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The Google dining experience

Google-cafeteria To many of us, Google is a verb. An internet action one takes to find/learn anything and everything. Another thing one might think about when hearing the word “Google” is the $500-600 cost per share of the company’s stock. That price puts the company’s valuation in the billions and makes it one of the wealthiest technology companies in the world.

Recently, I visited family living in California’s Silicon Valley where the main Google office is located and where my wife’s cousin works. He gave us a tour of the company’s campus including complimentary lunch in the main cafeteria where breakfast, lunch and dinner are always free for all employees and their occasional guest(s).

Google’s campus is similar to an office park you can find around metro Atlanta. (Silicon Valley reminds me of a posh version of Alpharetta.) The company occupies many buildings in the area and has artwork and sculptures strewn all over the campus to keep you visually busy.


There is also a quirky food sculpture park where you can let the kids loose in. Pedestrian bicycles branded in the Google colors are available for employees to transport to and fro around campus, and they don’t ever seem to be locked down so an employee can just walk outside and grab one and go.

Regarding my lunch experience, the video I posted above is of the main Google cafeteria. (It’s a lot tighter than it depicts as there are people everywhere clamoring for a spot in any of the many food station lines.)

There are always separate Asian-themed stations (for the many Chinese and Indian Google employees) generally focusing on a dish or small sampling of dishes. There are also pre-made burritos one can quickly grab, or you can queue up in a line to get one freshly made. And of course, scoop out your favorite accoutrements at the salsa/condiment bar.

There is a hot station offering American food that the kitchen staff planned for the menu that day. But you can also rely on pizza, hot dogs, a salad bar and sandwiches readily available in the cafeteria every day.

If nothing captures your eye in the main cafeteria, hop on one those Google bikes and head over to the Asian-themed cafeteria nearby. It offers a larger menu than the main cafeteria’s “Asian stations” and chefs prepare Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian favorites depending on the day of the week. And if your family is visiting, take advantage of the do-it-yourself soft serve ice cream machine — a hit with the kids.

Sunny, with a chance of more sun at Google

Sunny, with a chance of more sun at Google

After you grab your grub, have a seat in the larger communal cafeteria or the cozier Asian outpost with coworkers. Or if it’s a beautiful sunny day, which it normally is every day in Mountain View, California, grab a table outside and soak in the sun.

Are you still hungry? That guy over there running a metallic food cart is a hot dog vendor. And yes, they are free too.

by Gene Lee, Food and More blog

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George P. Burdell

November 23rd, 2011
7:23 am

Microsoft has the same dining experience at their campus in Redmond. The only differences are Xbox consoles instead of sculptures and the sunshine is not as abundant. They even have their own shopping mall for employees.


November 23rd, 2011
7:29 am

The “quirky food sculpture park” is not really a park, but the lawn in front of one of the buildings. The sculptures are put there for each new version of their os. I.e., icecream sandwich was the latest version, with gingerbread being a previous version. Those are the two that you took a picture of.

Gene Lee

November 23rd, 2011
7:51 am

@George – Interesting. I just learned this weekend that Chik Fil A has a pretty nice setup for employees at its offices too.

@FYI – Ah, thanks for the clarification.


November 23rd, 2011
11:04 am

I really miss the cafeteria at the old First National Bank of Atlanta downtown. It was good food and cheap… a meat-and-three with tea for about $2 back in the day. The Google offerings look amazing.


November 23rd, 2011
11:10 am

The Google office in NYC used to serve a Luther Burger a la the late Mulligan’s in Oakhurst.

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