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Del Frisco’s Grille restaurant review, Buckhead

Tomato flatbread pizza (credit: Becky Stein)

Tomato flatbread pizza (credit: Becky Stein)

In tomorrow’s AJC, you’ll find my review of Del Frisco’s Grille. This restaurant, one of six locations across the country, is an offshoot of the company’s original concept Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House.

Each location’s menu includes regional favorites using locally sourced ingredients. In Atlanta, executive chef A.J. Buchanio brings in ice cream from Atlanta-based High Road, grits from Anson Mills and Allan Benton’s country ham. Unfortunately, the recipes don’t always do these ingredients justice.

I gave it a grade of 1 star. Order carefully, choosing items like the tomato flatbread, a cheesy grown-up pizza or the buffalo-style grit cakes. Avoid items like the globby powdered-soup-like french onion dip.

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–by Jenny Turknett, Food and More blog

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July 18th, 2013
1:32 pm

Ok… Good Job….A place I would eat. I love the one in Vegas, which I eat at every time I go.


July 19th, 2013
10:40 am

My husband and I dined at Del Frisco’s about a month ago and thought our meals were excellent. We had the mushroom flat bread to start, I had the pork chop and he had the tuna. I guess we got lucky and ordered correctly.


July 19th, 2013
10:44 am

I don’t understand why management has their waitresses dress like hookers in such an otherwise pretty classy place.


July 19th, 2013
1:44 pm

Del Frisco’s Grille looks upscale from the outside and sexy on the interior but the food is so disappointing. Especially for the price.


July 19th, 2013
2:58 pm

Based upon a relatively recent experience, we thought that the food was overpriced relative to the quality, service and environment. At (or below) their price point and for, more or less, the same type of food, Bones, Rathbuns and Chops, among others, provide a better meal. They can improve, however, so we intend to give them another chance in a couple of months.


July 19th, 2013
9:20 pm

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July 19th, 2013
9:25 pm

Have eaten there three times, each one worse. No more. Steaks over cooked and filet with gristle. Service spotty. Asked for bread and it arrived when entrees were finished. Have eaten at DelFriscos in other towns and they were excellent but this one is several notches below. Overpriced for what you get and quality is not there. Servers as well as bartenders seemed to have a certain attitude, not pleasant.


July 20th, 2013
8:53 am

DebbieN…..Ask Hooters Mgt for the ans to your question.


July 21st, 2013
5:40 pm

I have eaten here for business 5 times and had a horrible experience 4 of the five. The food is average and the staff/service is below par. The last time I was there I had the tuna. When it was delivered to the table I told the server it was cold ( actually cold to the touch like it was in the freezer) despite being seared. He took the tuna back and didnt return until the rest of the diners ( four of them) were practically finished. I then told him I didnt want the dinner and basically ignored me and didnt even apologize. UNBELIEVABLE!!!


July 22nd, 2013
10:42 am

drJ……..You turned your meal back to the kitchen and the mgr. did not inquire about your problem? I thought once your refused a meal, standard procedure was for the mgr (owner) to make a trip to the table to find out what the problem was w/ your meal or service? Forget this place!!!!!!! You can get a bad meal anywhere. To dis your customers like that will cause the bad news about this place to spread really, really fast. The folks at DelFriscos will be looking at each other soon and asking each other, ‘what happened to all our customers’.


July 23rd, 2013
2:49 pm

LOVE DebbieN’s comment.
I think I can help Debbie . . . it’s NOT a classy place.
Not sure what your definition of classy is but I go to strip clubs and fish camps and I know this place isn’t classy.
ATL has hookers everywhere, and plenty of creepy guys like myself who are glad to ply them with drinks at the bar. This is especially true in new restaurants (See King + Duke – all summer).
Remember kids: flush hard; it’s a long way to John’s Creek.