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Seven Hens Craft Beer Pairings


Seven Hens, the battered-and-fried, schnitzel-style chicken concept in North Decatur Plaza, has a new craft beer-pairing program created in a collaboration between owner Michael Gurevich and Atlanta-based beer blogger, Dennis Malcolm Byron, AKA Ale Sharpton.

Find Georgia beers from Red Hare, Terrapin and Wild Heaven, paired with international schnitzel flavors of “The Italian,” “The Chinese” and “The American.”

Have you tried any of the Hens beer and chicken pairings, yet? What did you think?

2140 North Decatur Road, Decatur, 404-633-3000,

— Bob Townsend, for the AJC Food and More blog.

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Countdown to barbecue season

IMG_1694-300x235In addition to being the unofficial kick-off to the beginning of summer, next weekend’s Memorial Day holiday marks the beginning of another very important time of year – Barbecue Season.

For many, myself included, Memorial Day acts as the opening bell for months of early Saturdays filled with slow roasting meat and hickory smoke, and smokers and Big Green Eggs across the city will get their official dust-off of 2013. Of course, at my house, The Egg is a year-round fixture, but this is the beginning of the high-season.

Me? I’m trying to justify to my wife that I need a special “big smoker” since she won’t let me build a permanent in-ground brick pit in the back yard. Because sometimes, especially if we are entertaining a large enough group, even a BGE won’t cut it. I mean, how else am I supposed to smoke another whole hog next weekend if she thinks the cinder-block pit I used last time was too much of an eye-sore? On a regular ole’ smoker?

Please…. I think I …

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Restaurant inspections, Abdullah the Butcher

The health score of Abdullah the Butcher in southwest Atlanta dropped sharply during a recent inspection because there was no sanitizer in the facility. None of the equipment or food contact surfaces had been wiped down with a bleach solution to kill bacteria, the inspector said.

Points were also deducted when an employee was seen handling barbecue ribs with bare hands instead of wearing gloves or using utensils.

The restaurant at 2387 Fairburn Road was given a 66/U, down from previous scores of 91/A and 99/A.

An employee at Abdullah’s said Monday the restaurant was expecting a follow-up inspection later that day. All the problems had been taken care of and they anticipated getting the score back to an A, he said.

Among other code violations during the routine inspection, cooked chicken wings and rice were out of temperature range. The food had cooled down too much after being left on the kitchen prep table away from temperature controls.

Points were taken off because an …

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King + Duke Now Open

King+DukeKing + Duke, the much anticipated new American tavern-style restaurant from Ford Fry (JCT Kitchen; No. 246; The Optimist), is open for lunch and dinner in the former Nava space in Buckhead.

The concept showcases primal wood-fired cooking on a 24-foot open hearth filled with hot coals. The menu from executive chef Joe Schafer features grilled and roasted meat, fish and fowl, with entrees such as a kilo of bone-in ribeye for two.

Tumble to the menu here:

3060 Peachtree Road NW, 404-477-3500.

— By Bob Townsend, AJC Food and More blog.

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Checking out the restaurants on Concourse F

051213 international terminal07

Ecco in Concourse F (photos by Becky Stein)

The next stop is Concourse E, Concourse E as in ECHO.

Keep riding, because the stop after that is Concourse F, Concourse F as in ECCO.

The reproduction of Ecco, Midtown’s Mediterranean restaurant and wine bar, in the Maynard Jackson International Terminal gives travelers another higher-end option when they find themselves with time to kill. Cheeses, cured meats and goat cheese fritters with a glass of great wine to knock back: ain’t nothing wrong with that. If you want a full-meal entree, I can attest to this grilled pork chop with green farro, fava beans and orange.

051713 kesslerGenerally, though, I’m of two minds about eating in the airport — those two minds being the ones that belong to my id and superego. The id goes for a Popeye’s chicken biscuit or a clamshell filled to bursting with totally ratchet Chinese food. The superego favors salads with strips of wan chicken breast and pouches of fat-free dressing. I’m not sure I do myself any …

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Atlanta revisit: Joli Kobe Kitchen restaurant review, Sandy Springs

Items like the trout with crispy skin appear on the ever-changing menu. (photo by Becky Stein)

Items like the trout with crispy skin appear on the ever-changing menu. (photo by Becky Stein)

We all know it for the bakery, but Joli Kobe has become more than just a place to feed your sweet tooth.

