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Beer to…. Bean? Jelly Belly Announces Draft Beer Flavored Jelly Bean

1_22_JellyBeansCongratulations jelly beans, you are proving that size does not mean anything. Packed into the newest pill-sized candies is the chewy sensation of…beer. Jelly Belly has announced that they are releasing a “draft beer” flavor bean this month. Stick a bag of these golden beans in your bag and use it as an elixir to get through the work day when you’re craving happy hour. There are no adverse effects because they don’t have alcohol. The perfect placebo right?

“I think it’s fantastic that the nation has been noticing and riding the beer wave the last few years now,” said Sweetwater Brewing Company’s Head Brewer Nick Nock. “With this new flavor, beer lovers will get the jelly bean and jelly bean lovers will get a Hefeweizen, possibly a style of beer that they would have never tried before. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but I think the Hefeweizen style they chose will work well – it’s flavorful but not overbearing. Cheers to Jelly Belly…when is the IPA bean coming out?”

There is also a “chocolate-covered Tabasco” flavor. It seems like dark chocolate and chipotle chilis are too fancy for the candy aisle.

So, how will you enjoy, er, chew your beer? What flavor is next?

-By Alexa Lampasona for the Food & More blog

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Cheez Whiz is cheese peeing?

January 22nd, 2014
7:27 pm

Which beer? Saying draft beer is not really a specific flavor? Is it a Flanders Red or a Double IPA?