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Restaurant inspections: Coldbrew’s in Roswell

Coldbrew’s Sports Bar & Grill in Roswell is changing ownership and needs a passing health inspection before applying for a new food permit.

The restaurant at 880 Holcomb Bridge Road usually gets an A on these routine inspections, but the facility didn’t fare so well this time. The staff was devastated to receive a 40/U, said a manager, especially since previous scores were 93/A and 92/A.

“Nothing was wrong with the food, it’s just an old facility,” said the manager who goes by the moniker “Smokey.”

She said there were minor problems like a broken ceiling tile and a missing light cover.

“We’ve had crews in here working day and night to get it ready for another inspection,” she said.

Besides minor repairs and cleaning, one of the sinks leaks and needs repairing, according to the health inspector.

Points were also taken off for a few other missing items. A consumer advisory for raw or undercooked animal products is needed because the restaurant serves raw oysters. The dishwasher should have a chemical test kit to check sanitizer levels. And the holding unit should have a thermometer available to check food temperatures.

Points were also taken off because some food items were stored improperly. Raw animal foods were not separated from ready-to-eat items. Uncovered food items were found in dry storage. Prepared food was not marked for disposal.

Also, the ice machine had broken glass and the ice bin had soil buildup, according to the report.

Coldbrew’s is expecting a follow-up inspection in the next week.

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November 7th, 2013
7:52 am

What happened to the link for all inspections?


November 7th, 2013
9:45 am

Yeah, what gives?!