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Restaurant Inspections: Landmark Diner

Employees at an East Point 24-hour diner were required to have additional food safety training after the facility scored a 46/U on a recent routine health inspection.

The Fulton County health official said Landmark Diner, 3231 Camp Creek Parkway, did not have a certified food safety manager on staff, as required, and employees weren’t following regulations for sanitizing food contact surfaces.

Equipment and utensils were not sanitized when washed in the sink, and wet wiping cloths were not stored in sanitizing solution between uses, according to the inspection report. There was no chemical test kit to measure sanitizer levels of water used in the sink or dishwasher.

Serving utensils were left in standing water between uses, but the water was not hot enough to kill bacteria. Cleaned and sanitized linens were compromised by being stored under the hand sink and next to a garbage can.

Also, the inspector noted the cook did not wash hands when switching from preparing raw foods to ready-to-eat foods. And hands were not washed between glove changes, either. The employee hand sink had no hot water because the knob was broken.

In addition to employee training, Landmark Diner was required to correct all violations within a week then pass a follow-up inspection, the inspector said. The restaurant had previous scores of 88/B and 83/B. Management could not be reached for comment.

In other news, a recently featured restaurant, Kani House, 3208 Buford Drive, Buford, scored 97/A on a follow-up inspection.

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