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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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Restaurant Openings/Closings [updated 2/13]

Updates for Thursday February 13.

Please fill us in if you find out any others.

OPEN Thursday

  • Ri Ra Irish Pub
  • Table & Main
  • Sway
  • Southern Art
  • Marietta Diner
  • Midway Pub
  • NOLA SnoBall Cafe
  • Barcelona Wine Bar
  • Taqueria El Vecino (Lavista and Oak Grove Rd)
  • Tavern at Phipps
  • New York Prime
  • Zoe’s Kitchen (Buckhead)
  • Cafe 640
  • The Ivy
  • Fado
  • Twain’s
  • The Vortex
  • There in Brookhaven
  • Republic House
  • Melton’s App & Tap
  • Fontaines
  • New Lucky China House
  • The Porter Beer Bar
  • Jim n Nick’s BBQ (1103 Old Peachtree Rd and 4574 South Cobb Drive)
  • Bad Dog Taqueria
  • Jimmy Johns (14th Street)
  • Twenty-Two Storys
  • Bonelick BBQ
  • Park Bar
  • DBA BBQ (open from 1-8pm)
  • Cook Hall
  • Square Pub
  • Proof & Provision
  • Poor Calvin’s
  • Sublime Donuts
  • Henry’s
  • Campagnola
  • Ted’s Montana Grill
  • Six Feet Under (Grant Park)
  • Oceanaire
  • Cafe Intermezzo
  • Meehan’s (all locations)
  • The Livingston
  • Fox Brothers BBQ (11a-5p)
  • Ink & Elm
  • Buttermilk Kitchen (open 9a for pancakes)
  • One Eared Stag
  • Hobnob
  • G’s Midtown
  • Atkins Park Tavern
  • Willy’s Mexicana Grill (W. Paces Ferry and Northside Dr)
  • Article 14
  • Glenn’s Kitchen
  • Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria
  • Imperial Fez
  • Meehan’s (Atlantic Station and Downtown)
  • Park 75
  • Genghki (VA Hi)
  • BLT Steak
  • The Family Dog (bar open)
  • Cacao
  • Twisted Taco (Wieuca Road)
  • Farm Burger (all locations)
  • Drip Coffee Shop
  • Cypress Street Pint & Plate
  • Bantam + Biddy
  • Mi Cocina (planning to open for dinner)
  • Pricci (dinner only)
  • Buckhead Diner (dinner only)
  • Chops Lobster Bar (dinner only)
  • Bistro Niko (dinner only)
  • Kyma (dinner only)
  • Atlanta Fish Market (dinner only)
  • Boxcar Grocer
  • Parish Market
  • Sprig
  • Dantanna’s
  • Holeman & Finch (5pm)
  • Villains
  • Yeah! Burger
  • Antico Pizza
  • Gio’s
  • Octane Coffee
  • Flip Burger (open 5pm)
  • Cardamom Hill

CLOSED Thursday

  • Big Tex Decatur
  • Market Street Cafe
  • El Azteca
  • South City Kitchen (both locations)
  • Bistro 191
  • Grecian Gyro
  • Seven Lamps
  • Rosebud
  • Timones
  • JCT Kitchen
  • Social Vinings
  • Haven Restaurant
  • Valenza Italian
  • Paul’s
  • Meehan’s Sandy Springs
  • Rivals on Five
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Chick a Biddy
  • Watershed
  • Rathbun’s
  • KR Steakbar
  • Chicken and the Egg
  • Ecco
  • Sweet Dee’s Bakeshop
  • Lure
  • Ormsby’s
  • RA Sushi
  • Willy’s Mexicana Grill (except W.Paces Ferry/Northside)
  • Tin Lizzy’s
  • 4th & Swift
  • Chai Pani
  • STK
  • Cucina Asellina
  • Cakes & Ale
  • King + Duke
  • No 246
  • The Optimist
  • West Egg
  • St. Cecilia
  • La Tavola
  • Hearth
  • The Big Ketch
  • Osteria Cibo Rustico
  • Fritti
  • Miller Union
  • Serpas
  • Osteria Mattone
  • Bacchanalia
  • Fuego Mundo
  • Sidebar (closed for lunch)
  • The Real Chow Baby
  • Pizzeria Vesuvius
  • Aria
  • ADAC
  • Woodfire Grill
  • Taxco
  • Fellini’s
  • LaFonda Latina

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February 12th, 2014
7:01 am

That’s insane. Unless it’s a hotel restaurant that has room for staff to stay, why would anyone endanger their staff by being open today??


February 12th, 2014
8:11 am

I agree with aprilmae. What is the point?

Salvatore Ferrara

February 12th, 2014
9:06 am

And how are you supposed to get there? Even walking is treacherous.

Donna McClung

February 12th, 2014
9:21 am

Maybe the staff slept at some of the locations. You never know. Going out would be fun if it were possible.

john doesinstein

February 12th, 2014
9:35 am

Any places delivering today ?


February 12th, 2014
10:03 am

My friend works at King & Duke and they are there until after lunch service. i asked the same thing, why are they even open???


February 12th, 2014
10:04 am

oh, and he had to drive in at 5:30 this morning. he did not sleep there.


February 12th, 2014
10:32 am

I suppose some people could walk in that work there. I’m sure folks without electricity might appreciate going someplace warm with hot food available.


February 12th, 2014
10:34 am

At least at King and Duke they can keep cooking even if the power goes out.


February 12th, 2014
11:16 am

Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant in Inman Park is open today (Wed) from 11:30am – midnight. If you lost power and need to warm up and/or need to charge your electronics or need wifi, please feel free to use our services. No purchase necessary.

Reagan Young

February 12th, 2014
12:50 pm

Republic House


February 12th, 2014
1:00 pm

Woodfire Grill is closed for the evening, FYI.

Bill Brown

February 12th, 2014
1:22 pm

There Bar in Town Brookhaven open regular hours (as long as power holds) and running with our full menu, including a lobster special!


February 12th, 2014
3:35 pm

You OTP losers have nothing better to do today than sit there in your pajamas and say “why would you open today??” while you swat your ugly ginger children.
We ITP folks ain’t skeerd a’nothin.
We out here enjoying life while you small people cower behind your computers and cry about how Kasim Reed caused you to choose to move 25 miles away from your job.

Ned Ludd

February 12th, 2014
3:49 pm

Waffle House—never closes—. ’nuff said.

Tobiaz Johansen

February 12th, 2014
4:02 pm

Cobra there comments you haff to made are exactly mine point. Best said by my new brather inside perimaters!


February 12th, 2014
4:46 pm

If it’s along a marta route, I’m all about it…walk to marta, wait forever for train, go warm up w/ food/beer, repeat.
OTP folks don’t understand that there are ways to get around in this city w/o a car, if you’re smart enough to figure out how to use marta.


February 12th, 2014
5:37 pm

gtalum06, I think we all know OTP folks are barely smart enough to find GA-400 in a light mist.
They definitely could not navigate MARTA to downtown Decatur from North Springs in a frozen mix.

Tobiaz Johansen

February 13th, 2014
9:07 am


February 14th, 2014
12:35 pm

We all lived ITP at some point, Cobra. You aren’t special. And your shtick? Zzzzz.