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AJC Spring Dining Guide: 25 Must-try Dishes

Oysters from the Kimball House (Jason Getz)

Oysters from the Kimball House (Jason Getz)

Ever had a dish in a restaurant that was so good that it kind of became the restaurant for you?

The mouthful that stayed in your mind the next day and the next week and lodged there until you had an opportunity to go back and eat it again?

I’ve had that reaction with all the dishes here. I hope you agree with me.

Check out a gallery of our 25 must-try dishes here.

Subscribers can find the full guide online here.

And it’s right purty in print!

- by John Kessler for the Food & More blog

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April 19th, 2014
12:38 am

WTH is this? Only ‘Subscribers’ can see content? Sorry, but the Atlanta Journal and Constipation isn’t worth subscribing to. It used to be, but not any more. Something called the internet has made them obsolete.


April 19th, 2014
7:41 am

Uh, JM [12:38am], get a grip and come into the 21st century. We in Atlanta are glad to still have a paper that has printed editions. Do you realize that many papers have gone out of business?

While I don’t always like the ’subscribers only’ catch (though I am a subscriber), unfortunately it’s the way of the modern day. Don’t blame the AJC. The internet has made a lot of things obsolete; again I say unfortunately, but don’t call folks/the AJC names because of society’s trend. Besides, Friday’s paper had this article; go to the library and check it out if you missed it.


April 19th, 2014
7:43 am

Even though I will say I think a food article should be for open viewing, as it may help bring people to the restaurants, etc. What if we want to send the link to friends out of town…?


April 20th, 2014
8:09 am

JM – Relax… Click on “Check out a gallery of our 25 must-try dishes here” immediately following the article and view all 25 dishes.


April 21st, 2014
1:03 pm

This by far is the worst AJC Dining Guide I’ve ever read. This newspaper continues to disappoint myself and others it’s not worth paying for this service. (FYI, purchased the Atlanta 50 which we really enjoyed.)


April 21st, 2014
4:39 pm

I think it’s pretty cheesy the way some of the newspapers want to charge for reading certain articles. Do they really think that will make people want to subscribe? AJC is only one of the newspapers I read online, and I have seen this “blocking” in some other papers. In the past, AJC had a lot of printable recipes, but those days are long gone. (sigh.)


April 21st, 2014
5:59 pm

So the AJC should pay JK’s salary to write the articles, pay the photographer, maintain the website and then give it away all for free? That’s some business model.


April 23rd, 2014
9:57 am

25 “classic Atlanta” dishes from 25 places I’ve never heard of, and I’ve lived here for 30+ years. Where are places like Zesto? Mary Macs? Willies? Atlanta has plenty of good restaurants, or at least places with a signature dish, that are much more approachable than sushi with gold leaf, or whatever Octopus thing. And oysters in a non-coastal town? Seriously?


April 23rd, 2014
11:58 am

I read your 25 New Classics with interest, but I would change one. The BEST “Cacio e pepe” in ATL has been served for several years at La Tavola in Vir/Highlands (not KR SteakBar) – and usually on Pasta Night on Monday nights, but it can be ordered on other nights. This neighborhood gem may be the best secret in ATL dining.

Ned Ludd

April 23rd, 2014
3:28 pm

PMDR–good point. I have come to the conclusion that the word ‘classic’ no longer has anything to do with standing the test of time. La Grotta certainly has the most classic (old meaning) dishes around and rarely or ever gets mentioned. Too boring? Not a hip spot? No TV Chef? Guilty on all of these charges, but for those of us who truly prize great food and classic (oops, old meaning and new meaning) cuisine and service nothing else even comes lose. Grilled duck breast, marinated lamb chops! Gotta Love It JK!