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See you after the holidays

ikebanaThis is January 2010 ikebana arrangement from my desk calendar, and it is what I’ll be staring at when I next return to my desk.

I will not be back on this blog before the New Year unless I feel an overwhelming urge to share some tale of holiday dining or cooking.

So you will either find some really bad iPhone pictures of my attempts at making a bûche de Noël, or I’ll see you next year with news of my next dining-out project.

Thanks for reading this blog. I really, really appreciate all your comments, insights and good humor.

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December 22nd, 2009
9:48 pm

I VERY MUCH enjoy reading your musings, John; happy holidays and looking forward to your blog in the New Year! :)


December 23rd, 2009
7:15 am

I’d actually be interested in the buche de noel footage.


December 23rd, 2009
8:17 am

Happy Holidays John!


December 23rd, 2009
9:13 am

Enjoy your holidays! See you in 2010.


December 23rd, 2009
12:02 pm

Be safe, we want you back.

Thomas SENOR

December 28th, 2009
9:36 am

Eat at Pappi’s! It’s good and near your house!

Tyler Pike

December 30th, 2009
10:50 am

We’ll miss you John. I will tell you the next time we converse I’ll be about 10 lbs heavier. The family’s having a little reunion down in South GA starting this evening and daddy will be doing his usual-BBQ like no one else can. Nothing like a cold night standing by the grill w/ the BBQ cooking slow. What really makes it special is the chill of the vinegar based sauce that has been sitting outside hitting that hot and moist BBQ.

I’ll be honest-the whole thing is flat out sexy.


December 31st, 2009
7:41 am

Thanks for the great column. You and I share the same sentiment about ground beef. Please read an article in NYT today about processed beef : Company’s Record on Beef Treatment Questioned
Published: December 30, 2009

This company supplie beef “products” to McDonalds, Burger King and others.


December 31st, 2009
7:42 am


Doris Charnock

December 31st, 2009
8:04 am

Where is the Viking cooking school in Atlanta? Thanks, and Happy New Year.


December 31st, 2009
9:03 am

The Viking Cooking School is on Peachtree, just north of the Brookwood Connector. 1745 Peachtree Road, NE

Travel Planning

June 19th, 2010
1:17 pm

Wish you a very happy holiday………… enjoy.

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