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Culinote: New site for food blogging

Picture 10If you’re a food blogger, food-blogger wannabe or a Pinterest fan, there’s a new site hoping to catch your attention: Culinote.

Culinote, still in beta version, was launched early this year by two food bloggers in Vancouver, who hoped to create a user-friendly platform for other such bloggers.

Co-founder Jonathan Livne says the site was designed to give bloggers functionality without the frustration and resulting “cumbersome mishmash” from using plugins and “work arounds” with traditional blogging software like WordPress. They are working to streamline the process for bloggers so that they can concentrate on developing quality content.

Much like Pinterest, Culinote features large photos to accompany notes, which can be organized into boards called notebooks. Also like Pinterest (and Twitter), users can follow others’ notes, which will appear in their feed on the site.

Culinote, which is fully functional on all mobile devices and tablets, allows bloggers to add ingredient lists and manipulate the layout by drag and drop. Readers can alter recipe measurements automatically by entering the number of diners being fed for each recipe.

According to Livne, the site currently has about 2500 users and close to 22,000 unique visitors a month. He also says to look for additional features to roll out like video capability and new ways to monetize the site for bloggers.

Picture 10The hope is that new food bloggers will begin their blogs on Culinote and existing bloggers will migrate over. Currently, it seems that many bloggers are using the site as an additional social media marketing tool and are keeping their own sites.

We have a great food blogging community here in Atlanta (see blog roll on the bottom right), and I’d love to know what you think. Would you use the site as a blogging tool or to promote your own site?

–by Jenny Turknett, Food and More blog

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