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Bakerella releases cake pop set and new book

Cake Pops Holidays COVCake pops. We’ve all seen them by now. In fact, you can find them at every corner Starbucks now. Have you tried making them or are you intimidated? Atlanta native and cake pop inventor Angie Dudley can help with her new book of designs and a pop-making kit.

Dudley, known as blogger Bakerella, first saw cake balls at a holiday party and later decided to remake them lollipop-style. Hello, cake pops. After an appearance on Martha Stewart’s show where Dudley demonstrated her technique, they became the country’s newest offshoot of the cupcake craze.

Dudley’s first book on the pops, appearing two years ago, contained instructions for more than 40 themed (and shaped) treats. On Oct. 17, a follow-up book will be released featuring holiday designs. “Cake Pops Holidays” will include instructions for making 22 winter holiday pops like Santa’s elves, snowflakes, gingerbread houses and more.cakepop toy

Be intimidated no longer. The new Bakerella Cake Pop kit from Toys R Us can get you started. The set includes a cake crumbler (to help you end up with a consistently fine crumb), a stand, tray, mixing and dipping bowls, presses, shaped molds and sticks ($19.95).

Yes, it’s from Toys R Us. It’s considered a “toy,” but who are we kidding? It can be a starter kit for adult kids, too. Dudley calls it “a toy for kids of all ages.”

I’ve made cake pops. As with most baking, they can be tricky if you don’t follow some basic procedures. Dudley says to avoid common mistakes, follow these tips:

  • Cake crumbs shouldn’t be lumpy.
  • Cake balls must be well chilled.
  • Insert the stick only halfway.
  • The coating should be fluid.
  • Use a deep bowl for coating.Cake Pops Holidays_Santas
  • Coating should surround the stick.

Happy cake pop making!

–by Jenny Turknett, Food and More blog

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October 3rd, 2012
1:19 pm

I’ve had them several times, and while cute, they rarely taste particularly good. The cake is usually dense and cold, and the coating is too sweet. Give me a slice of real cake any day!