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In the news: Author of Moroccan cook book in Atlanta, Bell Street Burritos opens new location

(image courtesy of

(image courtesy of

This Saturday, Dec. 3, food writer Paula Wolfert will sign her new book The Food of Morocco at the Emory Barnes and Noble starting at 1 p.m.

Wolfert, a regular contributor to Food and Wine magazine, has won the Julia Child, James Beard and M.F.K. Fisher awards for previous works that include The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean and The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen.

Paula Wolfert, 1 p.m. Saturday Dec.3, Barnes & Noble at Emory, 1390 Oxford Road, Atlanta. 404-727-6222.

In other news:

Bell Street Burritos opens a new location

Matt Hinton, proprietor of Bell Street Burritos in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, has officially opened a second location in Atlanta’s Westside neighborhood. Today is the official grand opening where there will be discounts and giveaways offered at the Westside restaurant between 6-9 p.m.

Below is the formal press release (edited for length):

Atlanta, GA- After only one year open at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, …

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Behind the curtain with Hector Santiago: Top Chef Texas, Episode 4

hector_santiago_headshot_05As part of our ongoing Top Chef Texas coverage, Atlanta Top Chef alum Hector Santiago of Pura Vida and Super Pan Latino Sandwich Shop will drop in from time to time with an insider’s perspective on the week’s events on the show. Here is Hector’s take on episode four….

This is a crucial moment thru the competition as everybody starts thinking of themselves and how to win or save themselves through the challenges to come. Some may put it all out there, some may play it safe, and some will try to ride the line between not getting eliminated or being in the middle.


Chiles, all kinds of them, and 20k on the line! You know that for all our love for chilies and hot foods (chefs in general) they are not used as much as they could be. Many chefs fear the heat factor that can overpower a dish if not used correctly, and you can see it as most of them go for the less hot ones. My experience with chilies is that the tastier they are, the hotter they are. The trick is to control …

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Historic Roswell to host first restaurant week

Table & Main is one of the restaurants participating in Historic Roswell's first annual restaurant week.

Table & Main is one of the restaurants participating in Historic Roswell's first annual restaurant week.

Restaurant week. Buckhead has one. So does Inman Park, Midtown and Downtown. And starting in January, historic Roswell will become a member of that club.

With a rapidly expanding restaurant scene, historic Roswell seems just the place for a restaurant week. Over a period of nine days, Jan. 14-22, participating Roswell restaurants will serve three-course prix-fixe menus for $15 and $25 (alcohol, tax and gratuity additional). Low-cost menus during restaurant weeks allow customers to sample the fare at local restaurants for a fraction of the cost.

Ryan Pernice, owner of the recently reviewed Table & Main in historic Roswell, credits Sally Johnson of the Historic Roswell Merchants Association for initiating the project after the group comprised of historic Roswell business owners expressed interest. Pernice says they scheduled restaurant week for January because it’s a slow …

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Chick-fil-A threatens Vermont t-shirt maker over slogan



Associated Press is reporting today that Chick-fil-A is trying to prevent a Vermont folk artist and clothing producer, Bo Muller-Moore, from using the phrase “eat more kale” on a line of t-shirts he sells online. The article states:

“In a letter, a lawyer for Chick-fil-A said Muller-Moore’s effort to expand the use of his “eat more kale” message” is likely to cause confusion of the public and dilutes the distinctiveness of Chick-fil-A’s intellectual property and diminishes its value.” “

The article goes on to say that the Atlanta-based fast-food giant listed 30 instances in which it compelled others to stop using the “eat more …” construct in slogans and phrases.

Muller-Moore plans to fight. He told the AP, “Our plan is to not back down. This feels like David versus Goliath. I know what it’s like to protect what’s yours in business.”

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Restaurant Inspections, Mia’s Pizza and Eats

Mia’s Pizza and Eats in Cumming rebounded to a high-level food safety score recently after facing poor results on a routine exam.

The score for the restaurant at 91 Market Place Blvd. dropped to a 77 (C), according to an Oct. 24 report. The grade was improved to a 96 (A) after Mia’s Pizza corrected the mostly procedural-related infractions, such as an employee not wearing a hair restraint, one person not wearing gloves while preparing green peppers for a salad, employees leaving their drinks in the kitchen with no lids, the inspection report hidden behind the counter and an absence of a sanitizer-solution bucket for wiping cloths.

