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Bella Cucina in VaHi suddenly closes down

BCALP-1Bella Cucina Porta Via, the Atlanta based gourmet foods business, mysteriously shuttered its doors late last week, Tomorrow’s News Today is reporting.

In addition to the sudden closure of their Virginia-Highland retail location at 1044 North Highland, there are reports that Bella Cucina’s production facility on Murphy Avenue has also closed down as well.

Though the website was temporarily down, it appears to be back up and running and on July 10th, Bell Cucina posted this note on their Facebook page:

Thank you to our loyal and local supporters for 8 great years in Virginia Highlands. We’ve loved every minute of it! Stay tuned for a fall opening of a new retail location. Until then, you can always get your artichoke pesto fix from Whole Foods or visit us online. Buon appetito!

Owner Alisa Berry filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in January of this year.

Hopefully, they are able to get back onto their feet and we won’t have to say goodbye to an Atlanta food entrepreneur. But just in case, fans might want to stock up on those tasty pestos. You can store them next to the crates of Twinkies you bought a few months ago.

- By Jon Watson, Food and More blog

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Steak Shapiro

July 16th, 2013
1:58 pm

HAHAHA that’s so funny how you mentioned Twinkies in the story. Since everybody is fat in Georgia, you knew that we’d love our Twinkies.

I just schnitzeled my pants!

July 16th, 2013
2:56 pm

This is news?


July 16th, 2013
3:22 pm

Oh well, one less overrated place in Virginia-Highland.


July 16th, 2013
3:59 pm

They are apparently going to relocate in Midtown or that was the story circulating through the neighborhood. Sorry to see them go but not sure if the expansion was a good idea a few years back.


July 16th, 2013
4:25 pm

Artichoke and lemon do not belong together…. ever… not even in the disposal.


July 16th, 2013
4:58 pm

Except that you need the acid to keep them from turning brown.


July 16th, 2013
5:12 pm

Or for the lemon butter that you dip them in.


July 16th, 2013
5:21 pm

This is expected. The company has a high turn over rate for employees. Very few make it past 6 months when they finally quit because the owner is a horrible person to work for. Only people that have been there for years are the production staff that do not have to deal with her one on one. And may of those stay because they do not speak English and know it will be hard for them to find other work because of their lack of English. Owner has no morals and is currently being investigated by the US Department of Labor for wage violations. She does not pay overtime and misclassifies her employees as independent contractor to avoid paying taxes. She deserves what ever she has coming to her. The face she puts up on the outside is very different from the face she puts on in the workplace.

Dr. Socrates

July 16th, 2013
6:21 pm

If you want to get robbed or murdered, live in Virginia-Highlands. If you want to lose your business, put it in Virginia-Highlands.


July 16th, 2013
6:25 pm

Dr. Socrates,

Unfortunately, you speaketh the truth and the police can’t help you.


July 16th, 2013
7:35 pm

Her bankruptcy allows her to blow off that high dollar lease in the Highlands and move somewhere cheaper and more appropriate for the way she runs this business


July 16th, 2013
8:01 pm

Their products were ridiculously expensive. I’m not surprised that they’ve closed.


July 17th, 2013
9:02 am

I second Wonderwhyu…Bella Cucina has an unbelievably high turnover rate of employees. Alisa Barry is a crook and once employees realize how much she cheats the system, they move on before they get dragged down with her.

Michael Persichetti

July 17th, 2013
9:38 am

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July 17th, 2013
4:47 pm

Now that they are moving, it gives me an excuse not to go there again.

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