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Yum Bunz closed until 2014


Yum Bunz, the quick serve Chinese concept from Mike Blum, founder of the Real Chow Baby, and Guy Wong, chef/owner of Miso Izakaya, finally opened in July after a long series of delays. But on Dec. 11 the “Dim Sum Fast” spot on Atlanta’s Westside announced via Facebook that it will be closed “for the rest of the year.”

Of course, it begs the question: Are bad reviews of its signature steamed bao (buns) to blame?

There was a buzz when it was discovered that the buns were being made in an off site factory, shipped frozen, and reheated in the restaurant. Maybe the timeout is to get Yum Bunz retooled to be more yummy?

Have you tried Yum Bunz? What did you think?

— By Bob Townsend, AJC Food and More blog.

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December 16th, 2013
2:28 pm

I hope that they can keep everything frozen for a few weeks…


December 16th, 2013
2:57 pm

Never worked this room. Was it that bad?


December 16th, 2013
3:07 pm

I was really looking forward to this place but was not impressed.


December 16th, 2013
6:30 pm

It started out ok. The idea is brilliant: Dim Sum Buns & Dumplings (with salads & noodles) in an easy to buy to-go format. The location was ok, but there was no drive thru, and the buns flavors were ok. My family liked the 1st try (buy all 6 types of buns plus the dessert bun if it was chocolate). But the problem was that they disliked about half the flavor (the fillings had the consistency & flavor of Deviled Ham or Chicken spread like out of the little cans in the potted meat section).

One of the flavors of buns were sold at retail at the Super H mart even. They need to come back (if they do, with:

a better BBQ Pork bun (the staple)
better chicken flavors & textures
More options on dumplings
fried items (a no brainer)
Lose Pepsi. You’re blocks down the street from Coca-Cola world HQ. Your store will be banned by Coke. DUMB MOVE.

And, get a location more friendly to traffic (with a drive thru)


December 17th, 2013
11:55 am

I thought the location was great, lots of free parking in the deck. Service was excellent, even when the line was long it moved very fast, orders brought to the table quickly. My complaint has been with the bao themselves. Not that they’re pre-made and frozen, that’s a non-issue. Flavors were good, but the texture of the fillings were off-putting. As Chuckles wrote, it was like canned “deviled ham” in texture. I love good fresh bao and eat a lot of them every time I’m in China. Nowhere in China have I ever had bao with fillings of this texture.
The dumplings, though, have been great, I have no complaints with them. The side items were hit or miss. Hits were things with great texture (again the texture!) like the green papaya salad, Asian slaw. A miss were the mushy offerings like the edimame or Israeli couscous.

Get those textures right and it could be so great.