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Three Atlanta Restaurants on GQ 25 Best of 2014

 King + Duke candied lamb belly

King + Duke candied lamb belly

On the heels of the announcement of multiple Atlanta chefs and restaurants as 2014 James Beard Award semifinalists, three newish Atlanta restaurants are on GQ dining critic Alan Richman’s list of the 25 Best Restaurants in America, 2014 — with two in the top 10.

Austin’s Asian-Texan Qui took the top spot, with Richman calling it “the most fascinating new restaurant in America.”

Ford Fry’s first Buckhead restaurant, King + Duke is number five. Richman writes, “In the middle of the meal, I sat up straight and thought, This is the one. This is informal American dining, perfected.” No surprise, he loved chef Joe Schafer’s candied lamb belly.

Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow in Glenwood Park takes the number seven spot. “Gunshow has pulled off the improbable,” Richman says. “It manages to be the most intimate restaurant in America without candles, flowers, or post-dinner petits fours.”

The General Muir with Todd Ginsberg at the helm is 19 on the list. Richman thinks the Emory Point place “belongs in Brooklyn, or the Lower East Side. Well, maybe the Brooklyn or the LES of a half-century ago. Just to be clear, this is an authentic delicatessen, not a deli….”

If you’re into the print thing, the March issue of GQ with the story and list is on newsstands tomorrow.

What do you think? Did Richman pick the best new restaurants in Atlanta?

— By Bob Townsend, AJC Food and More blog.

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February 24th, 2014
5:01 pm

Golden Coral is my famlys fav

Dr. Socrates

February 24th, 2014
6:29 pm

And my family likes the Waffle House. Best eatin’ in Atlanta or off of any interstate near you.

Seriously, Kind and Duke is one of Atlanta’s better restaurants. Would not have General Muir on the list. It seems like a chain restaurant. The service was terrible when I was there for lunch.


February 24th, 2014
6:37 pm

If you havent been to Ink and Elm yet, it surpasses all of these three in the article.

Andrea Grater

February 24th, 2014
6:48 pm

The General Muir? Really, guess none of you ever ate in a true Jewish Deli, now or in the past. Way over rated in my opinion.

moist dawg

February 24th, 2014
8:21 pm

i guess this restaurant “critic” has never been to stevarinos in athens. oh well his loss. i dont know if there jewish or not but i do know that there subs are easily the best in the nation. mabey there not fancy and located in beeberhead but they are definatley worth trying.


February 24th, 2014
8:42 pm

I think most Tea Party folks would list Golden Corral as their favorite restaurant. Give me any Ford Fry restaurant in town.


February 24th, 2014
8:44 pm

Optimist, St. Cecilia, JCT, 246 are all wonderful!


February 24th, 2014
9:14 pm

tea party……thats a preference you keep to yourself…Atlanta is a major city with a major restaurant row….so, take yo country bump’en ass back into the woods are ramp up to the great resturants of the ATL….


February 24th, 2014
9:22 pm

I would think (my guess) a tea party enthusiast would be more of a Bone’s guy (family)…in which is great place…not no Golden shower..


February 25th, 2014
8:56 am

We love the GM. They don’t claim to be an ‘authentic Jewish deli’, rather that’s just a large influence on them. It’s a bit pricey, but not out of line with these other places. Actually, I think it’s a lot less expensive than Gunshow and K&D. The desserts at GM, for the quality and size, are actually a pretty good deal IMO.


February 25th, 2014
9:40 am

I am from NYC and have been to General Muir and the only person who thinks this is a real NY deli is someone who has never been to a real deli…


February 25th, 2014
9:46 am

TEA PARTY MEBER = libtard = failed troll.


February 25th, 2014
4:25 pm

MoistDawg……better than Katz? Hard to believe.


February 26th, 2014
4:32 pm

@*smh* – what is a “meber”?


February 28th, 2014
9:47 am

I found General Muir to be just OK. Food was good, but nothing spectacular. Service was a bit rushed and impersonal. A smile on the waitron’s face wouldn’t hurt. Slinging the food down then rushing off before anybody has a chance to comment or ask for something, then never returning until it is time for the check, is not my idea of great service.

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