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Front Burner: Two new Asian markets for Gwinnett, Cabbagetown Market reopens

Making homemade noodles at Assi Plaza (Credit: Vino Wong)

Making homemade noodles at Assi Plaza (Credit: Vino Wong)

Gwinnett County — already a wonderland of Asian supermarkets with Super H Mart, Assi Plaza and the Gwinnett International Farmers Market — will soon have two more mega markets. Great Wall Supermarket, a Chinese grocer based in the Northeast, and Mega Mart, a Korean grocer, are both gearing to open.

I’m particularly excited about Mega Mart, which will take over the Macy’s space in Gwinnett Place Mall. It will be the first mall-based supermarket — rare here but more commonplace in Asia.

The AJC’s Rachel Tobin Ramos has the full, well-researched story here.

In other news:

  • A reopening: Lisa Hanson writes to say that she has reopened the Cabbagetown Market after a four-month closure. Lots of goodies: “Making our own ice cream in house: Chai; Brown Sugar Vanilla; Peppermint Stick; Pandan; Chocolicious; Mango Sorbet; Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet; Coffee. Cones, cups and toppings. We’re also carrying King of Pops: Grapefruit Mint; Chocolate Sea Salt; Blood Orange; Blackberry Lemonade. Flavors of ice cream and pops will change weekly.We also have: White Oak Pastures Beef; Mike Thompson Bacon; Soy Shop Tofu; Sparkman’s milk and butter; Carlton Farms eggs and raw milk; Atlanta Fresh Greek Yogurt and Arden’s Juices. Alon’s Bakery Baguettes; Southern artisan cheeses; local honey and grits.And, as always, toilet paper and light bulbs.”
  • New chefs: Stacie Vande Wetering, formerly of the Benchwarmers chain of sports bars, will take over the top toque at W Hotel Perimeter and its restaurant, Savu. Jamie Allred, formerly of Ophelia’s World Cafe in Asheville, will replace the legendary Louis Osteen at the Restaurant at the Lake Rabun Hotel. A source close to Osteen says he is still considering options.
  • Lunch: Dogwood Restaurant in Midtown is now open for lunch. Who wants a “Southern Philly” sandwich with braised short rib, caramelized Vidalia onions and pimento cheese on a hoagie roll with a fried pickle?

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May 13th, 2010
8:14 am

Ummmm…HELLO??? Asian-type supermarket chains??? There are a lot of people on the Southside of Atlanta that would LOVE it if you built one of your lovely stores here!! Come on down, commercial real estate is really cheap. (Yes, I know “Super H” is in Riverdale, but I was not particularly impressed it.)

Tyler Pike

May 13th, 2010
9:37 am

Now I’m not saying I don’t like chinese food, I do. I must say though that I feel like I’m betraying America any time I order it or any time I’ve been into one of these ‘Asian Markets’. I can just smell the communism on the food and in their air. Now compare that to the sweet smelling air associated with Vinegar Based BBQ. The air is full of freedom and I fill up with pride just thinking about that red,white, and blue. Realizing all this was what led me to swear off any food from the far east. These colors don’t run folks.


May 13th, 2010
11:47 am

I like the attached food court at the Assi store and the smaller one at Super H, but otherwise I was disappointed by both stores. Neither seem to have the variety of produce or packaged products of the old standby, Buford Highway Farmer’s Market.

BHF has the physically largest produce area and they seem to have more varieties of bok choy, chives, cactus leaves etc. The only problem I have with BHF is their oranization. If you don’t remember that a certain vinegar is from Thailand not Korea or that some pickled fish is from Africa not Latin America, you’re not going to find it. So if you’re looking for Rendang mix, you’d better remember to check the Malaysian aisle, not the Vietnamese.

Well, the only other problem would be that some things I can only find at the grungy Ranch 99 grocery store: shredded tofu strips and 2-in-1 coffee. Not the ever present 3-in-1 that you can find just about everywhere else.


May 13th, 2010
1:05 pm

Blood Orange Popsicles? Yes, Please! So glad to see Cabbagetown Market open again!