In February, the restaurant rebranded as Joli Kobe Kitchen and moved closer to a fine dining format complete with a thoughtful sake and wine list. It brought in chef Mihoko Obunai, a classically French-trained Japanese chef. Obunai’s ever-changing menu is seasonally focused and reflects her training as a certified macrobiotic chef.

Read the full review here.

–by Jenny Turknett, Food and More blog

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Zocalo joins Sandoval Restaurants with new menu, look

Lucero Martinez-Obregon and Richard Sandoval

Lucero Martinez-Obregon and Richard Sandoval

Richard Sandoval, chef-owner of Richard Sandoval Restaurants, has added Zocalo in Midtown Atlanta to his restaurant group’s roster of over 30 locations.

On May 4, Zocalo debuted new upscale Mexican food and beverage menus, plus new decor and tableware.

Executive chef Lucero Martinez-Obregon will continue to head the kitchen, a role she’s filled since her family opened Zocalo in 1995. Since 2009, Martinez-Obregon also has been chef de cuisine at Sandoval’s Pampano in New York City.

Last week, Sandoval was in town for a few days, and joined Martinez-Obregon for lunch at Zocalo.

Over queso fundido, cochinita pibil with habanero salsa, and caramel flan with pineapple-strawberry pico, they discussed their partnership and plans for the restaurant.

“Lucero had been working for me for almost four years and I never knew about this place,” Sandoval said. “She came as a sous chef and I really loved her work. We talked about …

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A gluten-free flour to try: Sugar & Spice Market

Sugar and SpcieI recently attended the Atlanta Gluten & Allergy-free Wellness event where I sampled products from a variety of local and national vendors showcasing their wares. Products included baking mixes, pizza crusts, soup mixes, dehydrated fruits, magazines and beer.

Gluten Free Cutie, Pure Knead and Uncle Maddio’s represented the Atlanta market. Chef Tracey Bloom, formerly of Ray’s on the Creek, was also on hand to promote her newest venture, Free Cuisine, for which she develops gluten- and allergy-free recipes.

I also discovered another local product with which I was unfamiliar: Sugar & Spice Market flour, a cup-for-cup all purpose flour substitute. Previously I’ve used Cup 4 Cup, a similar product developed at the French Laundry.

While I’ve had great results using Cup 4 Cup, I was happy to support the locally produced Sugar & Spice Market brand. I decided to test it in a quick bread, which is the only area where I feel Cup 4 Cup doesn’t prove a satisfying substitute.

I …

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Fried oyster sliders: take two

IMG_6906Earlier today I wrote a somewhat lengthy post on how to make fried oyster sliders at home — a recipe that came to mind when I picked up some Willapoint Pacific oysters on special at Super H Mart. These plump shucked oysters fry up crisp, juicy and meaty enough to hold their own in a slider.

Unfortunately, my post seems to have disappeared faster than the sliders themselves, so I’ll try again with a second somewhat abbreviated post.

As I mentioned earlier (grrr), I had the terrific oysters sliders that are a signature dish at The Dutch in New York in mind as I started tinkering.

IMG_6901First up, a reimagined tartare sauce: I whisked together about 3/4 of a cup of mayonnaise (this Yankee likes Hellmann’s), a spoonful of whole grain mustard, lemon zest and juice, chopped fresh tarragon, chopped fresh chives, cracked black pepper and some finely diced kosher dill pickle, which really sets it off. I’m not a fan of sweet pickle relish.

IMG_6900I dredged the oysters in flour, egg wash and panko …

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Georgia man selling alleged Coke recipe for millions

Courtesy of EBay

Courtesy of EBay

Growing up as the son of a Coca-Cola employee in Atlanta, I’ve heard the lore of the super-secret formula for Coke far more than most. The story of the original recipe for Coke was shrouded in mystery, and took on many forms; my favorite being that the only two living executives who know the formula are not allowed to fly on the same plane together, lest a crash result in the loss of everyone’s favorite soft drink forever.

Of course, there is an overwhelming amount of calculated marketing that has gone into those stories, and I’m sure the reality is much more mundane. But that has not stopped scores of opportunists from trying to expose the secret formula, including the ominous “7X” flavoring. The most recent and notable of these was just 2 years ago, when NPR’s This American Life dug up what they believed to be the recipe and posted it online, crashing their website with the influx of views. NPR’s source? A 1979 article from The Atlanta Journal …

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