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Farm Burger Grassfed Fete Happening Today


Farm Burger is celebrating three-and-a-half years in Decatur with a party in the parking lot and the restaurant and lots of local farmer friends. Here’s the word from the Farm Burger blog:

It’s a pasture-raised palooza with $1 dollar value menu featuring Moonshine meats 100% grassfed beef sliders, pulled pork sandwiches from a whole roasted Anderson Farms hog (thanks for the smoker Community Q) and pastured chicken wings from Darby Farms. It’s music from Atlanta’s own Southern Folk Preservation Society All Stars. It’s face painting for the kids and Mary from Decimal Place Farm bringing her beautiful goats*. It’s $3 dolla’ beers from Monday Night Brewing and $1 Red Hare root beer floats with Morelli’s ice cream. It’s trivia, Farm Burger corn hole, prizes, balloons….

Here’s the schedule and info:

Monday, August 19: 11:30 a.m.-close, $1 value menu; 4 p.m.- close, music, whole hog, Mary’s goats, face painting, beer tent and more.

410 W Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, 404-378-5077,

— By Bob Townsend, Food and More blog.

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Mark Crampton

August 19th, 2013
3:47 pm

This would be really cool if their food was any good. It’s a shame the food is terrible.


August 19th, 2013
4:44 pm

Blog commenters are always negative nancy’s.


August 19th, 2013
4:50 pm

sorry Steve, but Mark is right – FarmBurger is way way overpriced and NOT very tasty.

I can make better tasting hamburgers at home with regular grocery store meat!!

Rafe Hollister

August 19th, 2013
7:21 pm

I grew up on grassfed beef. Maybe it is better today, but my mother just hated it, wishing Daddy would sell the cow to get some money, so we could buy something tender and less chewy at the supermarket.

Bob from Accounttemps

August 19th, 2013
9:05 pm

I have to agree with @Mark. I got the beef burger once and that was enough. When I have to go, I get the chicken burger. Yeah Burger’s bison burger is waaaaay better. In any event, the best beef burger is cooked on a flame. If that’s on my Weber, then so be it.


August 19th, 2013
10:30 pm

I’m in my early ’60’s and I love Farm Burger. The grass-fed beef Farm Burger uses for their burgers *tastes* like the burgers I ate in the ’60’s. Pre-McDonald’s.

Mark, Rafe Hummingbird, Bob: Doesn’t “grass-fed” mean anything to you? Sure, I can mush down a Big Mac and it’ll have a great mouth-feel but in the long run – it’s simply disgusting.

Granted, I only have the beef burger at Farm Burger only rarely, usually opting for the chicken burger and more often the quinoa “veggie” burger but still – Farm Burger’s beef burger is the Real Thing.

Farm Burger’s grits and their snack-of-the-day are wonderful, too.

It would be helpful to know why Yeah! Burgers are all that. I’ve had burgers at all the newish boutique burger establishments and I still relish going to Farm Burger.

‘course, a Flip Burger with fries is a real treat. The tallow Flip’s cooks the fries in cannot be beat, but at my age, I have to watch the lard intake.

Peace and Love

[...] Farm Burger Grassfed Fete Happening Today [...]

Mark Crampton

August 20th, 2013
9:12 am

@Mark – Just because something is grass fed does not mean it is automatically good. That is the kind of thinking that pulls people into all kinds of bad food trends.