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Our Picks: Super Bowl 2014 Food Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is always a fierce competition, but not just for the football teams. The commercials gain just as much hype, if not more, than the big game. And why not? Ad agencies are forking out more than $4 million for 30 seconds to show their creativity. But they are fighting for more than a spot in the game, they want a spot in your mind. What is the first commercial you ask your friends that they’ve seen from this year’s Super Bowl?

We share our picks for food-related Super Bowl commercials. What are yours?

Most Unexpected

Our Pick: Doritos “Time Machine”

Because why was the kid in someone else’s front yard?


Our Pick: Dannon Greek yogurt

Women can fantasize about John Stamos, and men can fantasize what happens after the spill.

Most Inspirational

Our Pick: Budweiser “A Hero’s Welcome”

The raw “production quality” makes it much more genuine and it hits home.


Our Pick: Budweiser “Puppy Love”

The commercial features a yellow lab puppy. Need we say more?

Most Random

Our Pick: Butterfinger

Gold sweatsuit. What?


Our Pick: Chobani Greek yogurt

Did you notice that he destroyed everything in that store but those little yogurt containers?

What did you think was the best food commercial of Super Bowl 2014?

- By Alexa Lampasona for the Food & More blog

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[...] Super Bowl ads get foodie with spots on yogurt, beer and Butterfinger. [AJC] [...]


February 3rd, 2014
11:20 am

It’s a yellow lab not a golden retreiver


February 3rd, 2014
11:42 am


February 3rd, 2014
2:39 pm

Budweiser strikes again. Just like every year! The Coke thing made many folks upset. As much advertising as Coke does, somebody should have raised a flag. Your commercials must not make your customers mad at you or uncomfortable. Not a big deal, except it was a bad idea.