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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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Cinco de Mayo events around town

022312menuaHere are some Cinco de Mayo festivities happening around town. These celebrations have only the most tangential relationship to the Battle of Puebla, which occurred on May 5, 1862 and during which the Mexican army vanquished French forces.

No, they are actually excuses to drink margaritas and eat chips and cheese dip in defiance of your diet. Bottoms up!

5 Seasons Brewing Westside is offering half priced beers all day, and $5 food specials, which include antelope taquitos with prickly pear foam and rabbit enchiladas.

El Taco in Virginia-Highland is packing up “Cinco to Go” food and drink packages for your home parties. There are two options called the “Frida” and the “Diego.” ¡Viva la revolución!

Teela Taqueria in Sandy Springs will be hosting a block party. There will be piñatas.

10th & Piedmont will be serving $3 fish tacos and $5 margaritas all day.

No Mas! Cantina in Castleberry Hill will host an all-day party with live salsa music and “Cuervo Girls.” We hope the salt and lime girls follow close behind.

- by Juan Kessler for the Mas Comida blog

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Anton Chigurh

May 1st, 2013
12:50 pm

Three dollars for a taco? They are a lot less than that at Taco Bell.


May 1st, 2013
3:31 pm

Let’s not forget the wonderful cardboard filling from Taco Hell.

Nuclear Adam

May 1st, 2013
4:29 pm

Del Taco is superior to Taco Bell.


May 1st, 2013
4:48 pm

If you’re paying $3 for a taco, it’s not authentic. If you want REAL Cinco Celebrations, go to Plaza Fiesta – the food is much cheaper, much more authentic (better) and you don’t have to deal with ugly stares from the “posh” crowd at 10th&P.

Funnie Stuff

May 2nd, 2013
7:51 am

We hope the salt and lime girls follow close behind.


May 2nd, 2013
8:29 am

It’s a fish taco. Not some fake meat filling.
Also some apparently don’t know how much a taco costs.
One tortilla, .10, lettuce or cabbage, .05, pico, .104-5 small pieces of fish put inside, 1.00.
yep how could they sell it for $3.00!!
A plate of tacos at a restaurant, usually 3. costs around $9-12. So why would $3 seem cheap.


May 2nd, 2013
11:02 am

If you are getting a FISH taco for less than $3, then it’s probably not fish.


May 2nd, 2013
12:14 pm

@kirk not everything you read on the internet is true


May 2nd, 2013
1:10 pm

Agree that if you’re serious about Cinco De Mayo, try Fiesta Plaza. They have a festival every year with music, food, etc.

david c

May 2nd, 2013
1:56 pm

Salsa Music? How authentic.

Blast Off!!!!

May 2nd, 2013
3:01 pm

No Mas!!! All I saw was salt and lime girls, the rest really isn’t important……

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May 4th, 2013
10:05 am

This along with St. Patricks Day is one of the stupidest celebrations that
Americans have come to embrace.

Hugh G. Rection

May 5th, 2013
6:00 pm

Bunch of whiny little babies here… it’s freaking $3. How cheap are you? You deserve to eat the dog food-like ground beef from fast food restaurants.

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