatures despite having been prepared several days prior, according to the inspection report.

The food had been stored in deep containers instead of shallow pans, which allow for rapid cooling, the inspector said. It was …

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Restaurant inspections, Flying Biscuit Cafe follow-up

The Norcross area Flying Biscuit Café was unsuccessful in regaining its food permit after failing yet another health inspection because of lax food safety control.

A Gwinnett County health inspector recently suspended the permit for a second time and ordered food service to “cease immediately” at the restaurant at 5270 Peachtree Parkway.

There were repeated critical violations of managerial control, hand-washing practices, disposal of date-marked foods and chemicals not being separated from food products, according to the report.

Among code violations, employees were still not washing their hands as needed. One employee removed ear buds, then continued to work with dough without washing hands. Another failed to wash between glove changes after handling raw eggs. Another handled a cell phone prior to wrapping clean silverware without first changing gloves.

Dishes and utensils were not cleaned properly. Plates, prep knives, sheet pans and other equipment and utensils were dirty …

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Restaurant inspections, China King

China King in Tucker was docked points on a recent routine health inspection for misrepresenting the use of monosodium glutamate.

A DeKalb County inspector said MSG is being used to flavor food, even though the restaurant’s menu includes it among a list of additives “not used.” There were bulk containers of MSG at the wok station, according to the inspection report.

China King was told to take the claim off current menus, and not use it in the future, either.

Points were also taken off because a small child was wandering through the kitchen, and turning handles at the wok, during the inspection. The inspector asked that the child be immediately taken out of the kitchen area, but instead an employee held the tot while continuing to work with food.

The child was removed after the inspector threatened to take legal action.

China King, 3201 Tucker-Norcross Road, received a failing score of 54/U.

Among other code violations, food employees were not cleaning their hands before …

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Restaurant inspections, Flying Biscuit Cafe

Operations were suspended at the Flying Biscuit Café in Norcross last week after the restaurant failed its second routine health inspection with a 40/U.

The Gwinnett County health inspector said management wasn’t adequately controlling food safety practices at the facility at 5270 Peachtree Parkway.

Employees were bringing open, personal drinks into the food prep area, and were not washing their hands and changing gloves regularly.

One employee working in the kitchen did not change gloves after handling garbage. Another failed to change after handling raw egg.

In addition, a reach-in cooler was not keeping temperatures at 41 degrees or below, and needed repairing. Chicken breasts, meatloaf, cheese tortillas and black bean cakes were all too warm and were discarded.

Multiple food items were held past their expiration dates. Batches of pasta and a pot pie mix were thrown away.

A pan of hot collard greens was not being cooled properly, and bags of frozen, pre-cooked mashed …

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Restaurant inspections, Family Café

Unclean hands and food contact surfaces lowered the health score of a Scottdale restaurant.

Food employees at Family Café, 3420 E. Ponce De Leon Ave., were not cleaning their hands before engaging in food preparation, according to a DeKalb County health inspector.

During the recent routine inspection, an employee was observed wiping their face with a cloth and touching glasses, then scooping up cooked rice without first washing their hands.

Food contact surfaces were dirty, and the facility wasn’t being cleaned as often as necessary to prevent contamination of food products, the inspector said.

Points were counted off because food preparation counters, both prep coolers, and the inside of the reach-in coolers were all dirty. Fryers, shelves and storage containers also needed cleaning.

The inspector observed an employee washing equipment, but not sanitizing it.

Family Café received a 63/U, dropping from previous scores of 82/B and 83/B earned earlier this year.

In other …

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Restaurant inspections, Royal Stix

A Fayetteville restaurant had its health score drop because employees were still bringing uncovered, personal drinks into the food service area, a known risk factor for food-borne illness.

The drinks were not covered with lids and straws to protect against cross contamination. It was a repeat violation for Royal Stix, 805 S. Glynn Street, which led to a failing score of 68/U. The restaurant had previous scores of 89/B and 92/A.

The restaurant was also flagged for not having an accessible employee hand sink. During the routine inspection, the sink was being used to store sponges and drink pitchers. There were no paper towels or soap.

Points were taken off for food storage violations. Raw meats were not separated from ready-to-eat foods in a cooler. Boxes of food products and containers of sanitizer were stored on the floor, instead of on shelves in the storage area. Date labels were missing from left-over foods and sauces.

Royal Stix will be re-inspected, but cleaning and …

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