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The Georgia Pine restaurant review, Lawrenceville

Dijon-pistachio rack of lamb. Credit: Becky Stein

The Georgia Pine's dijon-pistachio rack of lamb. Credit: Becky Stein

In tomorrow’s AJC I have a review of The Georgia Pine, sister restaurant to Local Republic. I gave it a grade of 1 star.

The Georgia Pine is among the first to offer Lawrenceville a taste of chef-driven fare made with mindfully sourced ingredients, as well as craft beer, in a sleek, current space.

Yet, it has struggled to earn the trust of area residents with unfamiliar dishes like octopus with pickled ginger and rabbit with raisin jus.

The process is further complicated by awkward servers who don’t quite have restaurant rhythm, and the kitchen’s consistency issues as it tries to push the envelope with varying degrees of success.

The restaurant should shift its focus to what it does best — preparing approachable sandwiches and small plates for customers to pair with craft beer.

Your best option will be the honey pork and greens sandwich ($9). Take a Cuban roll, stuff it to bursting with honey-laced, slow-braised pork and red-peppered-collards and leave it soft so that the pork and collard juices just begin to seep in. There you have the best bite on the menu.

I hope the neighborhood will join in for the ride until The Georgia Pine hits its stride, and maybe more independent restaurants will follow.

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–by Jenny Turknett, Food and More blog

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February 20th, 2014
1:43 pm

Ate there once. I won’t be going back.


February 20th, 2014
3:02 pm

By far, the BEST restaurant in the Shoppes! Refreshing in that it is not another boring “chain” restaurant. Delicious, clean food, decent wine selection.


February 20th, 2014
3:28 pm

Jenny it would be helpful if you gave the address of the restaurant

Wilton Towe

February 20th, 2014
3:33 pm

Greg, you can find the address on the website for the restaurant which she DFID provide.


February 20th, 2014
6:41 pm

I’ve had that Honey Pork/Greens Cuban and it was EXCELLENT! Took home half and ate the rest for lunch the next day. Also, I had the brussel sprouts with bacon as a side–but that could have been my entree, I loved it so much. Good for Lawrenceville!


February 21st, 2014
10:08 am

Are you sure you went to the right place Jenny? Food there is fabulous, chef is great and very original. Love the farm to table dishes. Staff is friendly and personable. Try again.

Auveed Cawthon

February 21st, 2014
10:19 am

I have eaten at Georgia Pine several times and the food was great! The Reuben sandwiches are very good and the lamb is EXCELLENT!

gunga din

February 21st, 2014
4:32 pm

where is the pork belly ???


February 22nd, 2014
9:08 pm

Eaten here twice- wish I could have the money and time back.

Service is bad, bartenders couldn’t mix cement, and those dishes are far too complex for whoever’s back there making them.

Novel? Yes, for Lilburn. Good? Nope.

Victor Pavamani

February 24th, 2014
5:53 pm

This was not a restaurant review but a commentary on the patrons of Georgia Pine and its sister establishment, the Local Republic. Jenny Turknett concludes the area folk are not ready for prime time as they are in Atlanta and, therefore, should be offered more red-neck fare (she doesn’t say that, but there’s certainly that implication) such as sandwiches and beer. Her beer suggestion: Jailhouse Misdemeanor Ale. Of course, rednecks love the grease that comes off the chicken sandwich. She doesn’t stop there; she awards ‘grease points’ to us Lawrenceville diners. She’s keeping a lifetime score of those points we earned. Should visit her website sometime and see if this is just her yarn.

I’ve been to both places and have enjoyed their offerings and the ambience.


February 25th, 2014
1:17 pm

I frequent The Georgia Pine. The food is by far the best in the area!! It’s a welcome refreshing restaurant. They have daily specials that are not on the menu which always shine. Perhaps you should give it another try!