The owner, Matt Geiger, said he met with the employees and re-emphasized that they must follow the food safety rules and regulations related to all of the violations, specifically the hair restraint item that spilled over to the follow-up exam as a repeat violation.

“I explained that everyone in the kitchen is required to wear a hair restraint,” he …

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So a restaurant critic goes on a juice fast…


Dinner was a chilled pint container of beet juice that was the color of a psychedelic freak-out and tasted like sugary dirt if you thought about it. I tried not to.

Instead I pushed myself to savor this slight meal for the few calories of energy it might afford me.

After a couple of days of nothing but juice I was beginning to feel like a Victorian maiden, prone to a sudden onset of the vapors that required my collapsing onto any nearby divan.

Why had I decided to go on a juice detox? It’s a good question, but one I can only answer with difficulty weeks after the fact.

As the restaurant critic for this newspaper, I live by the omnivore’s code of conduct. I will eat anything, and I do eat anything — often quite a bit of it. Dinner in a restaurant means a cocktail, appetizers, entrees and desserts, all of it passed around the table in a never-ending buffet of tastes. If a little joint on Buford Highway is rumored to serve the spiciest Sichuan food in town, …

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Midtown’s Bakeshop to close early next year

bakeshop11Jonathan St. Hilaire, owner of Midtown’s Bakeshop, announced this morning on Bakeshop’s Facebook page that the bakery will close early next year. It will be replaced by another restaurant which, according to What Now Atlanta, will be Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.

Hilaire conceded in his post that Bakeshop has been struggling with current space constraints to manage its growing wholesale business. He also said, “I can’t release any details on the two things I’m working on now, but hope to by the end of the year. I can promise that you’ll be able to find Bakeshop breads and pastries in Atlanta.”

Bakeshop will be open through the holiday season to fill holiday baking needs.

–by Jenny Turknett, Food and More blog

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Anything but fried chicken, Watershed update and more news

LeRoy's Fried Chicken

LeRoy's Fried Chicken

Joe Truex and Julia LeRoy. Both are associated with fried chicken: Truex at Watershed and LeRoy at her former fried chicken stand. With neither location open at this point, they are teaming up to prepare a family-style Sunday supper. What will they serve? You’ve got it: anything but fried chicken. This four-course meal with wine pairings will take place at The Goat Farm on Sunday, Dec. 4. For tickets, email 1200 Foster St., Atlanta. $85 donation.

Update on Watershed:

Watershed sent an email recently to its customers announcing that it will reopen in the Brookwood Building on Peachtree Street next spring. The email quoted chef and partner Joe Truex, who said the menu will infuse “flavors from the Georgia Coast to the Louisiana Bayou and everything in between including the diverse ethnic flavors found throughout the South.”

In other news:

  • Slate Table and Tap in Roswell announced on their Facebook page yesterday that it will open …

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Thanksgiving – what did you do?


OK, spill it. How did your Thanksgiving though? What did you cook? Turkey? Ham? Standing rib roast? Or did you go out?

Did you do a potluck? What sides did you make/serve? Hits and misses?

Perhaps your meal leaned a bit more on the international side. If so, what graced your table? Anything you would do again?

My Thanksgiving plans changed midweek so my wife and I just played it low key at home and roasted some Thomas Keller-style chickens (I made two for snacking throughout the week) with root vegetables. We also made sides of cream corn and mashed potatoes and served it with a ruddy Oregon Pinot noir.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

by Gene Lee, Food and More blog

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Table & Main restaurant review, Roswell



After years of settling for “quaint,” Canton Street in downtown Roswell has finally emerged as “exciting.” People dress up to come here. They hop from restaurant to restaurant looking for a spare table if they don’t have reservations. They brave the chilly air of November nights to sit out on patios under heat lamps and knit blankets, just to be part of the scene.

Review by John Kessler

Review by John Kessler

The brick walkways, the glow of street lamps, the wafting smells of food, the ambient strains of live music, the luxury cars idling along the narrow two-lane strip: This setting makes every restaurant more desirable simply for being part of it.

That said, Table & Main has wasted no time in establishing itself as the most accomplished of the bunch. A canny renovation of a 1910 house (most recently an antique store), it opened this past August with a confident vision for its tight, noisy quarters. Owners Ryan Pernice and Ted Lahey (the chef) make magic with this property’s footprint, taking …

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