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Last minute foodie gift

My husband is a last minute shopper. It’s entirely possible (and likely) that he still doesn’t have my Christmas gift.

I’m just the opposite. If the shopping isn’t done by the beginning of December, I’m stressed. In my family, there is no shopping on Christmas Eve. In my husband’s family, it’s the most productive shopping day of the year.

A few years ago, last minute shopping forced him to get creative — he claims he can only think of good gifts under pressure — and it paid off. He gave me a package containing a number of food-themed movies. I was delighted!

So, if you need a last minute idea for the foodie in your life – here it is. Below is a list of the movies that were in my package, but many more have been released since that time (such as Julie & Julia).

The movies I received:

What are some of your favorite food movies?

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– Jenny Turknett writes about Southern and Neighborhood Fare for the AJC Dining Team. She also publishes her own blog, Going Low Carb.

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December 21st, 2010
9:47 am

Although I haven’t seen them all Chocolat and Like Water for Chocolate are my two favorite food movies. Chocolat of course it’s about chocolate, need I say more?, but the delicate way the main character handles the food, is something only someone who enjoys cooking can appreciate. And in Like Water For Chocolate is the way her mood is reflected in the dishes she prepares what made it interesting to me. I think that is very much true, when you cook you are one with what you are doing, if I am cooking in a bad mood the cake will be too dry, the flavors won’t blend in…


December 21st, 2010
9:59 am

I liked a movie several years ago called “Tampopo”. It’s about a woman with a ramen noodle shop, and a poor one at best, and 2 men that help her improve her recipe. There are some funny food references throughout. I liked their interpretation of American eaters.

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December 21st, 2010
7:14 pm

The cook, the thief, his wife, and her lover.


December 21st, 2010
8:51 pm

Sweeney Todd


December 22nd, 2010
9:17 am

Eat, Pray, Love


December 23rd, 2010
7:27 am

Eating Raoul.