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Lauren Raymond now at 4th & Swift

dessertsHey, this is what fancy restaurant desserts look like through Daft Punk helmets. Just thought you should know.

We’re at 4th & Swift, which has recently hired away ace pastry maestra Lauren Raymond from The General Muir.

In the back is a chocolate semifreddo with butterscotch sauce, coffee ice cream and hazelnut brittle. The semifreddo has a fun texture — eluting on the tongue but also a bit chewy, and the flavors are like the best sundae ever.

The Meyer lemon tart in front comes with a startling, pure-flavored thyme ice cream. I liked it, but when I read “meringue” on the menu near the word “lemon,” I had a welcome vision of lemon meringue pie in my mind, not a row of crunchy meringue buttons.

I look forward to coming back to see what else Raymond is up to. She got the whole baker’s package, as good with desserts as she is with breakfast pastries and bread.

Over at The General Muir, Anthony Genovese, a former Holeman & Finch guy, is handling the baking with assistance from Brandon Tidwell. All the bagels and pastries are still made in house.

- by John Kessler for the Food & More blog

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January 27th, 2014
3:44 pm

How’s the rest of the food at this place? I went once years ago and remembered it being very good, but at the price it was, it seemed just shy of like Eugene/Bacchanalia, which I didn’t think it got up to in the level of quality. Seemed to be more in line of food at Empire State South, but higher prices. Would like a more-recent viewpoint, though…