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30 Restaurants in 30 Days: Amura


Here are a few things to know about Amura:

  1. As the website indicates, it is located in Trendy Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. More specifically, it is located in the grand Terminus space formerly occupied by MF Buckhead. If you were familiar with that restaurant, you’ll notice from the picture that a few key changes have been made to the space. The upstairs omakase room has been opened up into a loggia overlooking the dining room. Many flat-screen TVs have been added to keep that trendy energy going.
  3. This restaurant is the fourth branch of a small chain and the first location outside of greater Orlando. Another is planned for Dallas.
  4. The “totally camera chic” dining room is available for film shoots, according to the website. Film your next movie and give those Hollywood types the sushi they crave.
  5. The restaurant specializes in something called “hi-definition” sushi. Shall we explore?

IMG_7509The sushi bar makes a lot of flashy plated appetizers, including this tuna honey-miso caviar sashimi. I found the pieces pretty thick and cumbersome — too much for a bite. Ditto the (not pictured) pieces of kampachi “new-style sashimi” in yuzu-soy with warmed sesame oil and chives. Warm, chewy raw fish doesn’t appeal too much.

But things got better.


The “Crystal Bubba roll” in the back was sloppy fun — fried shrimp, fake crab and loads of veggies wrapped in rice paper and daubed with a sweet-tangy orange sauce. If I’m doing sake bombs, I’ll want this alongside.

In terms of quality, selection and preparation, the sushi ranks a solid notch above most neighborhood sushi-Thai joints. You might like the generous cuts of the fish more than I do.

One interesting aside: years ago MF chef Chris Kinjo (who’s now killing it in Houston) trained years ago at Amura in Orlando. Amura’s head sushi chef, Michael Moffett, worked as a dishwasher back when Kinjo was at the restaurant.

Sorry for the weird purple light on the food pix. That happens sometimes in trendy Buckhead.

- by John Kessler for the Food & More blog

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July 19th, 2013
3:10 pm

Thanks for the write-up, JK.

For denser minds like mine it is difficult to read between the lines but even I get “the sushi ranks a solid notch above most neighborhood sushi-Thai joints”

Amura is a place to avoid even in the wasteland that is the Atlanta sushi landscape.


July 20th, 2013
8:40 am

6 mons, tops!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 20th, 2013
10:34 am

For people who care more about seeing/being seen than food.

#1 Foxy Lady

July 20th, 2013
10:29 pm

in other words, it s the style (poor style) over substance that does great in atlanta, especially buckhead. the buckheaders think that sushi is all the rave, the hottest new thing.


July 20th, 2013
10:53 pm

Good write-up. At first I was going to rip you for knocking the size of the tuna pieces (when most sushi restaurants rip customers off with wafer thin cuts) .. but you admitted the size might be a thing of personal preference.

The look of the restaurant is a huge turn-off for me, as I prefer cozy and easy on the eyes rather than garish and bright .. but to each their own.

Foxy nailed it. Buckhead lost it’s way a long time ago on good eateries. Midtown is just as bad. Try to tell that to the natvies and they will call you all sorts of names.


July 21st, 2013
7:24 am

That Uni looks mighty tasty.


July 21st, 2013
8:51 am

I don’t think it is fair to generalize about an entire neighborhood. There are still some great restaurants in Buckhead, and certainly in Midtown.

Ned Ludd

July 21st, 2013
11:43 am

There are indeed still great restaurants in my neighborhood which just happens to be Buckhead. Unfortunately they get very little mention in the AJC—perhaps because they are not flashy or part of a chain. Anis, Basil’s, Antica Pasta,–all have great food and you are usually welcomed by the owner. And for the most part easy on the wallet. None of these are flashy or trendy. rather than tempt you with gaudy, overdone interiors, they offer great food in an original setting. Certainly my preference, but not gonna attract the ‘in crowd’, which is indeed a good thing.


July 23rd, 2013
10:56 am

Basil’s? I guess it’s fine if you’re not hungry and bot the type to eat, if you know what I mean. Wink , wink.